Gaze at DoDonPachi Maximum's nigh-impossible secret Xbox Live Achievements

DoDonPachi Maximum may be the hardest mobile Xbox Live title to date – it’s certainly right up there with Doodle Jump and Gravity Guy, at any rate. Most gamers won’t be able to get even 100 GamerScore of Achievements from Cave’s latest shoot-em-up, to say nothing of the two secret Achievements. The method of unlocking those two Achievements has remained clouded in mystery… Until now.

You see, Japanese gamers are known for being the most highly-skilled shmup players. One such gamer, ele2424, was the first to earn DoDonPachi Maximum’s secret Achievements, and he has kindly chosen to share them with us now.

    Destroyed ]-[I/34<#!.
    Cleared all stages on all ranks.

The description for ‘Infernal Herald’ may be confusing. It’s actually for beating Hibachi, the traditional secret DoDonPachi boss. To reach the robotic bee, you’ll need to take down the regular boss of Stage 5-E, the hardest version of the fifth stage. Only then does Hibachi appear. Meeting and beating him will be no easy task – I personally can’t handle Stage 5-A, let alone the harder variants!

As for ’Defeated,’ players just have to beat all 15 stage variants. Again, very far from easy. As a small blessing, the extra goals of No Miss, Destroy 100%, and No Bomb don’t apply. You’ll still need to do 2 out of 3 of those things for most stages (excluding level 5) since that’s what unlocks the hard versions in the first place. But at least they don’t expect you to beat the last level without dying five times!

DoDonPachi Maximum is one of the first Japanese-developed games for Windows Phone. It costs $4.99 here on the Marketplace. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we’ll have an exclusive interview with the developer CAVE Interactive CO, Ltd.

Thanks and arigatou to ele2424 for the Achievement details!

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  • I love this game. I have been a huge fan if the genre since the old Turbo Grafx16 days.
  • It took me about 20 goes to get off the first level!   :)
    I'm finding the screen on the HTC HD7 just isn't sensitive enough for the precice movement needed. Wonder if it's better on other phones?
    Had the iPhone version and found minute movements much easier.
  • I'm having no problems with the focus flash beat the first level after two tries.
  • I have no problems with my Focus S.
  • Awesome game!
    Anyone knows how to get the 2 hidden ships?
  • The third ship is unlocked by clearing 5a. It's pretty handy for score challenges as it has a quicker combo meter than the other two ships.
  • Does anyone know how to unlock the 4th ship please?
  • I hear you get it for beating 5-A without dying...
  • I managed to unlock it. You have to beat 5A using the 3rd ship (dying allowed)
  • Hard achievements????? I'm skipping this one. I hate games you spend hours for 200 points. Give me a game you can max out in less than a hour and you got my money all day.
  • I think every 2-bit developer just got a boner reading that post. I'd rather have fun, challenging games that take some time to max out. Nothing worse than paying for a game and being done with it an hour later and never touching it again.
  • I know seriously. Tbonenga you want an achievement for tying your shoes in the morning? How bout brushing your teeth? Lol
  • Toy Soldier was pretty easy and quick
    or you could make your own games that give you 5 achievements every time you clear a stage lol
  • dammit
    I thought I did good when I beat 5a without dying
    I can barely even beat 5b so I must be like terrible at this game lol
  • I can't beat 5b at all, so you are doing better than me ;) Which ship did you use to beat it?
  • the 3rd one
    it deals moderate dmg and builds up bombs really quickly