Get speed and space with the WD Black SN750 2TB SSD on sale for $220

Wd Black Sn750 2tb Heatsink
Wd Black Sn750 2tb Heatsink (Image credit: Newegg)

Grab the WD Black SN750 2TB M.2 solid state drive with heatsink on sale for $219.99. This is the lowest price ever on this SSD, which has been selling for around $320 for the last few months. It did start to drop a bit during November and got as low as $250 for Black Friday, but today's price is the best yet. This even beats deals we've shared on the version without the heatsink.

It's hard to imagine a time before M.2 NVMe drives. They're so fast and fun. They make loading times feel like a thing of the past. If you haven't gotten one yet, now's the time! You'll load all your appliances and games and such so much faster, and programs install faster, too. Sure, at this price it might be a bit of a luxury, but you are saving quite a lot and you will be able to see the impact this drive has from the moment it's installed. Plus, it's a long-lasting drive. You'll be able to use it for years without it being a problem or noticing any slow down.

The 2TB SN750 can reach fast transfer speeds up to 3,400 MB/s, which is an improvement over the regular SN750 thanks to the included heatsink. WD makes plenty of slower drives, too, so compare the SN750 to something like the WD Blue that only has load times around 560 MB/s. It's still a great and popular drive, but it is much, much slower. The SN750 will help you maintain that peak performance on your PC.

Unlike SATA SSDs, the M.2 form factor drive installs directly onto your motherboard. You will actually want to check the motherboard you have and whether or not it supports an M.2 2280 drive. You can use WD's exclusive software to customize your experience and maintain your drive over time as well.

John Levite
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