Get your floors in order with almost $200 off the Roborock S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock S6 robot vacuum
Roborock S6 robot vacuum (Image credit: Windows Central)

You really shouldn't be vacuuming for yourself in 2020 with the amazing robot vacuum deals out there. One such deal available today is on the Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner which is discounted by almost $200 at Amazon. All you have to do to score it this steep discount is enter code ROBOROCKS6 during checkout. Doing so will nab you the smart vac at just $454.92. Considering this si $20 lower than the last deal we shared, this is a total steal.

Roborock S6 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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This smart vac has adaptive routing, selective cleaning you can decide, and zone cleaning with barriers you can setup. It also has an accessory for mopping and works up to 3 hours. Use the below coupon at checkout to see its price fall.

We reviewed the S6 back in June and gave it 5 out of 5 stars with a The Best badge. The review said with the S6, "you'll get a reliable, smooth-operating robot vacuum that cleans amazingly well and throws in a quick mop for good measure... If you're in the market for a truly exceptional smart vacuum, look no further than the Roborock S6."

The Roborock S6 first maps your house and then plans its route in real-time, making it 20% more efficient than its predecessor, the Roborock S5. And with this deal, it's only $55 more expensive, too, which is a bargain given how much the S6 improves on the S5's already successful formula.

It works double duty not just as a vacuum but as a mop too, which doesn't leave behind a soaking wet floor. All you have to do is attach the mop unit to the vacuum and set your preferences. Its motor offers 2000pa suction power while its noise reduction air screen helps it run much quieter than previous models did. It's also smart enough to vary its suction when it needs to. For example, when the vacuum goes from hardwood to carpet, it can detect the change and increase the suction to pull dirt from deep within the fibers of the carpet.

Its integrated 5200mAh battery allows for continuous cleaning up to three hours even in Quiet Mode, and using the Roborock app allows you to control it all from your phone at any time. Plus, Roborock includes a one-year warranty with its purchase. If the Roborock model is not for you, be sure to peruse our list of the best smart vacuum cleaners in 2020 for some other top picks.

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