Getting Xbox One X game updates: List of games, availability, download sizes and more

Xbox One X
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Microsoft's latest flagship games console, the Xbox One X, is nearly with us – promising to deliver a range of visual enhancements to both new and existing Xbox One games.

Extending the Xbox family, the console offers resolutions up to 4K, improved frame rates, and other visual upgrades – all while maintaining compatibility with previous games and accessories.

The biggest draw of the Xbox One X is its games library, with many of these titles on track to receive 4K updates – adding various upgrades to take advantage of the leap in graphical capability. Here's everything you need to know about updates coming to Xbox One X games.

Which games are getting Xbox One X updates?

Since the Xbox One X was officially unveiled, Microsoft has been keen to tout the number of titles to be upgraded to take advantage of the console's additional resources via explicit updates. These games, marketed under the term "Xbox One X Enhanced," can offer improved resolutions, frame rates, and other visual changes, via free updates to all users.

In the months since, developers have been keen to jump on board, with supposedly over 150 titles with updates in the works. Whether or not specific games are upgraded for the console is entirely up to the developer, meaning that certain titles may never see upgrades if not seen as viable.

We've been keeping track of all games set to be enhanced for the Xbox One X so far, from official documentation, developer interviews, and store listings. Take a look at our full list so far, which contains a breakdown of these titles and their planned enhancements.

Complete list of Xbox One X Enhanced games

When will Xbox One X updates release for games?

With Xbox One X updates being distributed on the developer's own accord unless specified by the studio, there are no set details on exactly when games will be updated for Xbox One X. While a sizeable group of titles is expected to receive updates during the console's launch period, many will be released later on.

Xbox marketing manager, Aaron Greenberg, has confirmed that Microsoft will be providing more details on exactly which games are receiving Xbox One X updates for launch. So far, Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins, Gears of War 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all among the games with updates confirmed for release day.

How do I download Xbox One X game updates?

If installing a game on Xbox One X, the device will automatically download enhanced content if it's available for the title. This will ensure that the correct assets are automatically rolled out to capable hardware, to ensure users get the best experience from their console. If an update has already been released, improved assets will be downloaded as a part of the initial game installation.

On regular Xbox consoles, such as the original Xbox One and Xbox One S, users won't be able to take advantage of these upgrades. However, upgraded assets can be installed, reducing the time spent downloading when upgrading to an Xbox One X. For details on downloading Xbox One X updates to a standard Xbox One, make sure to read our step-by-step guide.

How to download Xbox One X 4K game assets on your regular Xbox One

How big are Xbox One X game updates?

When a game is updated with Xbox One X enhancements, the size of the game will obviously increase. How much it increases will vary hugely between games, depending on the improvements implemented. For some titles, being enhanced for Xbox One X will simply mean a bump in resolution and frame rate, which won't result in a major download. In contrast, when new textures, effects, and other assets are added, the file size can grow significantly – in some cases hitting double the original.

As reported previously, Microsoft has discussed ways of reducing the download size for Xbox One X titles, by intelligently deciding exactly which assets to install and unpack. Through this method, we may see certain language packs or even certain game modes being obscured to ensure only essential content is downloaded to your console. Assassin's Creed Origins already utilizes this to some degree, offering language packs as separate downloads.

How Microsoft will ensure Xbox One X download sizes are as small as possible

Which games already have Xbox One X updates available?

For those who have configured their consoles to download Xbox One X assets prior to launch, updates for certain titles will be made available in the weeks to come. Some developers are even planning to release their Xbox One X updates prior to the console's release, to ensure everything you need has been downloaded before your Xbox One X arrives.

As of publication, Microsoft's own Gears of War 4 is the only title we've been able to verify with Xbox One X assets already available for download. As more updates release we'll be sure to update this article with a list of games offering 4K updates.

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