Google working to fix 64-bit Chrome crash in Windows 10 (10525), temp fix found

Microsoft's release of Windows 10 build 10525 to members of the Windows Insiders Fast ring earlier this week ring caused some problems for users of the 64-bit version of Google's Chrome browser. The browser cannot load web pages and all tabs, extensions and plug-ins crash.

Google is aware of the issue, according to a post on the company's Chromium message board:

"We have the problem confirmed and someone is working on it, so additional "me to" comments are a distraction at this point. Please just star the issue if you want to convey that you are affected, and if we have any questions or need additional feedback we'll post a comment.Also, please remember that this kind of temporary breakage is expected for users on the Windows 10 fast ring. So, we definitely appreciate your assistance in tracking down these problems, but if you're not comfortable dealing with disruptions and workarounds, then the fast ring might not be for you."

In the meantime, Windows 10 build 10525 users can download and install the 32-bit version of Chrome if they want to keep using it. They can also use a workaround that has been discovered to be successful for some users when running the 64-bit version of Chrome.

Temporary fix for Google Chrome 64-bit

1. Right-click on Google Chrome's desktop shortcut and choose Properties

2. In the Target input box add --no-sandbox at the end of the box, then click OK. It should look like text in the screen shot below. You may have to give administrator priviledges before the change takes.

Open Chrome and, it should work again on Windows 10 build 10525. You should notice a security warning near the top, which can be dismissed. The fix only works for Chrome 64-bit and not for Chrome Canary 64-bit.

Source: Google; Thanks, Tero A., for the tip!

  • Haha, Alphabet people are getting testy :)
  • Somebody knocked over their blocks
  • I don't want to play anymore, stupid blocks ;(
  • Just uninstall chrome, useless anyway.
    The interface looks dated and droidified.
  • Was that an official comment from google? That was probably the most unofficial / rude official comment from a company I've ever heard. Saying "Someone is working on it", rather than "we are working on it" and then the part about "me too comments being a distraction". I mean wtf... If it wasn't for Windows, no one would be using that crappy Chrome browser in the first place. Google can go scratch.
  • I thought the same thing.
  • I agree to a point, and while the big G is one of my least favorite companies, to their credit, the very same build of their browser *was* working fine on the RTM build of Windows 10. They would have gotten this build at the same time anyone on the Fast Ring did, so they would only have known about the problem then at the earliest. The whole point of the Fast Ring is to identify problems and make suggestions. It's not expected to be a perfect build, and application incompatibility is par for the course. As for semantics over subtle language choice, that has never been something that the big G has ever been good at (except, ironically enough, in their April Fools jokes... those are always perfectly worded).
  • If I translate you correctly, Its ok for Google to be rude this time around? I am betting loads of folks would disagree...
  • Read my comment a few down. From the bug, this isn't Google had code that was properly written and Microsoft made an API change that caused Chrome to start crashing, Google was hacking Microsoft compiled code to change a syscall CPU instruction. Microsoft made a change to check a field in the SharedUserData data structure, most likely a boolean since it is comparing to 1 (true) and then not making the syscall if it is not equal. Google was relying on the bytecodes to stay in the same exact order, which is impossible when new code is added. Let me make a comparison that does not involve tech - suppose you have a 1992 Honda Civic. You open the hood and find a place 1.25 feet back and 3 inches to the left from the headlight where you can take a steel rod and ram it in as hard as you can without doing any damage to the engine. Then you get a 2015 Honda Civic, measure 1.25 feet back and 3 inches to the left from the headlight, and ram that steel rod in as hard as you can. However this time you puncture the radiator, bend the fan blade, and rip open an oil line. Is this Honda's fault? Same thing here, Microsoft provides APIs to communicate with the OS. Google decided that they wanted to hack the DLLs, but things change over time. This is purely Google's fault.
  • Their usual Copy-Paste. LOL!
    Google, being a big corp, can't get it right. Tisk.
  • Very well put.
  • If these details are accurate, this kind of problem has been going on for years. I used to work at Apple in the 80s and Microsoft's products would always break after System 7 (Mac's OS back then) would move fields. I particularly remember the print records breaking Word. If Microsoft had used the system calls to get the fields, their code would have been golden. I'm going to go on a limb and say that it's the C/C++ struct mentality, not the company.  
  • And still they have to address it.  There are probably more insiders on the fast ring of Windows 10 than there are total users of Chrome OS.  That's gotta be a sore spot of sorts for the Chrome team.
  • I dont think that type of thinking hits their radar? They just dont like the fact they are on windows but it underpins the success of their entire business model. I swear their current thinking will destroy the very model that made them successful.
  • There might not be for long. Sales of Chromebooks have excited that of laptops. Of course it will still take a long time before there actually more people with Chrome than Windows
  • It's not likely to ever happen. I know people who bought Chromebooks because they thought it would be all they need and they have quit using them because they figured out it's not all they need. Plus, there's a good chance that a lot of those sales are to educational intitutions. They're also discovering that they've wasted their money.  
  • As a teacher I've never heard of anyone complaining about Chromebooks. What many have complained about were the initial launch of "1-device-for-everyone" here in Denmark where most schools bought iPads. Many places those expensive iPads are no used almost solely for entertainment between classes and assignments. For pupils the Chromebooks have alot to offer and for the teachers there are a lot of fine tools. Although I would get a laptop any day of the week, the Chromebooks certainly have much to offer
  • In fairness, Microsoft's own update is what broke Google's program. And I understand their plea to not angrily pile on with ALL CAPS DEMANDS FIX THIS NOW IT'S BROKEN GO NOW! Just click the star, be glad that your end of the world issue is noted and move on with Edge since its apparently the angel in all of this. If you willingly beta test an entire OS, prepare for things to break. We all have seen how childish keyboard blasting does nothing productive. Google knows there is an issue and is on it, one day after Microsoft's update broke it. Essentially there is nothing more to say and certainly no need for angry geeks to further demand that they drop everything and fix it in the next 5 minutes or else. I'm cool with the direct adult language they used. Everyone chill out, we are working on a fix, essentially. They don't owe anyone a livestream of their entire staff running around coding like maniacs fixing this. "Someone" is equal to any plan. It's being addressed by one guy, one gal, an entire department or the CEO himself. Doesn't matter. Most people frothing at the keyboard are teenagers that want it fixed and want it fixed now. Our society expects instant fixes for free. Sadly. Me? I had the issue. Uninstalled the 64-bit BETA version, installed the stable 32-bit version and went on with my life. You can't defend a Technical Preview version of Windows (duh, things don't work!) from angelic Microsoft, then get all huffy when a beta OMG GOOGLE!!1 product has issues. That's hypocrisy. And no, I'm not a Google apoligist. This content applies to any and all developer. I appreciate what they do and know the internet mob can be comically childish when things aren't perfect 24x7.
  • If you were to read the bug, you would see that Google was relying upon CPU instructions to be laid out in a specific order. A change to compiler optimizations, adding or removing code, or simply just a layout of memory alignment would cause Chrome to crash. This is a huge no-no, and is actually what many of the security exploits use to compromise a computer. They are hacking Microsoft's binaries to hook themselves in for method calling for sandboxing. So Google does something that they are not supposed to be doing, writing code that goes against every rule of software development, and it is Microsoft's fault and you need to fire off a flame comment because you don't like it? The only person I see that is "frothing at the keyboard" is you.   Let's describe it this way. Suppose Google decided they did not like the way Windows 7 was written. So they load kernel32.dll, and then go into offset 0x4357ac of the load address of kernel32 and change the value 0x39 to 0xa0. Microsoft then releases Service Pack 1 for Win7. Should they now be forced to make sure every line of code is compiled so that the memory address correspond to the same location so that Google's products continue to work? This is why software exposes APIs. If you want to interact with the OS you call an API, you don't start injecting your own code into the OS in ways that are not documented.
  • Cool post, thanks for the insight. Edit: no, really. I'm being sincere. I am clearly not a programmer, just an end user. I had no idea Chrome 64 was hacky and written to side-step proper coding. I guess I'm just tired of the childish demands on forums, etc. It gets old and I actually feel bad for developers that face the wrath of a simple mistake. People use Technical Preview/Beta software then blow their stack when something doesn't work flawlessly. That's hilarious to me, despite the technical reasons behind what broke.
  • Since you seem so knowledable about this subject, is there even any advantage to doing what Google is doing? Is going out of their way to hack DLLs giving them a huge performance boost or something? I don't doubt you, but I'm trying to see Google's logic (if there is any to see lol)
  • The bug in the sources to this article. The bug gives the decompiled assembly from symbols, and does not repro if you turn off sandboxing. There are also links to bugs where Google engineers were told by Microsoft and Intel to change their code that hooks into Windows.
  • Or running the red lights cause "there we no cars/people last time either"?
  • "comically childish?" I think googles response could equally defined as such. The difference here is the responses they received could be from children and totally reasonable. Google, well.... I would expect better.  
  • Go up a few and read what really happened.
  • I honestly am tired of hearing about Google on this site, but yeah I know oriole used Google on windows computers. Google had just left me feeling angry when I think about dimes of the things they've said about windows phone. They've forgotten that when they started as a browser, their market share was low too. Windows have them a chance and made them what they are today. Funny how they have such short term memory! I honestly hate Google period!
  • Who uses chrome anyway on w10 when there You can use edge instead?
  • I'm surprised they misspelled "too".. Should read "me too".. 
  • I'm still confused as to why so many people are acting offended. They said exactly what needed to be said. They know about it and you don't have to tell them anymore. Adding extra "me too" posts will get in the way of genuine new information they may need. And the "I" as opposed to "we" is just being nitpicky. They told you what you need to know; there's a problem, they acknowledge it, and they're working on it. I don't see why anyone should expect more than that. 
  • Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home.
    Carved upon my stone, I use Mozilla/Edge but never Chrome!
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  • Akhilesh Bhambhani ; You are my Hero
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  • A true poet and a legend to us all.
  • Yup, experienced the same.
  • Chrome sucks. that can't be fixed
  • The above fix worked on Version 46.0.2486.0 canary (64-bit) for me.
  • weird, couldn't get it for mine. Will try again.
  • UcWeb Browser rocks Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I just reinstalled Chrome (Canary to normal) and it's fixed.
  • No one should use that shitty browser to begin with. I'm not much of a hater but Chrome is bloted and heavy when comparedto Opera or Firefox. Opera uses the same chromium engine but 100 times liter than Chrome.
  • Chrome is heading to be the new IE. So slow, ram memory monster.
  • Another reason why I hate Google
  • Now remember people, there are others around here that have a very, very fragile personality and get quite upset if you happen to say anything remotely negative about Google. So to prevent those people from having their feelings hurt and whining like a two year old child about the "haters", we must put all the blame on Microsoft, claim that Google is absolutely perfect in everything they do, and this is obviously a conspiracy by Microsoft who is using their illegally acquired monopoly to drive poor, hapless Google out of business.
  • Amen, that was a good sermon right there, and it's not even Monday
  • So true, Nohone!
  • Why even bother Google? Windows 10 only got 4% market share. Why not use the lack of functional chrome as a leverage to devalue Windows 10? Sincerely, your ex customer
  • Lol. Lets hope the 32-bit version dies next time too... Closely followed by Android Studio. Maybe they have "someone" else spare to take a look at it... ;)
  • 4% in mobile not in PC
  • At around 50 million windows 10 users, the market share is probably around 4-5% of PC users right now. He is saying that if 4% isn't enough to bother with mobile, why are you bothering with  windows 10 software. Obviously, windows 10 will be over 50% in the next 2 years.
  • Wow, those Googlites are not nice are they? Not like Microsoft, taking suggestions and input from the masses, while Googlites scream "leave us alone!" and hide on their secret bunkers. Mutant hippies, I say.
  • Alphabet... hmmm 26 more hiding places? Next two companies is uppercase and numeric you will never find them.
  • And this is a problem because.........?
  • Nice response about getting out of the fast ring if such things bother you. The people at mozilla would have thrown a hissy fit and blamed Microsoft if this had happened to firefox.
  • Yea except apparently this was Google's fault and they are blaming MS. Unless there's fast ring for chrome too
  • Canary build channel. c: Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Someone is working on it". Someone????? The arrogants little sh*ts over at Google. Bet they got an entire team on it
  • So lwts xontinue adding "me too!" Hahaha!
  • Well, good thing I didn't rejoin the Insider Program.
  • We know, you don't have to tell it's again and again; you're saying to sound like a broken record around the here parts.
  • That makes two of us. I could have taken a different route, a more honest one and simply write "Microsoft Edge sucks as much as IE and Chrome is by far the best browser". So be glad I didn't because fanboys like you would be all up their arses if I did.
  • They hurry up with this one
  • At least they admiting they have a problem. Canary is the way to go on Windows 10. Edge is broken in so many places and IE is a no go with touch controls.
  • You think *chrome* is good with touch controls?  LOL.. just.. LOL. Come back when Google actually gives a damn about supporting the HTML5 Pointer Events specification.
  • I don't give a crap about HTML5 PEs. I care about pop up, extenstions, and being able to actually use the browser for more that 2 minutes before it starts to slow down and need to reboot the browser. I care about when I try to scroll down web pages, there's not a 3 second delay. I care about being able to log into all my accounts.  Canary chrome trounces all forms of IE combined. Desktop IE, Metro, and Edge. 
  • How can you be so right in your choice in football teams, but so clueless about tech?
  • Don't be silly. Edge is perfection.
  • No, it is not. We are able to admit it. Quite often I see Google snobs with their nose a little higher in the air, mocking IE now Edge for not being as perfect as Chrome. And we are not allowed to complain about that attitude because somehow that would mean that we are full of "hate". But when Google developers screw up, then don't you dare say anything about it, because apparently it is, according to your post above, all Microsoft's fault.
  • I was wrong about the chrome issue. Please chill out. And before you rip and me about my signature, do you know that I use a nexus 6, a Lumia 1520, & a Windows M8. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That comment from Google sounds like it was written from a commenter on an Android fan site.
  • are you suggesting that commenters on Android fan sites work for Google?
  • No, but the comment does sound super passive aggressive and unprofessional. Not something I would expect from one of the world's largest companies. Being snarky is one thing, but it sounds like they don't know how to deal with complaints. I do hold Microsoft and Apple to the same standard, of course.
  • Hmm... It also sound like Some people here on WC. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The point of my comment wasn't which fan base it might come from, but that I expect more from Google (and Microsoft and Apple) to not have official statements sound like someone on a fan site.
  • I don't miss it. Didn't use it before.
  • Never used for a year now! And im happy. Yesterday, i was just having issues with Behance on Edge, so i downloaded Firefox, and its kinda cool. And Looking for downloading opera too. Jist trying out how things go before the promised UWA.
  • While they are at it, maybe they should think about fixing Chrome altogether? I've been a user for the last 6 years and that thing is getting worse by the day. Uses up to 2GB ram at times and Google keeps putting more fluffy "social" stuff in to make it more connected. Might consider nixing it very soon.
  • A perm solution is to stop using chrome!
  • So, do I file this under Who Cares, No Impact, or Good?
  • Is that an official pinterest app or...? Doesnt look like a bookmark to me...
  • I'm not worried about Chrome on Windows 10, Edge has benchmarks prooving faster javascript which is all why I used Chrome before in Windows 8.1. - Bye Chrome
  • Update your hosts file then Edge won't hang anywhere.  Edge is the truth.
  • That's exactly what people shouldn't have to do. That isn't a fix, just a workaround that needs regular updating.
  • Not sure I agree for 3 reasons. This is the desktop.  This is also a highly configurable operating system, as it has always been.  1. Most of us geek types that understand the operating system, won't have a problem modifying it. Thousands do it and have done it for Windows 10.   Those that do not or cannot will simply wait for others to do it for them. And that's ok. But this method works.  Moreover, we don't have to contend with companies like google that simply pay adblock developers to allow their content to slip by. That won't happen here. 2. Your second statement isn't exactly true.  Most people tend to visit the same websites or like websites when they surf. Those sites are not changing so frequently that modifying the hosts file would require "regular updating".  Using myself as an example, I've only modified the hosts file ONCE since Microsoft Edge dropped and not needed to modify.  Not saying it will NEVER need to be modified. But so far, I've not needed to touch the hosts file once. 3. As I think about it, your comment about it being a workaround isn't exactly true either. If it is then adblock is a work around and also not a fix. Because according to you about owners having to do regular updates to the HOSTS file, it is the same as what happens with an add-on like adblock. It is updated several times a year just not by you. Making that absolutely NOT a fix. 
  • Best fix, Uninstall Google Chrome and use Edge, IE or firefox and screw Google...
  • What's Chrome?
  • Never use chrome when since windows 8.1. Only use IE and Maxthon browser.
  • No sandbox?  Out of the question. Not that I would use chrome anyway but no way would I allow this one application FREE REIGN on my desktop.
  • Edge and, in a pinch, Firefox40... Google can go eat a dick.
  • Just waiting for extension support to come to Edge for me to ditch Chrome.
  • Bah, who needs Chrome nowadays?   I have the edge!
  • Startled people still use this crap browser.
  • I hate google
  • I dont know why 32bit software always runs better than 64bit ver on my 64bit pc..
  • "...but if you're not comfortable dealing with disruptions and workarounds, then the fast ring might not be for you." should have been written as "...but if you're not comfortable dealing with disruptions and workarounds, then Chrome might not be for the fast ring."
  • Why would anyone want to you Chrome on WIndows 10?
  • What is google ?
  • I am satisfied with Microsoft edge.Don't need Chrome.
  • I was hoping for the temporary fix to be "use edge instead" :P /s
  • I have a fix, quit using chrome...
  • Awesome.. this worked for me....
  • I just installed Windows 10 and now my computer won't turn back on. WTF?? What happened and how do I fix it?
  • For me it works without this trick. verson: stable 44.0.2403.157 m
  • That doesn't work either.  After completing the steps I got an error message that the path doesn't exist.
  • Unfortunately, this didn't work for me. Chrome still keeps crashing.
  • Windows is crap and Chrome is crap.   Crap and Crap just keep making more crap.   I hate Google and I have a serious hate for Windows 10 screwing everything around it up.  I'm leaving Chrome for Opera, which DOESN'T CRASH!
  • I had the same problem and fixed it by running cc cleaner on both windows and my registry, it work just like it used to now