Forget turning off your lights; these $5 motion-sensing LED bulbs take care of that on their own

Having your yard plunged into pitch darkness each night is a welcome invitation to uninvited guests and potential burglars, which is why products like these Govee Motion Sensor Light Bulbs are so handy. They feature a built-in smart light sensor that turns them on automatically at night when motion is detected within 26 feet, and they're pretty affordable too. Right now, Amazon has the two-pack of bulbs for just $10.07 when you first clip the coupon on their product page and then enter promo code 3TUNTUH9 during checkout. That's like paying just $5 for each one.


Govee Motion Sensor Light Bulbs (2-pack)

These LED light bulbs turn on and off automatically when motion is detected nearby, and today you can save nearly 40% on a two-pack when you clip the coupon on their product page and then enter the promo code below during checkout.

These energy-saving LED bulbs won't cost as much to keep on as standard light bulbs do, in part due to the fact that they'll never be on for long, and you'll never have to remember to turn them on or off either. They're stated to last for up to 30,000 hours and give off a cold white light that looks appropriate just about anywhere.

They're equipped with a built-in PIR infrared sensor which turns them on automatically when motion is detected within 16 to 26 feet. After 30 seconds without sensing movement, they'll turn off automatically, making them a great option to keep in a location where you only need light for a few seconds at a time. These bulbs are compatible with E26/E27 light sockets and come with a one-year warranty.

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