Grab a hard drive built to last with the WD Red and Red Pro series on sale for as low as $70 today

Wd Red Pro
Wd Red Pro (Image credit: Newegg)

B&H's DealZone features a selection of WD Red and WD Red Pro hard drives (opens in new tab) in a variety of capacities all down to super low prices. The WD Red 2TB drive (opens in new tab) is just $69.99 compared to its usual price around $85, which you can find it going for at other retailers like Newegg (opens in new tab). You can upgrade to the 4TB (opens in new tab) for $90.24 if you clip the on-page coupon, and that's a regular low price for the 4TB drive.

The Red Pro is a more advanced drive but still on sale today. Get the 4TB Red Pro (opens in new tab) for $129.99 with the $10 off on-page coupon. Although some of these deals match lows we have seen in the past, no one can beat all these prices right now. Pick the capacity you need (as high as 12TB is on sale today), order enough to fill your network-attached storage or upgrade your computer, and get free shipping.

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WD Red and Red Pro durable NAS hard drives (opens in new tab)

Grab the WD Red 2TB for $70 or the 4TB for $90. Upgrade to the Red Pro with a 4TB for $130. Specifically designed to work with network-attached storage devices. Vibration resistant. Takes heavy punishment with a lot of reading and writing.

The WD Red and Red Pro hard drives are specifically designed for network-attached storage devices, which means they are great for building your own media server. Grab the new Synology DS220j DiskStation (opens in new tab) down to an affordable $170 at B&H. This is a two-bay system so you'll want two of the WD Red drives to fill it.

Thanks to the wide variety of capacities, you'll be able to create your own media server with all the music, movies, and other data you could possibly want. Paired with one or two more in a network-attached storage device, you can create a system where each drive backs up the other so your media is never lost. Because NAS devices are designed to serve as backups, you'll probably want to get more than one drive, and that's why deals are the preferred way to buy them.

They've been tested to perform reliably in a 24/7 always-running environment like you would have with a NAS. They also have a heavy workload rate and can handle up to 180 TB a year. In other words, these drives can take a licking and keep on ticking. Even if you aren't using them for an NAS, you can use them for any heavy workload. If you need a scratch disk for your video or do a lot of work with photos and large software, like video games, then you should grab at least one of these drives.

WD backs the Red drives up with a three-year warranty and the Red Pro with a five-year warranty.

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