Grab Microsoft's Xbox One stereo headset on sale for $35 today only

Xbox One Stereo Headset J
Xbox One Stereo Headset J

The Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset (opens in new tab) is down to $34.99 at B&H. This deal is part of B&H's DealZone and is set to expire at the end of the day. The same headset goes for $60 in most places, including Microsoft (opens in new tab) and Best Buy. While we have seen this headset go on sale before, $35 marks one of the lowest prices we've ever seen.

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Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset (opens in new tab)

Headset has 40mm neodymium drivers that deliver powerful stereo sound. They use breathable fabric ear cups that will stay comfortable even after a long gaming session. Has a folding boom mic and 1-year warranty. Adjust game and chat independently.

The headset comes with a stereo adapter for your Xbox One controller in case you need it. Modern Xbox controllers have a headphone jack, but there was a time when they didn't, so if you're still using the older version you can use the adapter to connect. The headset is also built with comfort in mind. It uses an over-ear design so it'll fit comfortably even during super long gaming sessions.

The 40mm neodynmium drivers provide rich stereo sound, and they include a built-in microphone you can use to chat with friends and teammates. Or curse your enemies as you fall, depending on the game. You can even adjust the game audio and the chat audio independently so you can always hear your teammates over the game's audio. The mic is foldable so you can put it away when you aren't using it.

Microsoft covers the headset with a one-year warranty.

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  • I was trying to find these in stores the other day, they are pretty much out of stock or no longer sold in any physical stores. Then I remembered there is a rumor that new ones are being announced in May.... so the question is should I get these (since my current headset broke), or should I wait for the announcement and tough it out. 😬
  • I have a set that is in almost new condition that I am willing to part with for a low price. Just make sure to read my other comment first about my experience with this model of headset.
  • As an owner. If you wear glasses, unfortunately this is not the headset for you. The design does not cater to us blind and it hurts like heck after 20 minutes :( Otherwise a great buy!
  • This headset sounds pretty good, is very comfortable and I favored it over the Astro A40 that I had at the time. Then it all fell apart, literally. A piece here would break and then I'd glue it back and then a piece there would break, glue it back. I repeated that about 10 times until it was more glue than plastic. Also the cloth for the ear pads was coming out from the inside. It broke one more time, so I ran it over with my car to put it out of it's misery. I am not some stupid kid who abuses his belongings. I am an adult that takes way better care of his stuff than most people do. I have never had any headphones or electronics for that matter just constantly break apart like that from normal use. I got another set of them thinking maybe that the first one was defective, I also got a Steel Series Arctis 3 at the same time just in case. I just ended up using the Arctis 3 and forgot about the Microsoft one. They sit on the shelf and have been used maybe 3 times by my friend.