Grounded Guide: How to craft Koi Fish Scale Armor and Bone Trident

Grounded Pond Update Koi
Grounded Pond Update Koi (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

Grounded has brought along a brand new biome for players to delve into, in the form of the long-awaited Koi Pond update. Along with that update has come numerous new items, including the Koi Fish Scale armor and the Bone Trident. Both the armor and trident will be immensely useful and valuable in this new area in Grounded. Follow these quick tips to obtain the materials needed to craft these items.

Where do I find the Koi Fish Scale and Bone Trident pattern?

Finding and learning the patterns for these items is quite easy. However, getting down to where they are is not that simple. The two most important materials you will need to craft these new items are in a location separate from the main koi pond area. This area is called 'The Depths", and you will need to be outfitted with proper swimming gear to obtain the materials you need.

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

The koi pond secret lab also resides here. If you are unfamiliar with how to get to the secret lab, we have a full guide available to help you get there. Thankfully the materials are not restricted to a singular area down in the depths. You will have to scour the bottom to find what you need, though. It will help a great deal if you activate the secret lab at the bottom of the koi pond, which is a great way-station for traveling.

How do I get the Sunken Bone & Koi Fish Scale materials?

Once you've reached "The Depths" and are comfortable spending long lengths of time in the water, it's time to gather the prime materials you need. It will help if you bring a lamp with you as well. You will have to scour the bottom of the tunnels in this area for the materials. There will only be two different materials that you will uncover; a muddy scale, which is the Koi Fish Scale, and a Sunken Bone.

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

The sunken bone is pretty easy to spot, as they look like a fairly large chunk of rib-bone in the mud. The muddy scale looks like half a clamshell that is half-buried in the ground. You will need a shovel to dig up both of these items. Once you have dug up each item, take them to the analyzer. When you pick up the sunken bone, you will automatically learn the bone trident and bone dagger patterns.

Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden (Image credit: Source: Windows Central / Jared Eden)

After collecting and analyzing each item, you will have learned how to craft the koi fish scale breastplate, koi fish scale greaves, koi fish scale helmet, bone dagger, bone trident, and bubble helmet. For the nearest analyzer, head to the koi pond secret lab.

How do I craft the Koi Fish Scale armor, Bone Trident, and other items?

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

To craft the koi fish scale armor, bone trident, bone dagger, and bubble helmet, you will need to use the workbench. Unfortunately, these are not items you can craft on-the-go without a workbench. Listed below are the required materials needed to craft each new item.

  • Koi Scale Breastplate: Koi Fish Scale x5, Eelgrass x3, Lilypad Wax x3, Sunken Bone x2
  • Koi Scale Helmet: Koi Fish Scale x2, Eelgrass Strand x2, Lilypad Wax x2, Silk Rope x3
  • Koi Scale Greaves: Koi Fish Scale x3, Eelgrass Strand x2, Lilypad Wax x2, Sunken Bone x3
  • Bubble Helmet: Eelgrass Strand x4, Sunken Bone x5, Silk Rope x4 - Oxygen lasts 140 seconds
  • Bone Trident: Sunken Bone x3, Diving Bell Spider Chunk x2, Eelgrass Strand x3
  • Bone Dagger: Sunken Bone x2, Silk Rope x2, Diving Bell Spider Chunk x1

With a new set of armor unearthed and new weaponry to fight creatures with, it's time to really make the koi pond your domain. Still, watch out for the koi fish though, it doesn't exactly like visitors and will happily smack you about if it gets the chance.

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