Hands-on with LG’s Ultra PC and its stunning display

We just stopped by the LG booth here at CES and we’re surprised by their latest ultrabook. It’s called the Ultra PC (model 13Z940) and we we’re actually blown away by the little machine. It’s super light, has a gorgeous display, and looks great. It’s only knock is that it lacks a touch screen, but that could easily be seen as a bonus by some (We’re looking at you Mary Jo). Here’s our hands-on with this interesting ultrabook.

Surprisingly, LG didn’t have too many details to share about the Ultra PC just yet. For example, we don’t know what markets it will be available in or when it will be available. We also don’t have a price yet. We do know that it weighs just 2.16 lbs (0.98kg) and features a stunning 13.3-inch IPS display (1920 x 1080). Since it isn’t a touchscreen, you don’t need a bezel to support your fingers when using the gestures found in Windows 8. Which means it has a bezel that measures just 4.4 mm on the sides. The display is great, colors were bright and saturated (the good kind of saturation) and the screen tech featured a “reading mode”. This reading mode from LG will dim the display and feature some other display magic to make it easier to read and save battery life. Inside you have Haswell-based Intel Core processors, so we’re hoping for some good battery life when that gets announced. Why? Haswell is kind to batteries and there’s no touchscreen sucking up juice.  

LG Ultra PC

Usually you’ll find PC OEMs making ultrabooks, tablets and phones in either white or black. LG takes a note out of Nokia’s playbook and makes the Ultra PC in a few interesting colors. You can get it in either Misty Rose, Baby Blue, Powder White and Glam Metal.

We really walked away with a positive first impression from this ultrabook. We can’t wait for LG to share more information on the PC.

Sam Sabri