Save $40 and add 4TB of space with the Crucial MX500 solid state drive

Crucial MX500 SSD
Crucial MX500 SSD

The Crucial MX500 4TB solid state drive with a 4TB capacity has dropped in price to $319.99. This version of the MX500 usually sells for around $360, and we have never seen it drop in price at Amazon before. The $40 discount might not be life changing, but that's a huge discount if you consider how unique it is and that it gives you new, more affordable, access to the largest capacity the Crucial MX500 sells. 

Crucial MX500 4TB solid state drive $360

Crucial MX500 4TB solid state drive $360 $319.99 at Amazon

Has sequential read/write speeds up to 560 and 510 MB/s respectively. Helps save your work even during a power outage with Power Loss Immunity. Has hardware encryption and 5-year warranty.

I think this is a great pickup for an SSD, and there's a couple of good reasons you might want it. Of course, the biggest reason is that you don't currently have an SSD. If you're still playing games from a hard drive or don't even have a boot SSD for your operating system, you absolutely should grab this one. The price is wonderfully inexpensive and you'll get an instant boost in loading times.

Another reason to grab this SSD is because you have upgraded already, but you couldn't really get a whole lot of capacity since SSDs seem to increase in price exponentially the more space you go for. This is a 4TB drive. That's enough to store your operating system, a bunch of games, a bunch of media like photos and video, and load it all with great speed.

The MX500 has read and write times of 560 MB/s and 510 MB/s respectively. That's not quite as fast as an M.2 NVMe solid state drive, but it's definitely not bad compared to a normal hard drive. It also has this Power Loss Immunity feature that preserves your work even if you suddenly lose power. There's also hardware encryption to secure your data and a 5-year warranty from Crucial.

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