We tried to rank every Microsoft Surface from worst to best

Surface RT
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Last week, executive editor Daniel Rubino, Xbox editor Jez Corden, and I jumped on a livestream and ranked every single Surface since the launch of the Surface RT all the way back in 2012. We shared our experiences with each device, and ranked them from worst to best, using the common D-S tier ranking scheme.

It was a fun (and long) livestream, which we'd love for you to check out if you want detailed reasonings for why each product got the rank it did. For example, why do we think Surface Laptop 2 is better than Surface Laptop 3? Watch the livestream to find out.

We ranked Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Pro 8 as the all-time best Surfaces to date. They're perfect, with the only downsides to the Surface Laptop 4 being a lack of Thunderbolt, and the only downside on the Pro 8 being average battery life. They're truly the best of Surface so far.

Surface Duo 2, Surface Book 2, Surface Pro X, and many others we ranked as A tier, as we absolutely loved our time with them and thought they represented great ideas at the time.

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S TierSurface Laptop 4, Surface Pro 8
A TierSurface Pro 5, Surface Pro 6, Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Laptop 1, Surface Laptop 2, Surface Book 2, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Laptop SE, Surface Duo 2, Surface Go, Surface Go 2, Surface Laptop Studio
B TierSurface RT, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 7, Surface Go 3, Surface Book
C TierSurface Pro, Surface RT 2, Surface Studio, Surface Studio 2, Surface Laptop 3, Surface Duo, Surface Book 3
D TierSurface Pro 2, Surface 3

At the very bottom of the tier list is the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 3. Pro 2 is down at the bottom because battery life was extremely poor, and it didn't do enough to differentiate itself from the Pro 1, which was already an extremely flawed product. Surface 3 is at the bottom because it was incredibly slow, with eMMC storage and an Intel ATOM powering things under the hood. Oh, and it used microUSB (shudder.)

Let us know in the YouTube comments section what you think is the best and worst Surface to date!

Zac Bowden
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