Microsoft highlights adaptive 3D printed grips for Surface Pen during Surface and AI event

Surface Grip to improve accessiblity
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft highlighted its push to improve accessibility during its Surface and AI event today.
  • With the highly adaptive 3D printed Pen Grips for the Surface Pen, users can customize the pen to their liking, ultimately allowing them to work longer comfortably. 
  • The company aims to bridge the disability divide by making these accessories more inclusive, which will get more people into school and work.
  • Microsoft will use its learning from creating the Xbox Adaptive Controller to inform its decisions and planning for future Adaptive Accessories for PCs.

One of Microsoft's main focuses when developing and designing new products is inclusivity and accessibility. This way, everyone can make the most out of these devices. We've seen this before with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is specifically designed to make gaming more accessible to people living with disabilities. 

Building on this premise, Microsoft took a step further in bridging the disability divide today by promoting and improving inclusivity across its wide range of Adaptive Accessories, including the Surface Adaptive Pen, haptic trackpad, and more, to empower people with disabilities. Some of these options, such as the Surface Pen grips, have been around for a while, but the event served as an opportunity to showcase Microsoft's efforts to improve accessibility.

With the highly adaptive 3D printed Pen Grips for the Surface Pen, users can customize the pen in a unique and comfortable way. This way, it will be easier for users to work effectively and efficiently, ultimately improving their productivity. Moreover, it allows users to express themselves beyond the traditional trackpad and keyboard.

The process for ordering the pen grips is different than ordering other Surface accessories. While Microsoft has pages about the grips on its website, actual orders go through Shapeways, which 3D prints whichever grip you order.

Surface Pen Grips | From $36.46 at Shapeways

Surface Pen Grips | From $36.46 at Shapeways

These custom grips improve the accessibility of the Surface Pen by allowing people to adapt the stylus. Shapeways 3D prints the grips, which you can then place on your Surface Pen.

There are a variety of designs available, including grips with or without buttons. There are also different shapes and overall designs, which increases how many people can benefit from the grips.

A Microsoft support website includes an instructional video on how to attach a pen grip to a Surface Pen. Note that while the pen grips improve accessibility, some people may not be able to attach the pen grips themselves.

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