Microsoft snuck out a Surface Go 4 announcement after its event; here's why you didn't see it on stage

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What you need to know

  • Surface Go 4 is on the way with a more powerful Intel N200 processor.
  • Microsoft has scrapped the 4GB RAM model, with the entry-level variant now shipping with 8GB out of the gate.
  • The device also has UFS storage and a redesigned internal layout that is more repairable.

You may have asked what happened to the Surface Go 4 if you watched Microsoft's Surface and AI event. The new device was announced today, but Microsoft didn't present it on stage. Instead, the company rolled out the announcement in a collection of links and spec tables that went live as the event wrapped up. The Surface Go 4 wasn't presented alongside the other hardware because it's not a consumer device. It's aimed squarely at business customers. In fact, Microsoft calls it the "Surface Go 4 for Business" on its site.

The Surface Go 4 features a more powerful Intel N200 processor, 8GB RAM in the entry-level model, and an internal redesign that makes the Surface Go more repair-friendly.

The company touts the new PC capable of AI capabilities like "Voice Clarity," which enhances microphone audio quality to reduce background noise and focus on you.

Externally, the new Surface Go looks similar to its predecessor, but that doesn't mean this isn't a big update.

On the inside, the Surface Go 4 features Intel's N200 processor, significantly boosting performance over the 10th-Gen Intel Core i3-10100Y processor found in the previous Surface Go 3. This device should be more than capable of daily tasks and multitasking, thanks to Microsoft finally dropping the 4GB RAM option from the lineup.

Microsoft's new Surface Go 4 for business. (Image credit: Future)
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CategorySurface Go 4
OSWindows 11 Home
ProcessorIntel N200
GraphicsIntel UHD
Storage128GB, 256GB
Display10.5-inch 1920x1280 touchscreen PixelSense
PortsUSB-C 3.1
Row 7 - Cell 0 microSD
Row 8 - Cell 0 Surface Connect

That means the new Surface Go starts with 8GB RAM out of the gate and 64GB of UFS storage. UFS storage is another major upgrade, as previous models have eMMC storage in the entry-level config. 

Also new on the inside is a total redesign that makes the product more repairable. Surface Go was the last modern Surface line not to feature user-replaceable components, but that changes with the Surface Go 4. Everything from the display, kickstand, motherboard, and more can be replaced. To date, the Surface Pro 9 has been called the "most repairable" Surface by iFixit. The Surface Go 4 now follows in the footsteps of its larger sibling.

The only downside to the new Surface Go is that Microsoft only plans to sell it via its commercial channels and partners, meaning you won't find it in retail stores. That doesn't mean you can't buy one, however. Microsoft will sell it in its commercial store, though the price will be higher due to the increased RAM and faster storage in the entry-level config. 

Microsoft did not confirm the pricing and availability of the Surface Go 4, but we believe the PC's pricing will begin at $579.

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  • Iamdumbguy
    Anyone with a Surface Go 3 with 4 GB? I'm wondering how much RAM is used at startup.
  • JamesGecko
    The only downside to the new Surface Go is that Microsoft only plans to sell it via its commercial channels and partners
    Well, no. The downside is that it's still an incredibly under-powered and expensive device with awful battery life. That it's passively cooled places hard limits on how much you can push the processor before the entire device throttles. And the thin form factor means that previous generations were lucky to get more than three hours away from the wall; I doubt this has improved much.

    I bought a max specced first generation model four years ago and it's practically unusable now; a really miserable experience with a fantastic form factor.