Control the RGB with your voice using Govee's LED light strip on sale for $26

Govee RGB light strip
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The Govee 16.4-foot RGBIC LED light strip has dropped to a low of $25.89 on Amazon when you clip the on-page coupon that takes $3 off the price. It is actually already discounted without the on-page coupon because it sells for around $34 normally. So the extra few bucks off in addition to the direct discount brings it down to the lowest price we've seen. That's a lot of value for a light strip we really like that includes smart home functions. 

Govee 16.4-feet RGB light strip $34 $25.89 at Amazon

Govee 16.4-feet RGB light strip $34 $25.89 at Amazon

Add some RGB lighting to your countertops or computer setup or even some bias lighting for behind the TV. The choice is yours and the options are endless. 

We reviewed a version of the Govee light strip that doesn't include the smart home functionality of the one on sale today, and you can read about that right here. Even without those extra features, the light strip garnered some praise and 4 stars out of 5 from Jez Corden. He said the light strip is "a great beginner option for adding some color and pizzaz to any home dwelling. You could slap these behind a desk for extra ambiance while working, you could stick them up behind a TV like I have, or put them in the background while streaming to your fans on Twitch."

In the case of the one on sale today, you actually can do a lot more with it. The built-in Wi-Fi and its compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant means you can add this strip to your smart home. You can set it up to be controlled by your voice or through an app on your smartphone. With the mic built into the strip, you can have it sync to music, too.

The light strip is easy to install, too, since it has adhesive and five support clips. You won't need any extra tools to attach it wherever you want. 

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