As we march closer to a Surface Pro 10, Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 reaches end of support

Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover
Driver and firmware updates are over for Microsoft's Surface Pro 7, though the PC will continue to receive security and OS updates. (Image credit: Future)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Pro 7 officially reaches its end of support today.
  • After reaching end of support, the Surface Pro 7 will no longer receive driver and firmware updates.
  • While the Surface Pro 7 will no longer receive driver and firmware updates, it will continue to receive Windows OS feature and security updates for a while.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 has reached the end of its driver and firmware lifecycle period. As of today, the PC will not receive any firmware or driver updates from Microsoft. The 2-in-1 will, however, continue to receive Windows OS feature updates and security updates in line with the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy.

The Surface Pro 7 first shipped in October 2019, and it has received several firmware updates since its launch. Since the device will continue to receiver security and OS feature updates for a while, it's safe to keep using your Surface Pro 7. You'll also be able to take advantage of new features in updates such as the Windows 11 'Moment 5' update set to ship later this year.

When the Surface Pro 7 launched, it was a lovely PC that retained its crown as the best Windows tablet. Our Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino called the PC "the king of the 2-in-1s" and praised the PC's performance, battery life, and form factor in our Surface Pro 7 review.

But as is the case with any form of technology, the Surface Pro 7 has been surpassed in terms of design as it's aged. Microsoft revised its Surface Pro lineup with the Surface Pro 8, refreshing its design and making the PC "effectively flawless," according to our Surface Pro 8 review. Microsoft largely stuck with that design with the Surface Pro 9, giving us all a reason to look forward to see what's new in the Surface Pro 10.

When is the Surface Pro 10 coming out?

Surface Pro 9

Microsoft's rumored Surface Pro 10 is expected to share a similar design with the Surface Pro 9 but have new AI-focused processors from Intel and Qualcomm. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Microsoft releases new Surface hardware each year, and the Surface Pro lineup is due for a refresh. According to our Senior Editor Zac Bowden, the Surface Pro 10 will be "the company's first true next-gen AI PC" and be available with either Intel or ARM processors. While there have been Surface PCs with NPUs inside before, the Surface Pro 10 should take artificial intelligence to the next level when it comes to AI computing.

Intel is pushing AI computing with its latest processors, and we expect to see that continue with the Intel processor that powers the Surface Pro 10. It's not known at this time, however, which type of processor will be inside the upcoming 2-in-1.

Qualcomm plans to release its Snapdragon X Elite processor this year, which also focuses heavily on AI. Based on Qualcomm's own statements and leaked benchmarks, the Snapdragon X Elite will go toe-to-toe with Apple's latest M-Series processors.

The overall design of the Surface Pro 10 is expected to be similar to that of the Surface Pro 9, making the internal upgrades and the emphasis on AI more important to the device differentiating itself. The Surface Pro 10 should, however, have a better display than its predecessor, thanks to an anti-reflective coating and rounded display corners. Added HDR support and the continuation of the lineup having a 120Hz display should result in an impressive screen.

Microsoft is expected to announce new Surface hardware in March and then ship new Surface PCs in April and June.

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