The Hitman reboot plans shift back to an episode release with monthly updates

Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC fans of the Hitman franchise will have to deal with yet another change in the plans for its long-awaited reboot. Developer Io Interactive and publisher Square Enix will now make the game an episodic title, with the first release coming in March with a prologue mission and one location in Paris. Monthly updates are planned for later in 2016.

Hitman was first announced as more of an episodic game until September, when Square Enix revealed that it would be launched with three locations for $34.99. More locations would have been added post-release for extra fees. Now Square Enix is making Hitman a true episodic game again:

"HITMAN will still launch on March 11th and that initial launch will include the Prologue and the Paris location. The big change is that the next location, set in Italy, will now release in April and then Morocco will release in May. From there we will keep monthly content updates coming, including the three additional locations we have already announced; Thailand, the US and Japan until the season concludes in Japan later in 2016. The weekly live events and additional planned content will give you plenty to do in the time between location releases."

The price for the first episode will be just $15 and additional episodes can be bought for the game for $10 each as they are released. Gamers who want to get all of the content planned for Hitman can purchase the "Full Experience" for $60 or they can wait until the first episode is released and buy all the post-release updates for $50. All of these releases will be digital only, but a disc copy of the entire Hitman experience will go on sale around the end of 2016.

Source: Hitman

John Callaham