Xbox Move Notification MattSource: Windows Central

Do you ever find it annoying when an achievement pops up and hides UI elements or subtitles in a game you're playing? Me too. That is why finally, thankfully, Xbox is allowing us to move the default position of the Xbox One notification area.

While some games will still choose for us, the vast majority should simply fall back on whatever the default is. This new feature requires the February 2020 Xbox update, and here's how you can use it.

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How to move the achievement pops and notification area on Xbox One

  1. Open the Xbox Guide menu by hitting the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. Move right and open the Settings menu.

    Xbox Move NotificationSource: Windows Central

  3. Move down to the Preferences section.
  4. Here, select Notifications.

    Xbox Move NotificationSource: Windows Central

  5. You can change various settings for notification pop-ups here. Select default notification position to move them around.

    Xbox Move NotificationSource: Windows Central

  6. You can now select a corner or a center mid or bottom for the notification area using your joystick.
  7. When done, simply hit finish.

    Xbox Move NotificationSource: Windows Central

And that's it!

The February 2020 update also includes a wealth of improvements to the speed of the operating system, as well as a streamlined home section with more customizable elements. For more details on what changed, head over to here.