Synology Plex

The DS218+ and DS1618+ already come packing Synology's own packages (or apps) that can handle streaming to devices and whatnot, but to make things easier and more visually appealing, you can opt to use Plex. This service allows you to configure various content libraries that are automatically imported, checked over and sorted with a bunch of information downloaded from elsewhere (album art, metadata, etc).

It's a vastly superior experience and doesn't take long to get started.

Install Plex Server

  1. Download the Plex Server package. (Choose "Synology" under "NAS".)
  2. Connect to your Synology NAS.
  3. Open up the Package Manager.

    Synology DS218+

  4. Click on "Manual Install."
  5. Click "Browse" and locate the Plex Server download.
  6. Click "Next."

    Synology DS218+

  7. Click "Yes" on the pop-up.
  8. Click "Apply."

Configuring your new server


All you need to do now is to click on the main menu in the top-left on the DSM interface and choose Plex Server. This will launch a new window with the Plex Server for you to hook up your Plex account, configure the network, search for media, and more. The wizard is straightforward with only a few options. You will need to create a Plex account to take advantage of synchronization features and the like.

Check our Plex beginner's guide

When running Plex on your Synology NAS, you will want to select a folder for where Plex can keep track of media files, be it photos, music, or video. The NAS itself comes with some default folders for such media, which can be selected, but you can create new folders in your "home" folder that can then be accessed through Windows Explorer and other file managers for easier transfer.

Now you can enjoy access to all your content on your smart TV, Xbox One, tablet, smartphone, Windows 10 PC, laptop, and all other devices running the Plex app with adequate access.

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Updated May 23, 2018: This guide has been updated to take into account other Synology NAS models.

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