How to snap live TV and other apps using the New Xbox One Experience

Xbox snap mode
Xbox snap mode (Image credit: Windows Central)

The New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) is finally here, and the new OS has completely overhauled the way we use our favourite console.

Naturally, the sweeping redesign has resulted in features getting shifted from their usual places. In this article, we'll be looking at how to snap live TV and other apps using the New Xbox One Experience.

Without Kinect's voice commands, you snap live TV and other apps using the guide menu found in the NXOE. Windows Central's Paul Acevedo recently gave us a more in-depth look at the new Xbox One guide, so be sure to check that out to learn more about its features.

To snap live TV and other apps, however, these are the steps you need to take.

1. Snap with Kinect, or use the guide menu

The fastest way to snap apps is to use Kinect, saying "Xbox, snap TV" or the name of any other app you wish to use. Skip down to step 4 to look at how to switch and manage apps using Kinect.

If you don't have Kinect, open the new guide by double tapping the home button on your Xbox One controller.

2. Using the guide

Once there, navigate down to "Snap", listed at the bottom of the menu.

3. Snap it!

Select the app you wish to snap using the joystick and the A button. In the NXOE, live TV is accessed using the new OneGuide app.

4. Changing focus

Once snapped, you can select which app is in focus by saying "Xbox, switch", or specifically, "Xbox, switch to main" or "Xbox, switch to snap". If you don't have Kinect, you can select which app is currently in focus by opening up the guide again, and selecting the icon from the app you wish to use. You can also use this menu to unsnap.

5. Going full-screen and closing apps

Most apps allow you to switch to full-size using a menu item within their snapped view. If not, you can also manage this by pressing the home button, putting your cursor on the app you want to manage and hitting the menu button on your controller. It will then give you a context menu that allows you to quit apps or games, or set a snapped app in full-screen mode.

If you have a lot of apps installed, navigating the columnar list in the new guide can be a tad cumbersome. Hopefully, Microsoft will iterate on this, either allowing you to pin favourite apps to the top of the list or by providing a Windows Start Menu-like sorting system. The pins list at the bottom of the dashboard seems like a good candidate for a menu item that allows instant snapping. Ultimately, NXOE is a work in progress. It reorganises the system to support Microsoft's grand vision for Universal Windows Apps. While we wait for usability updates, Kinect's voice commands remain the fastest way to navigate the system - set to become even faster once Cortana's natural language joins the party.

If there's anything about the New Xbox One Experience you're unsure of, let us know in the comments, and we'll try to answer.

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  • Am I the only one expecting keyboard and mouse/cortana integration in this update? I'm sad
  • Keyboard integration is already available! just plug a USB keyboard in and you're set. Cortana is coming in 2016, mouse support too, but it's lower down on the priority list of things to-do (background music will come first).
  • They said last month that Cortana would be early 2016
  • My live TV stutters like a dog on meth. Changing the resolution of my set top box to 720p solves the problem. Anyone knows how to keep 1080p without stuttering?
  • Xbox cant seem to process a game at 1080p 60fps for 80% of the screen and then a different resolution and speed for the other 20% simultaneously. Mines stuttered a few times too but it could be internet speed/connection.
  • My OTA live TV via USB tuner stutters as well. More so on certain channels. ABC 5.1 stutters more than NBC 3.1. I couldn't watch college football last weekend without getting annoyed. I was able to use the 30 min "DVR" buffering and pause for 10 seconds and it cleared up. IDK if you can do this with a set top box though.
  • For me it mainly stutters when I switch to tv, I am running a satellite top box through the HDMI and it use to work like a dream before the update, now when I switch to tv, especially using voice there is lag and stutter for a few seconds then it comes right, and when I snap tv it shows no picture for about 5 seconds, then a picture that stutters for another 3 seconds or so.... Really annoying!!
  • Try killing all running background apps. That is the only way, short of restarting the Xbox that I have found to fix it.
  • NP on my end
  • My console never understands me when I say snap achievements, it picks up everything else, just not that, makes me sad.
  • Have to tried resetting up your kinect? I have had to do this a few times after big changes on the beta progam and this seemed to fix the issues for me Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They need to bring back snapping from the home screen, hitting the options button, and choosing snap. The new methods doesn't seem as convenient as before.
  • I hate the "double tap home" feature. Half the time it doesn't register as a double tap and just sends me home. They should of done "hold home" instead like on the 360... Way better
  • Agreed on that
  • Would prefer picture in picture for tv rather than reducing the main screen size.
  • Just get the x box one TV adapter as it will let you record and also transfer to tablets too Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Without xbox
  • Particularly I really like Nxoe, its overall way faster than old UI. But imo the snap/changing focus experience were really downgraded. Especially changing focus, that was much better, faster and more intuitive than the new way.
  • So did they completely kill off gestures??? My kinect picks up zero gestures now!
  • They did, few people were using them apparently
  • Yep, not just on the home screen, but apps as well. I hear voice control is being removed in the spring update.
  • lol