How is the Surface Duo 2 holding up at 6 months on the market? (video)

On October 21, 2021, Microsoft began shipping Surface Duo 2 to eager customers around the world. It's been exactly six months since then, which means it's time to check in on the device to see how things are holding up. Are there any widespread hardware faults such as cracking USB-C ports? Has the software improved at all? Let's talk about it!

I've been using the Surface Duo 2 since it launched on day one last year, and I was also a first-gen Surface Duo customer since day one in September 2020. So, I've been on this dual-screen bandwagon for a long time at this point, and I'm happy to say that Surface Duo 2 today is in the best place this product line has ever been in. The software is working well, the hardware is holding up, and the future is looking bright.

When Surface Duo 2 launched last year, many reviews were somewhat negative thanks to the software shipping in a less-than-ideal state. Luckily, Microsoft has issued several updates in the last few months that addressed most of those issues, and I'd say the Duo 2 is now at a point where the software isn't a barrier for entry for most people. The Duo 2 is no more buggy than a Samsung, or OnePlus, or Pixel device you can buy on the market today.

With that said, there are some aspects of the device that still need a little bit of love, primarily with the camera app and performance. In well-lit scenarios, the camera is perfectly fine. In low-light or video scenarios, it starts to fall apart. The app will often become laggy, and low-light photos will almost always come out blurry unless you're incredibly still, and incredibly patient.

Regarding the overall device hardware, it's holding up much better than the first Surface Duo did. The Surface Duo 1 would begin to exhibit some discoloration of the edges over time, and the USB-C port would begin to crack after a few months of use. I'm glad to report that on Surface Duo 2 at six months, none of these hardware defects have reared their ugly heads.

Be sure to check out the video review above for a more in-depth discussion of the hardware, software, and how it compares to the Galaxy Fold!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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