Xbox One record

Gameplay videos are really popular on YouTube especially the ones with commentary. It's a fact that many people love watching them. For example, you might have heard of PewDiePie who makes $4 million a year sharing gameplay videos on YouTube with his 27 million subscribers. Want to start sharing your own Xbox One gameplay videos on Youtube? We'll show you how to do it without buying additional hardware or accessories.

Head past the break to watch the tutorial!

A really quick way to record a clip is to simply say out loud, "Xbox, record that!" Whatever happened in the last 30 seconds gets recorded. You get a confirmation at the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes, 30 seconds is not long enough. You can record up to 5 minutes of gameplay using another option called Game DVR. You can bring it up by saying out loud, "Xbox, snap Game DVR." You can then select 'End clip now' or 'Start new clip.' Selecting 'End clip now' records gameplay up to 5 minutes in the past. 'Start new clip' will record up to 5 minutes of footage starting now.

Xbox One Game DVR

You can view all your recorded clips on Game DVR. There's a simple built-in video editor if you want to trim, add voiceovers, picture-in-picture commentary, and templates. Select a video, click the menu button, and then Edit. This opens up the Xbox One's Upload Studio for your editing needs. There are plenty of options here, and the simplest one is to just trim clips. You can select the starting and end points of to take out the boring parts.

Xbox One Upload Studio

To make your videos more personal, try out the Picture-in-Picture option. The camera in the Kinect can be used to record yourself while giving commentary for your clips.

Xbox One PIP

Once you're happy with your video, click Finish. You'll then need to add a title and an optional tag before clicking the upload button. You're not done yet. This appears to upload the video to Microsoft's servers. Continue reading to send over the finished video to YouTube.

Xbox One YouTube

Open the YouTube application if you already have it installed or say out loud, "Xbox, go to YouTube." Inside the app, push your left stick on your controller until you see the 'My Uploads' option. Select the Upload option and choose the clip you'd like to upload.

Add a title, set the privacy setting, and then click the upload button. That's it! Watch a sample gameplay below:

While we're glad that we can upload Xbox One gameplay videos to YouTube, we believe the number of steps can be decreased. It would be better if Microsoft adds a YouTube option directly from Upload Studio instead of users having to open the YouTube app separately. Another issue is the 5-minute limit.

If you want to record gameplay that's longer than 5 minutes, you'll need a totally different solution that requires buying additional accessories. Let us know in the comments if you're interested in learning more about that.

Will you be sharing your Xbox One gameplay videos on YouTube? Are you planning to be the next PewDiePie? Sound off in the comments!