HP Elite x3 orders in the U.S. are anticipated to begin September 5th

An HP spokesperson has confirmed to Windows Central that online orders for its highly-anticipated HP Elite x3 phone with Windows 10 Mobile are "anticipated" to begin one month from today on September 5 on its U.S. store site.

The use of the term "anticipated" by the company spokesperson gives HP a bit of wiggle room if, in fact, orders don't actually begin on that date. It's also important to note this is just for HP's U.S. site, as other countries and regions will have their own dates to begin selling the Elite x3. Indeed, HP's Australian site has already started taking pre-orders for the 6-inch business-themed phone. The company previously announced it would be sold in 47 countries.

HP stated in July the Elite x3 would be priced at $699 in the U.S. or for $799 when bundled with its Desk Dock accessory.

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John Callaham