Grab HP's Mixed Reality headset and controllers on sale for $156 from Micro Center

Micro Center has the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset with controllers for $149.99, although if you order online your total will be $155.98 thanks to the $5.99 shipping fee. That doesn't really matter though because this is still a phenomenal price. The next best sale price we ever saw was $175, and the headset normally sells for around $300. This is an older headset that has been discontinued, and it's most likely that Micro Center is just trying to clear out leftover inventory here.

HP Mixed Reality headset and controllers

HP Mixed Reality headset and controllers

You can save a $6 shipping fee if you pick it up in store, but there aren't a lot of stores available.

The Windows Central review gave this headset 4 out of 5 stars. They said the tracking between the headset and the controllers was "rock solid and immersive" and added, "I was amazed that HP's headset made VR feel completely natural to me, in a way that felt spacious and inviting, rather than blinding and claustrophobic."

John Levite
Deals Editor

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