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What you need to know

  • HTC recently dropped the price of the Vive Pro by $200.
  • The new price is one of the best prices for the headset since its launch.
  • The price is not a promotion, meaning that it is permanently dropped.

HTC recently announced a permanent price drop to the HTC Vive Pro. The VR headset's price is down $200, bringing it to $599. The $599 price tag does not include the controllers, base stations, or the VIVE wireless adapter. The price drop of the headset allows it to compete with other devices such as the Valve Index.

The Vive Pro is an upgrade over HTC's popular Vive headset. It supports SteamVR 2.0 tracking sensors and has an AMOLED display with good contrast. It has built-in audio and also has an optional wireless adapter available, which allows you to play PCVR games without dealing with wires.

HTC Vive vs. HTC Vive Pro: Which should you buy?

HTC's U.S. website states that the "offer is subject to change," but HTC clarified to us that the price drop is indeed permanent and that the U.S. website should reflect that soon. The UK HTC website states that it is a non-promotional price.

VR for power users

HTC Vive Pro

More affordable pro VR

The Vive Pro's impressive specs make it an ideal choice for anyone developing VR software or anyone who wants the best experience possible. It's a great time to buy the Vive Pro as well, thanks to its recent price drop.

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