Industry-leading Shark LA322 Navigator vacuum is a massive $100 cheaper than usual

Shark Vacuums Lifestyle
Shark Vacuums Lifestyle (Image credit: Shark Vacuums)

We all hate vacuuming. Or well, most of us anyway. Whether you love or loathe it, having the right tools for the job is paramount, which is why this Black Friday deal is so particularly epic.

When I'm not gaming, or writing about gaming, every now and then I have to clean something. Tragic, I know. To that end, I have long-hunted for a vacuum that is as capable and as powerful as something like a Dyson, without the Dyson price point. Then I discovered Shark.

Shark Navigators, named so for their shark-like movements and predatory-like capacity for hunting dust and other vacuumables, fits the bill to a tee. This multi-purpose wired vacuum is actually similar to the model I use in the UK, with a transformable form factor for hitting every type of surface. The Shark vacuums are also equipped with a very powerful anti-hair mechanism, which is ideal if you have pets, or, like me, live in a household of heavy metal fans.

The Navigator has a transparent body so you can easily see when it needs a refill, and comes with various additional attachments and nozzles for those tough-to-reach places. This is truly the best vacuum I've ever owned, and now it can be yours as well for this shining celebration of capitalism we call Black Friday. Let the dust-busting commence. Or something.

Shark Vacuums Navigator Lifestyle (Image credit: Shark)

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