Clean up your mess with the iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum on sale for $75 off

Irobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum
Irobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum

Head over to Target and grab the iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum cleaner for a low price of $224.99 (opens in new tab). This is a great sale price that beats previous deals we've shared. Generally this robot vacuum goes for around $300 at Amazon and other retailers, and even when it does go on sale it only drops to around $250. Today's price is the second lowest in its pricing history, which makes this a great value for anyone looking to clean up a little dirt.

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iRobot Roomba e5 robot vacuum | $75 off (opens in new tab)

Delivers 5x the air power of the Roomba 600 series. Ideal for pets with 3-stage cleaning system that cleans pet hair, dirt, and allergens. Multi-surface rubber brushes that adjust whether carpet or hard floors. Runs for 90 minutes and self charges.

The Roomba E5 has 5x the air power of the Roomba 600 series, which is another popular lineup from iRobot. The robot vacuum is great for homes with pets because it has a premium three-stage cleaning system. This system ensures the E5 can clean up dirt and dust but also pet hair and the allergens produced by cats and dogs and other animals. The filter can trap 99% of allergens. The robot vacuum's dustbin is washable so you can easily clean out the debris it picks up without it being irritating to you.

The rubber brushes are designed to go over multiple surfaces so it can adjust to stay in constant contact. Let it loose on carpet and hard floors and more and it will adapt accordingly. The sensors underneath the robot help it navigate these changes. Plus it can find its way around objects and under furniture.

The battery on the E5 can run for 90 minutes continuously. It's also smart enough to return to its charging station when it runs low so it can top off and then continue its mission.

You can control the robot vacuum from your phone using the iRobot app. You can also issue voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant if you connect the robot to your Wi-Fi network.

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