Kensington's new Surface Pro dock will sate your Surface Studio envy

If you're green with envy over the Surface Studio, but it's a bit out of your price range, Kensington's latest Surface Pro dock may strike a solid a middle-ground. Called the SD7000 Dual 4K Surface Pro Docking Station, the dock lets you slot your Surface Pro into a frame that closely resembles the much large Surface Studio, complete with articulating arms and plenty of expansion ports (via The Verge).

Once your Pro is placed in the dock, the arms allow you to change its position to be used simply as a display or for drafting and inking. Around back, the dock packs in a pair of USB ports, USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, and an ethernet port. The dock also supports powering up to two 4K external monitors, so you'll have plenty of space to spread your work out if you choose.

Alongside the dock, Kensington will also offer an optional locking module so your Surface Pro will stay secure when docked.

The dock itself will be available for $299.99, while the optional lock will run $29.99. There's no word on when the dock and its accompanying lock will be available, but Kensington is showing it off at Microsoft's Inspire 2018 partner conference this week.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Nice idea
  • I call this genius! If this works with my SP3, I'm getting one. I like the SP3 dock but it's angle doesn't allow me to ink on it very comfortably.
  • Same, if they have one that supports SP3+, i'm in. This looks awesome.
  • This looks really good. I prefer the SP3 dock to the later universal brick design, but this will make me take my current SP out of the old slanted dock and put it into this one. Yes, you will need a separate keyboard and mouse because it looks as though there is only one position in which you might use a type cover. But most dock users have such accessories already. I would expect this to be back-compatible with the SP3 and SP4. Why would it not?
  • (Edit. Turns out I can read after all) I'm sold. This thing looks great.
  • Awesome!
  • Nice! I picked up the new official dock not long ago, but this looks fantastic.
  • good idea and execution. I personally would find 300 a bit expensive though for a dock but it does have a nice stand added to it.
  • sold
  • Ugh I don't even need a dock but I'd like to have this one, the price is too much for something I don't need though 😔
  • How does it do dual 4K - @ 30 or 60hz. Appears to use the MS Connector, so must be 30hz?
  • Yup. Confirmed by manufacturers website.
  • Brilliant. And yes, I do have S.Studio envy. This looks like a brilliant idea, hope that it works with Pro 4.
  • Wow, that's truly impressive. Seems very well-thought out. I sure hope price drops during a sale or something.
  • wow, nice
  • A pity microsoft stopped making the type cover Bluetooth dongle. Would be wonderful in this configuration with the surface pro dock by Kensington. The missing piece of the surface puzzle here.
  • From the Kensington site, it looks like this is available through a couple online dealers. BUT, they've increased the list price from $299 to $349! Wow, that's a pretty significant jump. So, will you guys be reviewing this soon? Pretty please (: