Leak shares potential date for Microsoft's October Surface event

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will hold a Surface event within the next week, according to a leak.
  • The event will occur on September 30 or October 1.
  • The event could include the announcement of a new Surface Pro X.

Microsoft will hold a Surface event on either September 30 or October 1, according to a leak by WalkingCat on Twitter. WalkingCat is unsure of the exact date due to timezones but states the event will be within that timeframe. Microsoft regularly holds Surface events in the fall, such as last year when the company announced the Surface Pro 7, Surface Duo, and Surface Pro X.

While we don't know what will be announced at the event, we could potentially see the announcement of a Surface Pro X with a Microsoft SQ2 chip and Microsoft's midrange Surface Laptop. Both of those devices will reportedly launch in the October timeframe, so an announcement on September 30 or October 1 would make sense.

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Regardless of the exact date, it appears that Microsoft's fall Surface event is only a couple of weeks away, so we shouldn't have to wait long to see more Surface hardware.

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  • Let's not forget about the Surface Neo before it's even released!
  • Really looking forward to a hopeful refresh of the Surface Studio. My gen1 Studio is still running strong, but I'm ready for an upgrade.
  • I keep hoping for a Surface Studio monitor, available to purchase without the computer. I want the display, but don't want to give up my own desktop build.
  • Definitely on board with you here. I've been window-shopping new monitors for months and nothing ticks all the right boxes. I'd love to see a studio-grade monitor, but I'm not super hopeful it'll happen.
  • Given how long it took the Duo to come out, they might announce the Duo 2 ;)