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LG's C1 65-inch OLED 4K TV is our favorite for the Xbox and it's down to $1,650

Lg C1 65 Oled Tv
Lg C1 65 Oled Tv

One of the nice things about LG announcing its 2022 TV lineup is that the 2021 lineup starts seeing some incredible deal prices. Those new TVs aren't even out yet, but even when they do release they'll be a lot more expensive than today's deal. Woot has brought back its incredible price on the 2021 LG C1 65-inch OLED 4K smart TV and dropped it down to just $1,650. This is a direct discount that's $150 less than any other retailer, even ones that have it on sale. The TV was going for as much as $1,900 at the beginning of the year, too, so it's really dropping now.

Woot does have a small mandatory shipping fee, but you can get around that using your Amazon Prime membership.


LG OLED65C1PUB 4K OLED TV | $150 off

Part of LG's 2021 lineup (and a replacement for the CX Series), this OLED TV includes an improved processor that makes picture and sound adjustments automatically. Get the best resolution possible with every piece of content. The Game Optimizer ensures easy access to game settings with low input lag and fast response times. Has Amazon ALexa built in and also works with Google Assistant.

The only other great deal out there on this TV comes from Newegg. There you can get the same model for its regular price of $1,796.99, but it also comes with a $175 promotional gift card. In total you're saving more this way, but you also have to wait for the gift card and use it on something else you'll be spending money on anyway. It is a Visa debit card, which means it isn't tied to Newegg like these gift card deals often are.

The LG C1 is our favorite TV for the Xbox Series X and Series S. If you're looking to play video games on a big screen, it helps to have a 120Hz refresh rate and adaptive sync to reduce screen tearing.

When it comes to modern TVs, it's hard to do better than OLED. It just looks so good, and if what you really care about in your TV is detail and color then this is the TV for you. You'll get the deepest blacks and the widest color gamut. Plus, with HDR support through Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG you'll have a myriad of ways to make the image quality even better.

Tap into LG's webOS smart platform while you're at it. You can stream all of your favorite content. Access dozens of apps with all the best movies and TV shows. You can even search for that show you've been missing using your voice and the Magic Remote.

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