This LG C1 deal knocks $700 off the best 4K TV for PS5 & Xbox Series X

LG C1 OLED (Image credit: LG Electronics)

The 65-inch LG C1 OLED is down to its lowest-ever price, presenting an unmissable deal for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gaming. Current savings from Amazon price this leading 4K TV at $700 below its usual RRP, now available for $1,797 for a limited time.

While the LG C1 family is among the best TV all types of entertainment, it's generally considered the go-to display for the latest generation gaming consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X bring all-new display technologies to the table, and the LG C1 is among the latest 4K HDR TVs that check all the boxes. Walmart has also matched Amazon in delivering this all-time low price on the TV.

The 65-inch LG C1 retails for $2,500, with recent discounts pushing the display as low as $2,100 in the U.S. You're unlikely to see significantly larger savings through Black Friday later this year, as seen with the LG CX back in 2020. The next step down, the 55-inch LG C1, costs $1,500 right now.

We've named the LG C1 the best 4K TV for Xbox Series X and PS5 since it launched earlier in 2021, a successor to last year's acclaimed LG CX. The TV is one of our top picks at Windows Central, used across many hardware and game reviews on the site.

When used with PS5 and Xbox Series X, the LG C1 brings support for 4K resolution up to 120Hz, delivering the best in clarity and fluidity across new titles. It's an OLED panel, considered the best in the business thanks to its per-pixel precision, translating to ultra-rich blacks and vibrant colors with HDR content. Variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM) support also feature, contributing to smoother, more responsive images.

LG Electronics has continued to deliver best-in-class visuals, with its OLED panels outpacing top alternatives like Samsung QLED TVs when it comes to image quality. While OLED isn't flawless, with screen burn-in a possibility given the nature of the technology, advancements in recent years have made this a non-issue for everyday TV and video game use.

Matt Brown

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