Life Is Strange 2 launches on Xbox One and PC in September

Life Is Strange is regarded by many as a modern cult classic, and when Square Enix announced a sequel, many gamers were understandably elated. However, we haven't heard a lot about the project until now. A free game called The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit is launching next week which takes place in the same universe but it's not Life Is Strange 2.

Today, Square Enix revealed that Life Is Strange 2 will return with a new five-episode story. Better yet, the first episode is coming to Xbox One and other platforms on September 27, 2018. Unfortunately, aside from the release date, we don't know anything about the game. We'll keep you posted as soon as we receive more information.

We recently played The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit and it's a touching, personal story. You step into the shoes of Chris, a creative and imaginative nine-year-old boy who escapes reality with fantastical adventures as his alter ego Captain Spirit. It's unclear if Chris will be the protagonist of Life Is Strange 2 or if there will be other characters.

Just like The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit, Life Is Strange 2 features Xbox One X enhancements. According to the store listing, it achieves "4K Ultra HD" visuals on the consoles. It's unclear if this refers to native 4K resolution or a checkerboarded solution. Square Enix is expected to release more information in the coming weeks.

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  • This is a little underwhelming. They should've shown a proper trailer with the new visuals.
  • "Unfortunately, aside from the release date, we don't know anything about the game. "
    hmm, while a trailer would have been nice we are getting Captain Spirit for free. That should give us a good idea of what this game will be.
  • That launches next week. I haven’t played it early.
  • That's suppose to be 2 hours. So shouldn't that be good enough for us to know what the game is about?
    I think it's great that they launch captain spirit for free. I feel it's a great way of doing things. I rather they do it like this than just give us a 30 seconds trailer. Anyway, it's still great news. I wasn't expecting it this year.
  • They're saying it just has hints about the characters and world. I think we might just learn their names, not anything meaningful. However, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is almost out so we'll see.
  • I wonder if they will fix the distracting lip-sync issues that plagued the first installment. I liked the game but that glaring issue took me right out of the narrative.
  • That's weird I didn't notice lip-sync I think it depends on the version you played.
  • I agree, it had a fantastic story but the lip sync was horrendous. I think they covered it up by putting subtitles on by default. Before the Storm was much better tho, I bet this will be too.
  • Did you guys play it on PS4, XB1, PC? Did you guys play it as soon as it was released or waited the physical version?
    Also, Before the storm was made by another studio.
  • I played on XBOX One X. I downloaded the digital version long after all patches were released. The lip-sync was off about 70% of the time. There were sequences in the game where the characters mouths didn't move at all during dialogue scenes. It was really disappointing since I was so invested in the story.
  • hmm very weird. I played the physical version on the first generation PS4. I never had that problem. The character's mouths always moved during dialogue or I would have noticed. Anyway, I do hope this works for the Life is strange 2. You could try the free prequel that comes out in few days and see it works well...