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Limbo for Xbox One is currently free to download

Limbo, the acclaimed puzzle platformer game from developer Playdead, is currently free to download on the Xbox Store for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

The game normally costs $9.99 to download from the store. You need to be signed into your Xbox Live account to see the discount on the store page. It's unknown if this move is a temporary promotion or if Microsoft has made Limbo free forever on the Xbox One. Limbo was first released for the console in 2014 as a free game for everyone who bought the Xbox One early and was later released as a paid game for all Xbox One owners.

See at Xbox Store (opens in new tab)

  • Hurry. Start my Xbox One! Lol.
  • Another technical problem.....i seriously hate Microsoft........sarcasm
  • This game can run on windows 10 Mobile
  • They gave this one away free a while ago with games with gold... Neat game, neat art, finished it on the 360 about  2 years ago
  • Downloading now !!!
  • I saw it last night and downloaded it immediately.
  • The offer is even available in Denmark. Wicked!
  • SWEET!
  • damn, no PC :(
  • Not in store but available as .exe format
  • In before it's found to be yet another pricing error.
  • Lol!
  • Hope its not an other error. Was a bit disappointed I didn't get if for being an early xbox one owner. Got the console about 6 months before official release here in sweden.
  • I have it already. Good game.
  • Free is nice. Thx MS.
  • I hope it's still free when I get home tonight from work! (Played and finished on 360 many moons ago, but probably time for a revisit now)
  • It let me "buy" it via the link in the article without ever having owned an Xbox.
  • Nice thx
  • This looks more legit than last week's Fallout 4 error. There's proper slash-through formatting on the normal price and everything. #FingersCrossed
  • The Xbox store page states it is 100% off for next seven days.
  • Love free games! Thanks Microsoft!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I enjoyed playing this game on my XB360.  It is worth a replay.
  • Got it free via code distribution by ms