Microsoft confirms keyboard and mouse support is still coming to the Xbox One

With the upcoming release of cross-platform titles such as Fable Legends and the second installment of a Halo's real-time strategy counterpart, Halo Wars 2, the demand for keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One is bigger than ever. Xbox head, Phil Spencer has previously stated that mouse and keyboard support 'aren't far away', but a firm release for the update is still to be set.

In response to a fan on Twitter, Spencer has reaffirmed that keyboard and mouse support is making its way to Xbox One but failed to provide any further details. Xbox will be making an appearance at multiple events over the coming months, where we could see the feature in action and how this affects players using a traditional controller.

The Xbox One currently supports USB keyboards when inputting text, but mouse and keyboard support in-game is yet to be seen. While adding support for these inputs appears fairly straightforward, we can expect Microsoft is developing additional systems to prevent controller users from being at a significant disadvantage. Whether keyboard and mouse players are handicapped in multiplayer games, or separated from controller users in competitive scenarios, Microsoft will have to ensure the balance of multiplayer games isn't unsettled by a second input method.

Source: Phil Spencer (Twitter)

Matt Brown

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