Microsoft rumored to launch Surface hardware revisions this fall, new devices in 2017

It appears Microsoft is looking to launch new Surface hardware this year after all if internal schedules are to be believed. No longer is Microsoft planning wait for Redstone 2 to launch new Surface hardware in early 2017, with Mary Jo Foley reporting that we could see updated hardware launch at an event in the fall.

Windows Central can confirm that this appears to be the case, with internal schedules pointing toward October for a Windows 10 hardware announcement, similar to last year's #Windows10 Devices Event in New York.

Sources say Microsoft is planning to introduce minor revisions to its current Surface line, meaning it's unlikely we'll see a Surface Phone or the newly rumored Surface All-In-One device this year. There may also be a Band 3 as current levels of Band 2 stock seem to be on the decline. Currently, the Microsoft Band is the only consumer-grade hardware that is not running Windows 10 in some form. It would seem likely that Microsoft would want to align it with the rest of its consumer line for developer and API continuity.

On the Surface AiO subject, Daniel Rubino is now hearing that Microsoft is exploring at least two versions of the Surface AiO with one being a more traditional AiO computer, and the other being an accessory/big screen for Continuum. Other details surrounding this device are still pretty scarce, but with Windows 10 'Redstone 2' having a large focus on Mobile, it isn't surprising to hear Microsoft is planning new and improved hardware to compliment Windows 10 Mobile's star feature, Continuum.

2017 is where we'll see new Surface hardware launch although it's unclear now whether that will happen alongside Redstone 2's launch, which was originally planned. Perhaps Microsoft could release new Surface devices alongside Redstone 3. I hear that internally Microsoft is targeting Summer 2017 for a Windows 10 'Redstone 3' launch, which would be the perfect time to release new Surface hardware before the back-to-school season. Mary Jo Foley appears to be hearing that new Surface hardware with Kaby Lake processors won't launch until Fall 2017 however.

Microsoft is planning to flight Redstone 2 builds to Windows Insiders very soon, with the latest internal builds being compiled in the 148xx range. With Surface hardware revisions planned for the fall, and a much larger Surface device launch in 2017, as well as Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 updates for Windows 10, it's going to be a very busy year.

What are you hoping to see from Microsoft this fall? Let us know below.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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