Microsoft's huge video game sale includes up to 50% off digital titles

Modded Skyrim
Modded Skyrim (Image credit: Windows Central)

Got some downtime coming up because of the holidays? Looking for something to do? Well, I suggest video games. Right now Microsoft is having a huge sale on video games and taking up to 50% off titles both new and old. You can definitely find a new RPG to sink some time into or a shooter to get your blood pumping. The sale includes some exclusive discounts for those of you that happen to have Game Pass.

Xbox Video Games Sale | Up to 50% off

Xbox Video Games Sale | Up to 50% off

Whether you want to play something new or old Xbox has you covered with this huge sale. It covers some of the latest hits like Battlefield 2042 and older, but still great, games like The Witcher 3.

Obviously if you do have Game Pass, you can play most of these games for just the cost of your Game Pass subscription. However, if a game really sticks with you there's something to be said about being able to get a discount so you can keep playing it forever, even after your Game Pass sub ends.

The sale includes a lot of modern games including Call of Duty: Vanguard on sale for $39.99 and Battlefield 2042 down to $53.99 if you have EA Play (also part of Game Pass). Two of the winter's biggest shooters and you can get them at a discount. You can also get downloadable content and expansions on sale like Destiny 2's Beyond Light for just $41.99 or Red Dead Online for just $9.99.

You can even get the Anniversary Upgrade for Skyrim for just $15.99. If you haven't played Skyrim in a while, it might be fun to jump back in there with some mods and all the extra add-ons from over the years and give it another shot.

Browse the entire sale yourself and see what's worth picking up for the holidays.

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