Microsoft's new Whiteboard experience aims to improve collaboration

Microsoft Whiteboard collaboration
Microsoft Whiteboard collaboration (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft will soon release a new Whiteboard experience that focuses on collaboration.
  • The new Whiteboard experience will roll out this summer.
  • You'll also be able to use the new Whiteboard experience on Surface Hub starting this fall.

Microsoft announced (opens in new tab) several new features aimed at hybrid working today. This summer, Microsoft's Whiteboard will receive a new experience that makes it easier to collaborate. As part of the new experience, Whiteboard will have new templates that should help people get started faster and to work together more efficiently.

The new Whiteboard experience (opens in new tab) includes new cursors that help identify participants, the ability to use reactions, and a laser pointer. Microsoft is also improving the Whiteboard experience for people using a mouse and keyboard rather than a stylus.

Microsoft Whiteboard New

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Additionally, Whiteboard will soon support Fluid components, which allow elements to be edited in real-time across various apps. For example, a spreadsheet could be edited in Word by one person and Excel by another person at the same time. Fluid components also make it easier to work separately as well, as they allow workflows to extend across apps. We discuss them in more detail in our coverage of Fluid components coming to Teams meetings, OneDrive, OneNote, and Whiteboard.

This fall, the new Whiteboard experience will also be available on the Surface Hub.

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  • Good morning. Who is using whiteboard and what for?
    I use Onenote online with people, because it manages text easier than Whiteboard.
    When using zoom, sometimes I use the integrated whiteboard in zoom. But I haven't found any reason to use whiteboard. Is it integrated in Skype. I don't love skype but sometimes I have to use it. Edit. I have seen in a video that it is useful for people using Teams.
  • OneNote is meant to be a digital version of a Notebook, and Whiteboard is a digital version of a collaboration whiteboard you often see in offices and classrooms. For example, on a white board you can have photos, checklists, etc. (which you can also do in OneNote), but they have certain templates and stuff that are more suited for whiteboards. Check out the video:
  • I would use it more for teaching if it had a record function. Now I have to use Android's Explain Everything' on a backup Android tablet. I'd much rather use Whiteboard on my GO 2.
  • You can actually accomplish that on your Go 2! Microsoft posted a video useful workaround video - Record Microsoft Whiteboard using PowerPoint: I also noticed in their new launch video, there's a play button and timer in Whiteboard... so maybe the new upcoming version has replay functionality baked in finally?