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On Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile strategy for 2016

Did Microsoft give up on Windows 10 Mobile? If not, what is their plan in 2016? With dipping sales, a ho-hum portfolio of Lumias, and an OS that is increasingly accused of being not ready for primetime, many are proclaiming this is the end of Microsoft's mobile ambitions.

However, I contend what we are witnessing is not the end, but rather a repositioning in the market. It is not easy, nor is it comforting, for those of us who prefer Windows 10 Mobile. But this change in approach is necessary for a company that veered too far from its roots.

A low profile reveal

Very early this morning, at least for those in the U.S., Microsoft announced the Lumia 650. The news matched my previous reporting of a launch with little fanfare. Announcing the budget-friendly Lumia 650 in the early morning for Western media is one sure way to achieve that goal.

Moreover, it is telling that Microsoft passed on revealing the Lumia 650 at Mobile World Congress, which is just a week out. If you haven't picked up on that oddity, well, you are missing the big picture.

For many fans of Windows 10 Mobile – or, at least, Microsoft's ambitions in that area – 2016 so far is testing their resolve. Sagging sales of Lumias and an OS that feels like it is still gestating does not inspire confidence. Toss in proclamations from various tech blogs on the demise of Windows Phone (yet again) and it does feel like the best days of Windows 10 Mobile are already behind it.

Does Microsoft have a mobile strategy or are they just letting Windows 10 Mobile and Lumias wither? I'll try to make clear what I think is happening.

1. Microsoft does not want to be in the phone hardware business

Putting aside your thoughts on Nokia's strategy to adopt Windows Phone years ago, the Finnish company did do a remarkable thing: they quickly owned the Microsoft phone market. Going from zero to 97 percent in just a few years was very impressive. It was almost too impressive, as it squeezed out the likes of HTC and Samsung, who saw little reason to continue to compete in the comparatively small Windows Phone market.

"Microsoft was practically forced to buy Nokia's mobile division just to keep somebody around producing Windows phones."

That was a good problem to have if you were Nokia. After all, competition is competition, and they showed they could deliver a product to satisfy Windows Phone users. The downside to this problem was that Microsoft was practically forced to buy Nokia's mobile division just to keep somebody around producing Windows phones. To this, I ask two questions:

  1. Does Microsoft want to make phones on a large scale and to compete with their partners?
  2. Does the current leadership at Microsoft view the Nokia mobile acquisition as a bad one?

To the first question, the answer is a resounding 'no'. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made this clear last July and the cutbacks to the Lumia portfolio, including canceling the Lumia 650 XL, Lumia 750 and Lumia 850, are testaments to that strategy shift.

Microsoft is not a hardware company. It is a software company that occasionally makes some great flagship devices. Becoming a large scale phone manufacturer on the level of the old Nokia is just not something they were prepared for nor wanting to do (at least under this Ballmer-less regime).

Think of Microsoft's PC business where they make the Surface and Surface Book, but leave plenty on the table for Lenovo, Dell, Acer, MSI, and HP. Why break from that and attempt to make every Windows Phone out there? Where is the incentive when you control 97 percent of the Windows Phone market? Solution: you back down and give your partners room to innovate and grow.

As to the second question, I'd contend that the current leadership at Microsoft was not keen on the Nokia mobile acquisition. Remember, Ballmer had to do a lot of convincing to make that deal happen. It was not an easy choice either as Nokia Mobile could have been snatched up by a competitor or just gone broke.

Understanding that backstory let's be clear: Microsoft is currently dismantling much of that acquired Nokia infrastructure. Between the layoffs and portfolio reduction, the days of plentiful Lumias are behind us. This is not a giving up, but rather retrenching to open up the market.

2. Surface Phone is not a savior device

Lumia 950 and Surface

Lumia 950 and Surface (Image credit: Windows Central)

Later this year, Microsoft is rumored to be releasing some sort of 'Surface phone' under the leadership of Panos Panay and his hardware group. I have reported on this numerous times, but the details about the project have been hidden securely from the prying eyes of the public at large. We have no idea what this device will be except that it will be premium, and likely utilize Microsoft's own innovations from the Surface line.

I want to be clear here: The Surface Phone is not going to be a device that single-handedly "saves" Windows Phone and it is silly to believe otherwise. In fact, no one device can or will do that. Assuming this mythical phone is even released it will simply be one of many phones out there that keeps Windows Mobile going.

"The Surface Phone is not going to be a device that single-handedly "saves" Windows Phone."

The Surface PC line did not save PCs, but it did play a major role in setting the bar for OEM partners. Compared to 2012 in 2016, we now have a profusion of high-quality PCs and laptops. Look at Dell's innovative XPS line, Lenovo's creative YOGA portfolio and even HP's resurgent Spectre series as evidence for that tactic's success.

The takeaway is this: I think the Surface Phone, whatever it is, will be a high-end, flagship level phone that will wow users. But like the Surface itself, it will be symbolic. Microsoft is not putting all its Windows 10 Mobile bets into that phone and neither should you.

3. Windows 10 Mobile is just Windows 10

The notion that Windows 10 Mobile could 'die-off' is a bit absurd. Conceding the fact that the OS may only garner a subordinate position in the market, Windows Mobile is intrinsically linked to the desktop version of the OS at a core level. Development of Mobile and Desktop Windows 10 is run in tandem by the same teams, and the amount of code shared between the two is so commanding that abandoning mobile would be like akin to Microsoft ditching Windows 10 Pro. In other words, the resources needed to keep Windows 10 Mobile alive are minimal.

What is changing, however, is how Microsoft positions the OS.

Microsoft has apparently lost the consumer battle for mobile. Android and iOS are simply too far ahead to compete on a feature-to-feature basis and the marketing behind Android (i.e. Samsung), and Apple's iPhone is just too massive for Microsoft to combat on a tit for tat basis.

So, what is left for Microsoft in mobile? Plenty. Giving your OEM partners an OS that can mimic many of the features of the increasingly popular desktop one can lead to some creative results.

We already see a lot of uptake on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and Microsoft still contends that the burden of making a mobile version of a desktop UWP app is to such a degree that companies will find it hard to ignore the option.

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile are linked fundamentally, and both will be developed ad infinitum.

That leads me to the final point: more phones.

4. Partners to fill in the void

With the Lumia brand winding down and giving breathing room to other vendors, we should begin to see more Windows Phones hitting the market in 2016. This adoption is already happening, albeit on a smaller scale. So far, there are a few new companies at the Windows 10 Mobile table, including:

There even have been recent rumors of an HP phone, which is borderline absurd when you think of how long it's been since that company made a Windows mobile device. Doubly so when you consider how disastrously HP's last major phone initiative went.

There are, however, still some elements missing from this strategy that many of you are aware of:

  1. No high-end phones
  2. No Samsung or HTC Windows Phones

"We are beginning to see a partner strategy akin to the PC model taking root this year."

Without the above I concede this new strategy of letting vendor partners pick up the Lumia slack is just not compelling and falls apart. Of course, this assumes that no such devices are in development or that those companies have no plans to enter the Windows Phone fray. I stress assumptions because I think they are just that, and we will begin to see a partner strategy akin to the PC model take root starting this year.

Brad Sams of Thurrott recently asked 'what if another company made the Surface Phone?', and I think it's an interesting question to consider.

Many naysayers will contend that all of this doesn't matter and that it is too late. But that is assuming we are talking about just the consumer market for mobile. That segment is but one area – albeit a massively profitable one – where Microsoft could compete. But there are others who need a robust mobile solution using an OS that is not all about Snapchat, but instead focuses on productivity, security, and ubiquity.

There is also the challenging but fascinating 'category creation' area that Nadella mentions parallel to how the Surface brand found the winning formula for two-in-one devices.

"In the longer term, Microsoft devices will spark innovation, create new categories and generate opportunity for the Windows ecosystem more broadly. Our reinvention will be centered on creating mobility of experiences across the entire device family including phones." - Satya Nadella, July, 2015

It's all about opportunity

The bigger question is can Windows 10 Mobile not only survive, but thrive, in a non-consumer mobile market? I would claim many companies can and do just that in addition to spilling over into the consumer space. After all, go back in time to Windows Mobile, Palm, and BlackBerry and you will find that before the iPhone consumer revolution those platforms were business-focused, but still consumer-friendly.

In 2016, the new Microsoft is focusing on productivity and entertainment everywhere regardless of hardware, or even the OS platform. The company is getting back to its roots and reversing years of mismanagement and chasing consumer-only visions of Windows.

The future of Windows Mobile – Does Microsoft want to reboot the concept of a phone?

Enterprise emphatically disliked Windows 8 and 8.1, and Microsoft suffered greatly. With Windows 10 we see the fastest adoption by vendors, companies, and institutions of the new productivity-focused OS. Why is that? What do those organizations see in Windows 10 that regular consumers perhaps do not?

It's opportunity.

Windows Phone is not dead, folks. Microsoft, however, is changing the rules and in many ways is getting back to its origins. To the average consumer this understandably looks like the end of days for Windows on phones, and in some respects it is. Microsoft's mobile strategy up until this point has been nothing short of disastrous, in spite of some great ideas and design.

Microsoft has indeed lost the broad consumer market, and the idea that your average mom and pop will be running a Windows Phone in 2016 or 2017 is dead. Nonetheless, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile do play a role in the future of smartphones; it's just not the one we necessarily expected.

Will what I say above come to fruition? With Mobile World Congress around the corner and more updates for Windows 10 due this year, we'll have to kick the can down the road a bit further, but I'm willing to bet on it.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Don't listen to your phone users, don't make good phones for the US, and continue to push out upgrade notices on desktop computers. Signed, Satya Nadella
  • But they are making great devices, pushing out monthly updates to wm10 and whatever haters say, the os is great, much better than wp8.1
  • Better than 8.1 is arguable.more features doesnt mean lacks on speed stability and integration.user experience if you wish
  • And it's not even arguable.  8.1 is waaaaaaay better!  Period.
  • +1020
  • Microsoft should just give up on Windows Phone and create a Windows Skin for Android... complete with Live Tiles, etc. Then they wouldn't even have to bother with universal apps or bridges or making their own apps for their own OS (which Satya Nadella clearly doesn't like). Just put us out of our misery already. It's starting to feel like an abusive relationship...
  • ... and then nobody needs to switch to W10. Tell everyone to stay on Windows 7
  • It would be fascinating to see a version of Android that can run UWP apps in addition to Android apps. That might make the OS pretty large, but heck, storage is getting cheaper all the time.
  • It might also make it kinda battery-unfriendly, buggy, and virusy. Then we could make it tie into Windows 7 instead of 10, and the whole regressive fantasy would be complete.
  • I'm pretty sure you can just leave. No one's pointing a gun at your head.
  • So don't criticize, just continue aimlessly down an unsustainable path. If you haven't noticed - everyone has already left the WinMobile OS (7, 8.1, 10...). The only ones left (enthusiasts) stick because they enjoy using it, but to make improvements, we need to criticize. The enthusiasts aren't vocal enough and don't carry enough weight - or W10M would be a lot better. There is no critical mass for developers to develop - the same holds true for Microsoft to care.
  • That would be true if there is anything wrong with w10 on mobile
  • The W10 went past critical mass and it's obvious you should be making apps when you have more than 150 million possible users depending on your app and how good it is. And just like Dan said in the article, tweaking the app a bit for mobile format is effortless and will get you alot more users compared to the effort put into it. Soon W10 will devour even more of the XP and W8.x market share. If devs don't make an effort it will be just like saying the cart isn't working/moving because they don't feel like pushing it
  • Why create an App and only have access to Windows 19 users when you can create a program and access all Windows users. Or you can create a website and be fully cross platform. There is no reason to create a Windows app. That is why no one is paying attention to them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • WM is not just about Tiles,for you it clearly, so you better switch and get one of those tile launcher and be happy. i had enough of the buggy, laggy battery eating Crapdroid, and i am glad that %90 of the App I use are on w10m already, some are even better. why compare to 8.1, when everyone can see that w10m is as fast as iOS9 and Android. the bugs are there too, tell me that iOS doenst have bugs ,tell me that Android doesnt have bugs, i Think MSFT is fixing bugs with a faster pace compared to the other two. C'mon now, get over it, w10M is not WP 8.1. WP is DEAD!!! we have W10M NOW!!! and i am enjoying it :D
  • My Nexus 6 does not have any notable bugs. Android 6.0 is stable, fast and has great battery life. There is a reason people prefer Android. Windows phone does not do anything better. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kinda true. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) with marshmallow, and a Lumia 730 with latest build (as a daily driver). For browsing, I do prefer my Nexus, as Lumia will mostly crash/not render sites that well. And yes, I have far greater app selection on Nexus. But truth is, for Emails, calling/messaging, quick searches, and other stuff, I prefer Lumia. It feels more focused and quick in doing these kind of stuff. And I don't need optimization/storage-freeing-apps for Lumia. Android needs an app for literally everything. Music, Videos, Pictures, File explorer, optimization etc. And there are hundreds of them in the store and we need to download and choose which app do what better. In Lumia, I don't need to worry. I know any format will work, and I won't be bothering about security and a lot of stuff.
  • Facts Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True
  • Android is not laggy anymore buggy. I'm using a one plus x and it's actually damn good Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • well said Changaizee. I 100% agree with you. My wife and I, love our 950 and 950XL, with -0- issues. No matter what MS does, there will be those low IQ people that will BooHoo about something. IMO, win10 on our phn is fantastic and works really fast too, i would not change it for anything. However, My only concern is that, why MS is taking its time fixing the App gap situation by not porting all of Android or iOS apps, which should have been done months ago. I personally have all the apps i need, but you get those who are leaving Windows phns, just cause they don't have their apps. Also, what does it take for SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, HTC, OPPO,........get on board of windows 10 NOW, if MS is lala gagging so much. All i'm saying MS needs to work MUCH MUCH FASTER than this.  
  • Exactly my thoughts!
  • You don't need MS to create that kind of a skin. There are quite a few delveopers who did so already. Sorry to break it to you, but live tiles is just one of the cool features about windows phone OS. The fact that OS itself is pretty light, the apps are smaller in size, which all in trun results in smooth performance even on entry level specs and best battery life along with the smoothese integration with PC os makes windows phone OS great. Windows 10 has only taken it to the next logical level, while Andoid and iOS have not even started on that path.
  • Facts! Just create a PHONE WITH Awindows UI ON ANDROID! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Noo, no icky Android, there's enough of that garbage around as it is..
  • This would not only kill Windows Phone, but kill the whole Windows ecosystem. Nobody would ever want to write apps for Windows either on PC's or smartphones.
  • Second this +1020
  • You say 8.1 is better but yet still complained for lack of commonplace features found on other platforms that MS is now looking to integrate into WP10 but a bit better.
  • Ugh no it isnt
  • Winmo8.1 was solid, quick and everything just worked. Winmo10 is a mess in every aspect. And visually it's 98% the same thing. Microsoft just needs to create a Windows mobile 10 launcher for Android with maybe some sort of Blustacks for windowsphone emulator to tie back to the Windows Store. Though I don't know why anyone would want the windows phone version of the same app, except it would support Universal Apps. Other than that I have no idea what they can do. Not more of the same hopefully.
  • Better in what way?  Stability?  Granted, but that's temporary.  You can't compare an immature, instable OS to a mature and stable one and use that as the criteria for your conclusion.   Or is it the hubs you're missing?  Ya, I liked the hubs too and that's definitely a step backwards in my opinion, but compare anything else in the OS and Windows 10 is an upgrade in every way.  Don't you remember the ass backward "settings" page that listed a hundreds options in completely random order?  Or the fact that we had two separate apps for maps and navigation?  Or an embarassingly clumsy calendar app, and equally simple email app?   What about the improvements in customization in 10?  Surely that's 1 point in its favour.  Not to mention the UI refinements in every aspect of the OS over 8, or the myriad of features that are simply not available in 8 or 8.1.  And then of course there's all the "under the hood" stuff that makes things like universal apps and continuum possible.  With all that, I'm not sure how you can say Windows 8.1 was waaaaaaaaay better than 10. Personally, although I miss the hubs and the stability of Windows phone 8.1, I would never go back.
  • What is a step forward in wm10? I am saying it is all backward, did we need hamburger menus, did we need the flashy new tiles, if we needed continuum, build new drivers and a control panel applet for it. It is just a waste of time, money and energy doing the same thing over and over again realising a new update and asking us insiders to test again and again. I would have been happy to test continuum on wp8.2
  • No. Staying on Windows Phone 8.x WOULD have been the end of a Windows mobile Platform. That would have virtually sealed the coffin and put Microsoft even further behind trying to break that seal. Obviously you cannot see what they are trying to do with mobile. I don't agree with every point made here to start this thread of discussion. But it's a lot a closer to what I see. Windows Phone 8 1 vs Windows 10 mobile... I have four Windows Phone 8.1 devices. They all have Windows 10 Mobile and I have no desire to put any of them beck on 8 1 for anything more than a test. A 950 XL is my main personal device; HTC One M9 - Android - a secondary device and 1520 the device I'd make primary if something happened to the 950 XL. If you prefer Windows Phone 8.1 then stick with it. I'm sure it hasn't stopped working because of the existence of Windows 10 Mobile.
  • You obviously have not used a 8.1 phone lately. The speed and ease are lightyears better. And what you mentioned don't constitute an entire OS change. Cortana is dog slow now, the voice for directions in maps is an embarrassment. Pictures you just took take forever to refresh in the photos app. Gone are the pivots, gone is the Me tile, Groove is wonky as Fu#$, in car Bluetooth sucks, I can swipe notifications and email away in outlook but not a text message? Predictive type now completely blows. And now my phone loves to reboot suddenly. The list goes on and on with this wonderful beautiful mess called Winmo10.
  • Rubbish!
  • I'm not arguing, but Windows 10 it's much better on my 950 than 8.1 or 10 on my Lumia 830.
    No argument, that's pure fact.
  • Can anybody says that when windows 10 mobile is releasing in india
  • Amen. 8.1 was stable and tbh, much much better in terms of polish for the mobile word. W10m is good, but really unrefined.  
  • Considering 8.1 had it's roots in 7 it basically combined for 4 years of development and refinement. W10M was basically released 3 months ago and people complain about its lack of refinement and polish? I don't get it.
  • PPL are bat crap crazy.... W10M is all i want. countine on RS builds for new features.
  • Why do away with 4 years of development and put off lots of developers in the platform. Developers don't want to develop for the platform because MS keeps changing their direction often it adds to the misery that they don't make much on the platform already
  • Windows Phone 8.1 was based from WP8. The path from WP7 to WP8 is disjoint because of kernel changes. So they essentially rewrite OS for WP8. On WP8.1 to W10M, the transition was there since internally they're on similar codebase, only W10M just happens to have UWP that is being shared from W10 desktop also and additionally some other things that makes it bit closer to Windows 10. So W10M is essentially a continuation from the foundation of WP8.1. The shared kernel is already done since WP8 and its only gotten major improvements for W10M. Yes, the polish isn't there. If there is, the complaints would be way fewer and we won't hear much backlash that even other reviewers who used to review Windows Phone in the past, claims now that W10M isn't as solid as it was from WP days. It Windows Phone was as buggy as Android, then people would likely have less complaints since it will be just another old news. Thing is, WP wasn't as buggy as Android and heck even Android do became quite solid (at least for the most part, still there are issues). W10M suddenly became Android in terms of polish and stability. Lastly, W10M isn't 3 months old. It's been a development longer than that. If its 3 months old, that would be even more premature and absolutely not ready for release.
  • Maybe because they are releasing it in their flagship phones as a consumer ready product. A $600 phone should not come with beta software.
  • .107 is rock solid on my 1520, but Satya had a plan..... Kill WP and miss mobile again like Balmer did. Honestly, it's dumb of him to mistake office on other platforms as a mobile presence. I think they should do both, other office on other platforms, but like Balmer said last week, they must have mobile hardware too. Satya needs to focus on making the three phones he talked about and bringing the good core apps from other platforms and banking apps to WP. Help be making a mistake of he puts all of his eggs into office and cloud storage alone there's plenty competition from IBM, amazon, and others in the cloud. Especially with computer sales dwindling for everyone.
  • yes 10586.107 is most ever stable preview release ,those who are on WM10 should upgrade,not only 1520,low end devices are running faster than before,coming to app on other platforms,they will be run on large number of devices and will get improved to give better results,that a good idea ,it will work in long term ,people will used to ms apps ,one day they will come into WM 10.stop complain about WM10 is buggy ,try .107 on your device,see there are any bugs,option out insider until new featured Redstone build comes then join WM10 is stable ;)
  •  tihnk 8.1 denium was the best mobile os i have ever had, windows 10 is second but not close because of pivoting removal in some areas and the hamburger menu is so out of place on a windows device.  but the skype intergrastion, settings, program menu changes, groove changes(like seeing 6 albums on 1 page instead of 2, or offline misic via onedrive), alarms that remember the setting and alarm choice you make,  Outlook improved with now the same options and more we had in 8.1, calender looking great, cortana improvements, the whole linked up with my desktop pc, thers a re all things that windows 10 beats windows 8.1 on its just not the smooth slik great feeling ui of 8.1 but i do use it daily cause of the features added.  I miss gestures beta alot really need a apple pay equivilent, skype using both camers, but i still love it.
  • Umm... You can get a special type of sim from your provider that allows you to pay using NFC (if you have it on your device). It can be enabled in the settings on your phone. I pay using my 950xl sometimes (but the novelty has worn off and I feel like a tosser when I used to whip out my phone to pay)...
  • Don't drop your phone when you whip it out to pay.
  • nope i cant.  I bought my phone from vodaphone uk, they told me same thing, its called a secure sim, and even though they had the secure sims they wernt alowed to give them out so it never came to fruitishion on my lumia 930.  Essentially i was lied to.  Id love to pay on my 930 but i have a s7 edge now and i dont feel a fool to use it, actually i feel more like a backwards idiot when i have to use my wallet and card.
  • I agree, although w10m has so much more to offer now than wp8.1 I still feel 8.1 was much more stable and complete. For me w10m will always feel like a beta.
  • some of the extra features in win 10 mobile is nice but hamburger sucks and 2 years later still no gestures for windows mobile 10 that 8.1 had.
  • What devices? 550, 650, 950? If consumers looked at either compared to the iPhone or galaxy, they'll pick the others every time with the exception of us..... Microsoft needs to attract new customers, not existing ones!
  • You are out of your mind if you truly believe that nonsense. 10 is a TRAVESTY of poor design compared to 8.1. It's like a cheap Android knockoff with a half-baked pseudo-Live Tiles launcher tacked on. It lacks the polish, the ease of use and the thoughtfulness of design that even Windows Phone 7 had, much less 8.1. What a ridiculous load of crap, just like this entire article. Windows Phone had a chance and was making progress under Balmer. Nadella has done nothing but cut the legs out from under WP at every turn.
  • But now we have hamburger menus and ellipses and pull up menus and pull down menus and sometimes all in the same app! Let's just confuse the crap out of someone must have been their design motto.
  • i think its not the slik 8.1 for sure but its far from a travasty, i still prefer it over android and iphone ui but yeh i want hamburger menu removed or redesigned and repositioned in bottom right.  I also agree that 8.1 was going the right way and so were tha handsets unfortunatly 2 biilion smart phone users would disagree with you and me.
  • That's a matter of opinion.  I absolutely love Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  I absolutely HATE Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.  As for the devices, I love my Lumia 1020. I HATE my Lumia 950. 
  • Make no good phones for the US??
    - HTC one m8 for windows
    - the green Lumia 1520
    - Samsung Ativ SE
    - Lumia Icon
    - ...
    And now compare the market share of wp in the US and in Europe. All these companies lose money in producing wps but yeah, there definitely need to be 'more good phones for the US' , right.
  • These devices aren't new anymore.
  • Ok, but tell me only one reason why new phones should be US exclusive again
  • He didn't say anything about them being exclusive.. He's not saying they are anywhere else in the the world either.... He's just saying they need to make sure the US has good devices.
  • Yea, I hate HTC for making m8 for Verizon only.
  • HTC  M8 For Windows was available on AT&T, T-Mobile which I have, and Verizon at various times.
  • OLD PHONES. It's already 2016
  • As for the devices you listed, the only one worth mentioning is the 1520, the others are on Verizon and sprint who could care less and doesn't support them at all, so that killed any chance they had(the phone OEM's didn't care either).
  • No you've got that backwards. Only L930 was exclusive to Verizon. HTC M8 might be the most popular non-Lumia device available for AT&T. There are many of these AT&T branded for sale on eBay. I had for a while the android version. If they had put better camera technology in it I would have have purchased the Windows Phone version. HTC fell short on offering a device Lumia owners would be interested in. The Samsung Ativ on AT&T didn't interest . You are correct on one thing you wrote, Verizon was a horrible partner.
  • The biggest frustration is that MS knows that we speculate, wonder, guess, and die to know their plans,, and they are completely nontransparent....
    It's time (long overdue) for MS to step up, and let the world know exactly what they are thinking.. Just give us a basic idea of what their plans for mobile are. I wanna here it plain, and simple, from the horses mouth.
  • MS has let the world know what they are thinking if you guys just looked at the words recently. What more do you want? They seem to say more than Google or Apple do and still get crucified for it. MS stated clearly: Mobile from MS will be a smaller, more focused lineup covering 3 markets (budget/emerging markets, business, and flagship/premium). That has started this year. 550/650 at the bottom so far. The Surface Phone would be the flagship, possibly business too if they have more than one model. MS is leaving the middle market to oems ($200-450) and we have already seen options like the Acer model. As Win 10 grows, oems can find more reason to be there.
  • Where are the 3 devices? And please don't say the 550, 650, and 950, because as far as I'm concerned, they need to kill the Lumia line all together and move away from anything that reminds consumers of the confusing Nokia lineup of phones period.
  • You don't think they're working on that? Nokia worked on phone designs for a while and had them all planned out, MS can't just scrap what those people worked on for so long when they don't have an alternative. In the meantime, the 550, 650 and 950 are pretty solid devices.
  • They're not obligated to do any such thing. Microsoft is a publicly owned corporation, with shareholders, and 'confessing' what their mobile strategy is, would be idiotic.   There will *never* be a public statement about their intents for Windows 10 Mobile. Still, one can see plainly what their strategy is.  What Dan did in his write up, and what others have written, who are close in the know to Microsoft, will be closest you'll get to any kind of admission. Basically:  Windows 10 Mobile, since it's tied to big Windows, is never really going away.......which doesn't mean that you'll see it on phones much either, since it has negligable developer support.  
  • "Basically......".... That's your speculation.. That's all we have. Now, it would be nice to hear MS say that. From you it means nothing...
    You make it sound like MS has never expressed what their intentions for the future are.. You've gotta be new here.
  • Plan is no planning.
  • I agree. They are at least releasing a phone at certain intervals which maintains interest  though I think it would be nice if they included an accompanying tablet to if nothing else mirror the phone which uses lte may make a more compelling buy for the consumer until their strategy take hold which takes time depending on it's scope.
  • The biggest frustration is that the fan based OS mockups have looked better than anything Microsoft has put out over the years, even while we were pleading for them to hire that guy. We got nothing. Oh look new iOS app from Microsoft.
  • Very true and every MS fan.
  • It is so clear that you just don't get it. Glad you are not in charge.  
  • The people who don't get it are those in charge at MICROSOFT. They do not understand mobile, and they do not care to.
  • Your 4th point is quite pertinent, suddenly OEMs who have done the bare minimum with their WP devices will now embrace it wholeheartedly? And who are they going to sell these devices to? That is the question that all the gung ho, pie in the sky articles never answer. Its alright for Microsoft as they have other areas making them money but what's the incentive for someone like HTC when the market for these devices is practically nonexistent?
  • That, and even W10M "never going away because it is W10" is only a half-truth at best. There is still loads of W10M-specific code, and if MS deems mobile no longer a worthy investment, even with the reduced costs of a large shared code base, then they will cut the mobile stuff out. P.S. there is also another problem in addition to no high ends or no htc/samsung, and that is the lack of mid-range phones
  • right? I'm pretty sure this isn't the first apologist article we've seen on Microsoft's mobile strategy either. Pretty sure that last one was wtitten by Dan as well. "IT ALL MAKES SENSE GUYS"
  • Satya Nadella's strategy is, "We can't win in mobile, therefore, we will not even try. Voila! Our mobile strategy is working!" Surrender is not a strategy. I don't think that any Windows Mobile fans disapprove of OEMs picking up the slack. The problem is... now that Satya has allowed Windows Mobile's market share to crater... why on earth would they?  What developers are going to follow? Furthermore, as others here have pointed out... now that Microsoft apps are cross-platform (and often better on other platforms), there's no need for businesses to force their employees to use some weird OS, like Windows Mobile. Sorry, but this strategy makes no sense. I'm not even convinced the Surface Phone will ever happen. Satya may just pull the plug at the last minute (like he did with the McLaren). On the bright side, at least it would finally put Windows Phone (and us) out of our misery.
  • Yesh, my expectation is that we'll never see an x86-based phone and that Microsoft will give up Windows mobile development completely by the end of the calendar year.
  • Satya clearly does not like and does not want to make anything meaningful of mobile when it comes to Windows Mobile. He took a well polished OS in 8.1, which really just needed feature parity, not a half-baked redesign that smacks of an Android clone, and a serious marketing push with serious, up-to-date hardware. Android phones shipped with the same hardware as the 950 NINE MONTHS EARLIER. The 950 and XL were old and out of date the day they hit the market, and on top of that, they STILL weren't optimized well, as benchmark after benchmark shows Android *obliterating* Windows 10 Mobile on the *identical* processor, RAM and storage configurations. Remember back when we had the "Smoked by Windows Phone challenge"? I do. People were lining up for HOURS at Microsoft stores all over the country to challenge and, if they lost (which they almost always did), trade in their iPhones and Android phones for Windows Phones. At that time, Windows Phone was designed to make everything you did in the OS super fast and super easy. It was lean, it ran blistering fast even on low end hardware. I remember when I tried a Windows Phone for the first time (Samsung Focus) after being an iPhone user for years, I was FLOORED at how fast and fluid WP was compared to iOS. It wasn't even a competition, WP simply *****-slapped the iPhone like it was a dirty step child molesting the family dog. Now? Windows Phone is slow and poorly optimized even compared to Android, which is pretty much the ghetto of mobile OS's. Microsoft should be ashamed of itself. Windows Phone IS dead, and there's no one to blame but Microsoft.
  • Oh what a load of garbage
  •   Sataya Nadella, we're hungry for phones available to everyone. Sataya Nadella, " Let them eat cake" That sounds about right....smh.    
  • We (Windows (Phone) users) must face the harsh reality. Nadella is a рussу
  • Lol... Wow!
  • And your guy is....dead
  • He doesn't seem to fussed, what gets me is Apple is smaller, no? and yet manage to make such nice apps, so what is going on with Microsoft, well i believe they are only focused on windows computers more than phones. 
  • Apple isn't smaller. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Some of the fan boys are the curse of WP...some are using other platforms and still complaining about W10M everywhere..and some are usingW10M and still not faithful enough to the OS and they also complain 24*7.. Unfortunately they are the loud one... Everyone wants to bash everything "Windows"...
    It's okay not to like the current situation of WP/W10M.. But if you don't like it.. Move on and never speak a word about it.. And be satisfied with iOS or Android.. And please don't spread hatred here in our small community..
    Leave this "Dead" OS alone for 2 years and I bet, you guys will be back on the same boat with us..
    Well thought article Dan .. Appreciated..
  • We only want good for windows mobile dude, we are trying to point out issues in this article and the mistakes in MS strategy
  • Only wanting good is no excuse for the complain about everything attitude around here. It's not actually doing any good for Windows.
  • Here here
  • "Some of the fan boys are the curse of WP" Agreed.  Part of the problem is that it has become nearly impossible to determine the nature of their complaints.  Are they using the Insider Previews on 950/XL?  Are they using the version officially released to the 950/XL?  If so, have they been able to receive the latest firmare updates?  Are they using preview versions on older phones for which WM10 has not yet been released?  Lots of complaints are mostly subective and consist of little more than "It's different than the way I want it to be."  Others seem to be nothing more than "It's not happening fast enough for me."  I understand that there are some legitimate issues waiting to be fixed, but as far as I can tell they seem to be diminishing at an acceptable rate.   But I am getting sick of coming across so many posts that are all whine and no substance.    I've been in a wait and watch mode and still use a 1020 on 8.1.  That's partly because I don't want the hassle of using the Insider program and partly because I've been waiting for the next upgrade for the 950/XL series before going ahead with my plan to get one.  I had hoped these forums would help in making that decision.  I think they are helping, but there's so much pure junk to wade through if gets difficult to find anything worth reading.  
  • Windows Mobile will be abandoned within 2 years. Likely by the end of this year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good
  • There are a lot of OEM's that left WP earlier. They made just one WP device /model & that was the end.i.e. Huawei Ascend W1, Q Mobile W1.
    Nothing gonna heal MS.
  • huawei ascend w2
  • & then what happend to Huawei. Just two Models, W1 n W2. Whether MS has not shown a friendly way, or may be Huawei left WP, on its own. Wel, Sigh :-(
  • Well their problem lies with them only focusing on the aws spectrum
  • Exactly. No one will make a WP device when they have the option to make an android one. It's a total waste of resources. Also, this still doesn't explain why MS makes more and far better apps for android/iOS and not for W10.
  • Except for the fact that NO ONE, NO ONE makes money on Android except for Samsung and even that is nothing compared to Apple. If MS can do an OS that can run on the SAME hardware what do they have to lose?
  • If they can't make money with android phones how on earth will they make money on phones running an OS the majority of consumers don't want?
  • I disagree with your premise that "NO ONE" makes money on android.  I believe that Microsoft makes billions a year on android stealing Microsoft patents to use in its phones.  I contend that Microsoft phones do not have to run WM10.  To me, there is nothing wrong with conceding that you waited too too long and have failed on numerous attempts to reboot windows phone.  So i truly believe that Microsoft should build its own version of android loaded with its own stock WM10 apps and services.  A phone that would run both play store and WM app store (for updating stock apps).  If Microsoft makes such a killing on android why not make a phone OS based on it. 
  • Plenty of OEMs make money on Android, otherwise they'd be gone already.
  • The fact that this site keeps having these articles saying the same thing again and again but a touch different every time means the readership is not getting it. Windows on Phone is not going away, at all, full stop.
  • It's dead. Get over it.
  • We agree...happy?.. Will you please leave now..
  • Hahhhhh. This.
  • It's dead. Honestly. They are just trying to salvage anything that's left over. They will never make it with this current strategy, it's just a matter time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You are wrong and your signature at the bottom of your post proves it.
  • Hi Dave. Shut up. Thanks. Not posted via the Windows Central App for the Android Clown Device.    
  • Copy/paste your imposter crystal ball. Your WANTING it to be dead, doesn't make it so.
  • "It's dead. Honestly. They are just trying to salvage anything that's left over. They will never make it with this current strategy, it's just a matter time."
    Let's revisit this statement soon. Let's not pretend that I know things you yet do not.
  • Why? One poor track record makes always a poor track record? Please stop.
  • One?... Try five years off repeated failure.
  • Move on brother .
  • You tease...
  • Hey, if I'm wrong, I'll admit it in the future, I've been hearing "soon" since Windows Phone 7, and look what's happened. Bash me all you want, I left, and I'm much happier. And I'd like to know, what's your definition of "soon"? Month, year, 10 years.....? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You left and are so happy that you keep coming around to bash? Makes sense.
  • Ahh...the whole "I know things that you don't, and I'm not telling you" schtick. That carries a lot of weight.
  • I always like to tell people that Windows 10 Mobile has the biggest potential. Unlike Android, which has nowhere to go. iOS could integrate with OSX, but I doubt Cook would let that happen based on his comments about hybrid devices. MS has Windows, which I think is the only way to save WP. I've said this before, but we need a phone truly worthy of having "Windows" in its name. Past WP versions had almost nothing to do with the actual Windows OS. It was just a name to attract attention.
  • I've been hearing that Windows Phone/Mobile has "potential" for 5 years now. Eventually "potential" has to manifest into something concrete, otherwise it doesn't mean anything.  
  • Sure, it's taking way too long for it to happen. I thought Windows 10 Mobile was the answer, until we realized it was just another WP (and a buggy one). Continuum is a step forward, but not what we're looking for. I'm still not willing to give up until MS gives up.
  • Exactly... 6 years, actually.
  • My thinking Windows 8 got such a bad reception made Microsoft rewrite and now Windows 10 will be the reset in similar fashion of GM with the difference being Microsoft had already made major inroads in rewriting the code. Windows 10 allows the company to think, plan strategy around a platform whose coding will not need major changes for quite sometime and mobile is not going anywhere despite the huge lead by Apple and Google and the sector can hold as many players who have a product it's not limited whatsoever. The question is what chips Intel will bring to the market for small devices like phones.
  • Azure is the new Windows, a decade from now Windows will be overshadowed by the cloud and iOS and Android will join them in obscurity.
  • Azure is the most intrguing and where/when Microsoft as a service evolves. I can imagine apps that the phone uses to tie into much bigger applications and services needing more powerful processors and cores residing on Azure. This is where I think Microsoft is headed but not just phones but tablets,laptops, desktops,etc.
  • I see it more as an investment. If everyone decided to go to different platforms until MS fixed their mobile OS, WP would be dead because there's literally nobody buying their phones. At least most of us here are proof that there are people out there who still care about WP. How much MS actually cares about us is another story, though.
  • Baldmer and Ellop were the highlight of the wp era. If they were still here, I bet we'd get the 1020 and 1520 successors, and the surface line. Wp share was actually slowly moving up then. Sataya's era is taking MS back to its roots. That's all.
  • They were the ones who handcuffed APIs and limited app development... WP8s APIs were terrible.
  • Microsoft had to rewrite the OS which is the foundation of WM. Your just not giving it time though I can agree we've been waiting along time but the Mobile sector is always there and will always be there and isn't going anywhere.
  • It is a "living dead" OS. It is a Zombie OS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Nokia 1100.
  • Lol
  • I'll call it NecrOS.
  • Look at this concept of Zombie-Phone:
  • Short-sighted, naive twaddle!
  • Windows phone is nothing but a device for us. But for Microsoft, it is one of their businesses. They have put plenty of resources on it. We should think about it. Windows Mobile has no end really.
  • They can easily write it off as a loss and move on.
  • @erzhik. There is no mobile story without Windows 10 mobile. Android and ios will never offer the vertical integration and freedom the WM10 provides.
  • Unless UWP apps ran on Android and Microsoft made an Android Phone... I don't think they will but it's possible :).
  • I'm sure they've discussed the idea
  • What freedon would that be, exactly? Even iOS is more open that WP at this point.
  • I can see iOS having less freedom but Android??? That OS just wants to run everywhere and you can do alot on it (except for Google proprietary tech). Worst thing is you just have to wait Apple to change their stance about iOS and OS X and if they finally merge it, that's basically a real big threat to Microsoft efforts, especially for mobile that it will essentially eat it. Gladly, Apple still hasn't realized that. Google on the other hand is already trying to push Android apps on Chrome OS. It doesn't sound alot but it will essentially make Chrome OS as good as normal desktop OS with native apps. That would be give a jab to Windows OS in general. Not it will make Windows a big threat but it is still a legitimate threat.
  • You will see the first preview of the new Chrome/Android hybrid in a couple months. It is what the Pixel C is supposed to be running. It just isn't ready yet. That is what Microsoft needs to be worried about. Android can move over to the PC. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • it's simply dangerous for MS to do that.
  • If other OEMs put out phones that were as good as Microsoft's own then I might buy them, but when they can't even bother to have a camera button it's a no go for me.
  • How many phones are there with camera button? It's a Nokia thing and let it die along with Nokia.
  • Not enough, that's for sure.
  • Not a Nokia thing. It was mandatory for all WP7s back in the day.
  • Nokia has been putting dedicated camera buttons on their phones for years. Long before the dark WP days.
  • Satya is supposed to be "Yelling" MS Mobile.
  • WM OEMs such as HTC, Siemens, and Audiovox were using dedicated camera buttons back in 2003 or so. Whether Nokia was first or not really isn't the point.
  • Not to mention before iPhone is even a thing. Camera button was almost a primary feature on flagships. Then iPhone came along and those suddenly gone. Heck phones before have front-facing camera (though bad in today's standard) then we temporary lost it around the early iPhone years then came back when they introduce it with Face-Time.
  • I actually don't like the camera button. I always anccidently push.
  • I agree :) I like the fact that my HTC One M8 for Windows is easy to hold with either hand because it does not have buttons in the lower 2/3 of either side. And, unlike the iPhone 6S and Lumia 950, the power buttton is on the top. This is just a personal preferance of course.
  • Weird, I've never had that issue on any of my phones.
  • It was an original requirement for wp7. All WP's had camera buttons until maybe the 520.
  • It was an original requirement for wp7. All WP's had camera buttons until maybe the 520.
  • Even 520 has camera button. That was still a requirement during Lumia x20 family. Then on x30 family, the requirement is gone and so does the camera button. Only the Pureview devices have it since then. And Xperia still putting Camera button on their phones during that time...
  • I think a fairly large number of Android devices use their power or volume buttons as a camera button, in addition to tapping the screen. 
  • Samsung Ativ S was a great device concerning hardware. 16gb storage + SD card, good amoled display, removable battery and yes, even a camera button. And still everybody (ok, 97%) bought Lumias...
  • And that was only on one carrier, right? The pretty solid Ativ SE (on Verizon) unfortunately didn't have a camera button.
  • Not better than a Lumia 920/925/928
  • Microsoft should copy Google and implement double tap power button for camera. It is easy to use and almost as fast as a dedicated button Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They've double tap to wake up the phone. How they can do it?? & also why always we are going to copy everything from Google?? Heehhh, why????
  • He said double tap the power button, not the screen
  • @Monte Constable1, i disagree. That is a rather clunky solution. There is no standardised hardware button lay out.
  • But a dedicated button means you can hold it the right way and use it to take pictures and video. Like a point and shoot.
  • It may only good for launching the camera app, but you can't use it as a primary camera button to taking a shot. The dedicated shutter button have to level, light-press is for focus and full-press is for taking a shot. You can't do that with power button or any other button on current smartphones except with shutter button.  
  • Do the 640, 650, 550 have camera buttons?
  • They don't. Only PureView devices have one since Lumia x30 family.
  • MS did a deal that, IIRC, seemed at the time very favourable to Samsung. At the time I thought that there must be something going off in the background. Galxy W7? HTC W10? Be nice to see.
  • + Sony xperia W5 compact
    + LG MS5
  • If Microsoft's true goal is to survive by taking hold in the enterprise market with Windows Mobile, then it has already failed. We live in a BYOD world now. Companies issue laptops, but they no longer issue mobile devices on a large scale like they used to. I work for a large, well-known internet travel company and their policy is to let their employees purchase and use their own devices and then implement secure walls and policies on the device to protect it from data breach. This is the direction this market is moving. So why would a company purchase Windows Mobile devices? Especially when most of your enterprise apps, including Office, are on Andorid and iOS and still not not available for Windows Mobile. If this is truly their strategy for Mobile then they have lost already before they started.
  • I work for a fairly large company (by which I mean well over 100k full-time associates globablly). 3 Years ago we switched from strictly offering comapny supplied phones to offering both company supplied devices and BYOD, supporting Android and iOS. We have since switched to BYOi (Bring Your Own iPhone) or company supplied iPhone, as Android is too fragmented to properly support, and there were numerous security issues (Such as associates trying to side-load illegally aquired apps). However, last fall it was announced that we are investigating the posibility of adding WM10 as an option for both corporate offered and BYOD support, due to the deep integration with the other Micrsooft services we already use. An additional "plus" for WM10 is the Universal Apps patern, as we have many internal applications which are being rebuilt for Windows 10, for use on tablets and PC. The ability to easily add support for mobile devices is a prime factor in consideration. Sure, just because it's being investigated doesn't mean it will happen. My point is that companies still look at the different options available. 
  • Yea, poor wording, I know. In short, the internal IT department has hardware, is testing development and integration for our company's needs, and will determine the overall viability. 
  • I keep hearing this "integration" word and I don't quite understand what that means anymore. Everything is integrated through the cloud and it doesn't matter what platform you are using. "Integrated" just sounds like a buzz word that is no longer relevant. What can a Windows phone don't that an Android or iPhone cannot? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "So why would a company purchase Windows Mobile devices? "
    Good question. Luckily there is an answer.
  • The answer is that for an enterprise using Office, Exchange, AD etc... there is NOTHING that integrates as well.
  • I guess that's why Windows phones are selling so well, right?
  • Office and Exchange work great on iOS and Android, better than on Windows phones. Does that mean Android and iOS are better integrated than Windows Mobile? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I use an Android tablet and it integrates just as well as my phone does at this point and the Office apps are better on it than on my phone. What you are missing is all of the other enterprise apps that aren't on Windows Mobile, like Okta, SalesForce1... I am supposed to be running the platform for enterprise, yet every other employee in my office has better access than I do because they have these apps and I do not. And SalesForce1 is not on Windows Mobile. I don't know where that information came from and why this site and others reported as such, but it is not available right now for this platform.
  • Because we're going to see x86 Windows Phones running Win32 apps shortly? Please tell me I'm right?
  • Obviously Daniel knows something that we don't and it has something to do with his last week meeting with some of his counterparts. My guess is that he is probably tied to an NDA until Mobile World Congress and we will know more next week.
  • MS has thought they had the answer many times. And many times they have been very wrong. I hope they have something that will work, because I don't want to use an Android or iOS device, but we've been through this many times. There is always the next savior for this platform. Consumers are the new enterprise when it comes to mobile, so if MS wants to grab the enterprise they will need to win over conumers. Something they haven't been able to do so far.
  • No. No. No. So you work at just one company? I visit lots of companies. And no, I do not see that it is a BYOD world. Quit on the contrary. Only the smaller part does BYOD. Mostly smaller business because of pricing and lack of caring about support costs and/or security. When I tell, just telling not 'selling' like a sales person, about Windows phone, most of them start seeing Windows phone as an option. And I know quit a few bought Windows phones. At this moment I'm doing work at a >500 person company and last week they started piloting a Lumia 640.
  • Office is on WP?
  • If this is a strategy, Windows Mobile is doomed. Sorry, but Microsoft has to make phones easily available to the public. In North America it necessarily means broad carrier support. Broad. Carrier. Support. If Microsoft is not prepared to to make amends with the carriers, nothing else matters.
  • I guess MS just needs to cave to Verizon then. Verizon blacklist's the 950/XL due to MS not wanting to make deals and wanting to control updates. They didn't enter into an exclusive agreement with ATT, ATT were just willing to carry a phone and allow MS more control over updates. So if users are going to demand Verizon support, then MS will have to do whatever Verizon says.
  • Are you really sure of that? You seem to have inside konwledge of the negotiations and deals that Verizon, ATT and Microsoft struck. My understanding is much simpler and straight technical decision making: Verizon is one ot the few companies (worldwide) that do not support the GSM network. Microsoft seemed to make a simple engineering decision to make a phone that only supports GSM (no doubt cheaper/simpler). Verizon and their customers need to get with the program and adopt the same standards as the rest of the world, instead of locking their customers into a limited standard so that you can only buy devices directly from them.
  • Windows Phone has done "alright" in the UK but there's no doubt that without a firm foothold in the American market it's nigh on impossible to convince the rest of the world it's a viable alternative to the big two. If, however, the average smartphone consumer is no longer their target (presumably enterprise instead) then having a device that works in tandem with your Desktop, Laptop and Tablet could be compelling. The downside for fans of the phones is that you just won't see them in the shops much. Personally I don't mind ordering online (haven't been into a phone shop to buy/upgrade since the mid 00's) but there still needs to be something for consumers to get onboard with and if the platform's user base continues to drop, the app developers who are still around will cut support and then what? Smartphones with just MS apps is not going to cut it for anyone. Also, @grapemance is spot-on - MS needs whatever devices that do run WP10 to be available to anyone on any carrier. Too many ifs and buts...
  • Devices already work in tandem with each other thanks to the cloud. It doesn't matter what platform you are on, your data is ubiquitous. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • To not make phones is by no means giving others a chance to make Windows phones. All it shows to everyone is MS is itself in loss for making Windows phones so why would they care. They don't make much money from Android devices so why invest in a losing business. One or two devices from different companies just shows that they are making a Windows phone just for the sake of making it. Surface is completely a different thing here. It is a rising category so OEMs have incentive to invest in this new category.
  • Was it a rising category when it came out? No, but it became one. The upcoming phones are what Microsoft is betting on to lay the platform for this new hopefully rising category of devices
  • I think you're missing a lot of things. Hybrid devices were out like 5 years before the first Ipad. All MS did was show the oems how its done and sure enough many of them followed suit. Can you say the same thing about WP? So at the end of the day you're comparing oranges to apples.
  • "Microsoft is betting" Yep.
  • Lol, when Apple was dead, Microsoft was there to bring it back to life ;)
  • Great article. The "Windows phone/mobile is dead" copy/paste ranting is a misinformed tantrum that I wish would stop.
    I wouldn't give up on the consumer market. To make inroads in such a mature market, there has to be disrupters? Are the end of subsidized contracts by carriers a disrupter. Will pure integration on all screens, by Windows 10 be a disrupter? We'll see,
    but tech has been shown to go through surprising shifts. Remember when Apple was "dead" and IBM was too huge to be challenged?
  • Yes. Sometimes i feel most of the commenters here wakeup, open an article in wc, comment "windows mobile/phone is dead" and go back to sleep or whatever they are doing.
  • .......and Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry were the number one brands.....
  • These guys sound every bit as loony as the Apple fanboys they often decry. In fact, I'm beginning to think MS fanboyism is even worse than Apple fanboyism at this point!
  • I think what's becoming more and more clear (also read the excellent review on Forbes from yesterday ) : I think Microsoft never wanted the consumer market to begin with; Nokia certainly did, and they failed. Microsoft never made money in the consumer market, other than with XBox, but that's a completely different story. Most Windows Phone usage takes place in the enterprise, where Snapchat doesn't matter. Microsoft make their money from enterprise, always have, and their strategy to bring Office 365 to Android and iOS has been paying off. What Daniel mentions about Surface is completely true, it was never intended as an iPad killer, it was intended as an enterprise device and it became just that. And although Microsoft need to step up their game in Windows 10 Mobile's stability and functionality, I think with Nokia out of the picture and those pesky consumers moving away they can focus on making great devices and great software for productivity again.
  • Seems that way and as Apple support tiny sales of the Mac, Microsoft can support the WP with the software side.
  • Interesting idea Daniel, put out a couple of good products to show others what's possible and let them take up the slack. Like priming the pump until it's self moving. I hope they catch on. But there are vendors like BLU, and Alcatel that have good low end phones. Hopefully that Japanese mid-range model will come to the US with its continuum capability. And the other vendors...but when you have the PC and a good chunk of the entertainment market down, it is attractive for others to hop on.
  • I agree with every word. And will add one point to emphasis, to those who wonder why Microsoft best apps first go to iOS and Android: Satya already answered that. He wants his main business, Office, Skype, OneDrive etc. on as many mobile devices as possible. If he doesn't, someone will enter with competing apps that could kill the golden goose. Windows 10 Moble is less than 3% of the market. He correctly is going to sell his core apps to the other 97%. If he didn't set that priority, Microsoft would be in bigger trouble.
  • Still haven't answered "why iDroud first". Giving the home OS equal treatment does not stop his main businesses from existing on other platforms. It does squeeze a bit more life away from the home platform, every time they do that. Most of the stuff on iDroid is being given away. Where is the data showing conversion to revenue generating products? I haven't seen any.
  • I think the reason we see more apps going first or updated first on iOS or Android is thanks to a new mantra at MS: ship when ready Basically, if the team working on an iOS or Android app finish, they push it out asap. They don't hold for say the Windows team. So if it's taking longer for a windows app team to finish work, so be it. Maybe the reason for delays came down to the transition to Win 10. I suspect the gap we have seen will close in the near future as MS developers settle into Win 10.
  • All you've done is make a case for why no one should bother with any Windows mobile OS, if the platform maker doesn't deem it worthy of at least equal support as it's competitors why would you expect anyone else; consumers, OEMs, developers, to think otherwise?
  • Before I start with WP a used Gmail (and other google feature). After I move to WP I change the email to outlook, I use OneDrive etc... Now I thinking about leave the WP. Immediately after I leave WP I will switch my email back to Gmail and I leave also the OneDrive... What is the reason to use MS service on other platform?
  • Well half the Apps from Microsoft are Avaliable now on Android market, I use one drive on my galaxy handy to have cloud photos. Also Word Flow Keyboard is coming, why even bother with a Lumia then?, its all on Android. 
  • Daniels article makes no sense. If windows 10 and windows 10 mobile shared so much code the apps shouldn't be going to apple and android first. It should require so little effort to give windows phone users the latest apps. The platforms aren't as similiar as daniel states them to be.
  • A windows mobile Xperia would be awesome
  • Sony is already in deep trouble with Android, they don't need to try a dead OS too ;)
  • You're right
  • @DJCBS, well with the relaxed hardware requirments they can easily create a dual purpose template and let Microsoft deal with the o/s updates :P. Of course, firmware is another story entirely. But yeah, Sony need to get into the PC market via a PSN client. They are missing out on a opportunity here imo.
  • As far as I know, Sony is already working on a way to bring PSN - or at least PlayStation streaming - to Windows. So that'll be covered at some point (Sony is amazingly slow at releasing software of any kind). As for the phone hardware, they'd still have to waste money on producing the devices than would then not sell. Unless Sony were to create a system by which you could order a WP version of the phone from them and you'd pay extra for it - which is as likely to happen as Samsung releasing the S7 with WP - there's no way Sony will put any money on WP. Actually, Sony's own mobile division is currently under threat from Hirai, Sony's CEO. "Return to profitability by the end of 2016 or else..." is pretty much the tantrum these days at Sony. I think we'll sooner watch Sony selling their mobile division than them considering WP.
  • Not with all the Xbox integration in w10m, I don't think. That is true unless they bring PlayStation related features to w10m as an addition
  • I tought I was the only one wanting it. I like the Xperia design so much, but never want to use android again. So an Xperia running Windows seems to be now the only device that i could use instead of my Lumia.
  • Why? Rather a breaking glass horror story to me. Vaio? Yeah, that could be awesome.
  • This all boils down to app problem again. Unless major, first party devs start developing, Windows Mobile is not moving forward. We can talk about iOS bridge and how easy it is to port and bla bla bla, it is clear that companies do not care, unless there is something I missed in app development world. Yes, we got a lot of official apps like Uber and Hulu and Netflix, but let's not forget that those companies were present on WP for a while now. I am talking about heavyweights like Google, Mozilla, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, etc etc. Next 2-3 years will define what happens to Mobile and in it's current state, the news are not very good. If Microsoft wants to succeed, they need to attract major developers, not third party.
  • With the 2 in 1 pc market being the only growth area at the moment and UWP the app developers basically get Windows mobile for free. Look at what we have received in the last month alone. A billion users can't be ignored.
  • They can't be ignored, but they least on mobile level.
  • What would be the point of developing a W10M app if the user base is still minuscule even if its for "free", which its actually not?
  • You don't. MS know that. You develop for Windows 10, and get a Windows Mobile app almost free (almost, it still takes some GUI work - but its close) Once you have an UWP app, its super pleasant to maintain. Most apps "stick" once they have a Windows varient. (US banks being the obvious exception) The "app gap" isn't that large these days either. I've got a 950, and an iPhone, and there isn't much I would miss if I dropped the iPhone. In fact the Apple Pay is the biggest factor. If it wasn't for that, I could happily live exclusively on the 950. 
  • Except they don't get it "for free" at all. It takes effort to take the UI and redesign it for a phone versus a tablet. Grover Pro is a perfect example of this. They pushed it to WP, but the UX is very subpar when compared to the desktop alternative. I recently used some other app that was the same way. You had to scroll not only the content panes, but the main UI itself, because it was jsut "deployed" for WP versus being designed to live within its confines.
  • Seems to me they're on the right track with focusing on porting Apple and Android apps. That is the key to survival. Once they have some market share devs will start creating native apps. This is key in both consumer and enterprise markets.
  • I hope the enterprise in the US exclusively uses AT&T's service, otherwise Microsoft is barking up the wrong tree.
  • Was this sarcasm? Why would that be a good thing?
  • Well said Daniel
  • Folks! Rubino didn't write this in a vacuum. Read between the lines, he knows something, he's giving us clues as to what's about to drop at MWC.
  • No he doesn't.
  • That's your bet? Tsk.
  • No... Because if he did, and he was hinting at the surface phone, he wouldn't have specifically said it was to be unveiled later the year.
  • You sound desperate. Calm yourself.
  • Coship? Nuans? What are those and where do they sell them? It looks truly pathetic. I think the strategy of flooding the market with a multitude of high quality Nokia phones (2013-2014, NOT the 535, 550, 950, 950xl cheap and ugly designs) was better. 2013 was truly exciting with new Nokias having the best cameras and striking, beautiful design - I miss those days.
  • So you do realize that flooding the market with too many phones failed right? Even Samsung learned that lesson with Android.
  • Microsoft might appear to be lagging in apps but the moment they make an x86 phone that can run traditional desktop programs then Andriod and IOS will start feeling the heat. If an 8" tablet can run full windows why not give us a 6" phone running full windows desktop when connected to a monitor?
  • No. Just... no.
  • Where did you get that orange 950 cover?
  • Check out this, and also this for a review
  • Thanks - my original cover already has a 2 inch crack radiating from the camera opening. Hopefully there will be either OEM or Mozo replacement covers with NFC & Qi available at some point.
  • "However, I contend what we are witnessing is not the end, but rather a repositioning in the market."   Exactly. They are taking Windows Phone from above the ground and repositioning it 6 feet under.   I do get your argument and if Microsoft manages to ACTUALLY put Windows 10 on a Phone (and not that W10M crap) I can see the appeal of such phones on the enterprise and government levels. However, on the consumer front, Microsoft failed. And they failed with a clamorous bang. Sure, they can hope that other partners come in and do the phones for them but WHY would they? That strategy was already tried. When Nokia went to Windows Phone dragged by Eflop, they were just an OEM partner of Microsoft. Of course, Nokia being Nokia, quickly took over everything because there's still to be born a company that does so many great things with such a terrible OS as Nokia. And if Windows Phone survived this long it's thanks to Nokia and no one else. But nevertheless, Nokia was just a OEM partner. Now who's to say that history won't just repeat itself? Let's imagine the following (highly unlikely given the brand I picked) scenario: Samsung decides to return to Windows Phone 10 and produces some phones with Microsoft's OS. The other OEMs producing phones are irrelevant OEMs, like every single one that has announced W10M devices so far (and yes, I'm including Vaio in that category). In such a scenario it's more than likely that Samsung would be able to gather the vast majority of the marketshare. Just like Nokia did. And so, one or two years from now, Samsung would be controlling over 90% of the WP10 market. Then they realise that the UWP failed and that developers still didn't give a rats arse about either putting apps on the Windows Store or allowing them to work on mobile. And so Samsung decides to quit Windows Phone again. What will Microsoft do then? Attack Samsung's mobile division is out of question because Microsoft simply couldn't afford it. But WP would still die again.   The point is, leaving OEM partners to build WP devices like they do on PC's is a theoretically good idea. But it has failed clamorously once. And honestly, there's very little sign that it won't fail again, specially when you factor in that there's simply no consumer interest on WP anymore.
  • It is amazing how much you say, yet how little you know. Please stop...
  • Actually, disagreeing with him just because he has a negative point of view is rather short sighted, and closed minded..
    I don't share every one of his views, but I do take them into consideration. I mean, taking away all bias it is more logical to believe that MS will fail in mobile again... They have time after time... Do I believe they will fail? My honest opinion is that I don't have a clue, but I hope they don't... Can I argue with someone that believes MS will fail yet again?.. No, that's not logical either.
  • @Rodneyej Well no, he writes a lot of nonsense. Most of the time. His Nokia focus gets too much in the way. Just look at his poor choice of a consumer brand instead of a enterprise brand. Most of the time it's not disagreeing but knowing he does not know what he's talking about. Plus most of time he puts a negative spin in his writing.
  • If I was writting about the consumer market, why on earth would I pick an enterprise brand?   Most of the time, it's not my fault you people can't read.   (ps - I don't have to put deluded spins on my writing. If you don't enjoy reality, try drugs.)
  • we have the iCabal, the gDrones, and the mSheep 
  • So, just take it with a grain of salt.. None of us are experts here, so if you disagree then explain why... But, don't disagree with everything just because you see his user name.. Sometimes I agree with him (because he does make some valid points quite frequently), and other times I don't... You can't say that everything anyone here says is always wrong... Just because it's not what you wanna hear, or hope for, doesn't mean it's wrong either.... He's frustrated like a lot of us, and that's his opinion.. Deal with it maturely.
  • Maturely, like you ending every sentence with multiple ... You and DJCBS are blots on the lovely Windows Central landscape.
  • Again? Hmmm... you and I have decidely different opinions on what "failure" is. I'll just leave it at that.
  • I invite you to counter-argument then. Because you did nothing of the sort. Which is normally what people like you (morons) do. "your view is wrong"...yet...not a single line on why you disagree. But hey, at least you spare me the trouble of trying to discuss with stupid people.
  • Sorry dude, I don't really get into the whole 'internet-prove me wrong' pointlessness.You don't see any of that in my post history here.
    But your history here is in fact a bunch unnecessarily long posts that say and prove absolutely nothing, other than you are sone sort of jaded Nokia fan who wastes his time trying to dump on MS, and who is always wrong. So yeah... move along.  
  • If you don't, and never have, agreed with anything he says why not just ignore him?... It's a public site, people are free to express their opinion.. That would be better than trying to bully him into saying things that please you.. Just move on. That's what a lot of people here need to learn. Will yall relax?.. Lol
  • There's no conversing with fanboys, regardless of OS of choice :)
  • In Europe there IS Consumer interest in WP. Why Samsung? They are too big in Android. And consumer space. Definitely no Enterprise company. Double wrong choice. Get it? Rather look at HP, Dell, Acer or Lenovo. Take that into consideration and you can shift delete your writing.
  • No way im buying a Dell, Acer, HP, Vaio, Lenovo or BLU phone. I'd rather buy an iPhone. Samsung I would buy, Sony too. Not HTC though. More cheap ass phones for a struggling OS.
  • I would advise you to maybe learn how to read first. Then I'd advise you to see the latest sales and marketshare charts for Europe which show nothing but constant decrease of interest in WP devices. And then you can shift delete your writing.
  • DJCBS got away from WP a long time ago, he got out at a good time though, at its high point. He was never a fan of the platform, just a fan of Nokia (nothing bad about that). He does enjoy coming in as the grim reaper though lol. He makes very good points here. It's not like anyone can argue against it when sales are down right along with market share. The cold hard facts support his opinions about the utter failure of Windows on mobile. As far as the rest, if you like Win 10, great. Nothing about his points take that away. MS will keep supporting it and improving it on mobile. Either that results in more users or it just keeps existing users happy. MS considers phones a part of their mobile footprint to keep going. W10M actually works well for most people. I know people online trash it, but my first hand experience has been different, so there is clearly a disconnect. Definitely an improvement over 8 so far in most ways.
  • Right.. I agree.
  • Windows Phone may be dead but your negative comments will never die. The funny thing is that it's been awhile since I've seen anything from you that I thought we all got lucky and you stopped reading the site. Oh well.  Side note. I do kinda agree with you. OEMs are having a hard time making money with Android. Why would they want to try Windows Mobile? 
  • Because they want to make some money.. Easy as that... And you can't make money without investing a GOOD amount of money.. So there is that.
  • I agree microsoft has done alot of mistakes in their marketing and yeh the app store isnt great but after 6 years on the great iphone and 1 year on a average android i can happily say i love windows mobile 8.1 and now 10 on a mobile device, i hate the hamburger menu, i hate the slow speed at which microsoft works at but i love windows 10 mobile on my lumia 930, its not the near perfect feelling and ui that i felt 8.1 was in denium but i can do more and have more options than the iphone 3gs, 4s and 5s ever did, i just can, open nfc for blue tooth speakers, Placing the phone on a table while talking to someone brings up speaker phone, that reminded me the first time i picked up a iphone and the phone just came on, its a progressioon that microsoft and windows mobile has uniqley done.  Cortana is huge, soz but when compareign siri to cortana its like chalk and cheese and i love siri but to have my phone remind me when someone calls or when reaching a location, calender dates or even asking what wime a movie is on at athe nearest cinema and geting google now clear tiled info and my iphone 6 plus just doing a internet search and not displaying info, it kinda says alot really.  Like any voice asisstant you neet to learn what you can say to improve resutly.  I use cortana all the time on mobiler and desktop and things have fallen into place alot more than they miss .  Then i also have wireless chargeing and like most of my friends who 2 years ago all though it was a stupid thing, well now they wouldnt buy phones without wireless.  Its a little more than just a thing. Yes the app store isnt great i miss 1 bank app 1 nfl flick and vodaphone are a terrible sp who dont even make a app for 8.1 when the competition all does.  truth is i wish it was like the app apple store but its not enough to make me swap.  Windows phone does so many thinghs right, and yeh there is some areas needing improvement but htose areas where it exeles certainly outweight the one big negative issue the app quality and app games. Live tiles is a huge thing for me to look at my screen ion one glance at to see actual information instead of icons with numbers is just well wow, even 2 years later i look at my iphone 6plus or 5 screen and think how boring , plain and iunintusive it has become.   I loved my iphones i did but i prefer windows mobile even 10 that is not as good at 8 but with alot more feature set.  Truth is you try and paint a bad picture and if you wernt buy aspps, and microsofts marketing and f ups then yeh its bad but the phone and the os to me is not the issue,   As long as we get apple pay equivilent up and runing soon ill be sticking with what i prefer and windows 10 mobiel is definatly my preferance over any iphone and android ui, it really is.   Your gona get alot more people saying that in a few years.
  • People aren't saying after 5 years. Why would that change now? The UI is the only thing that has stayed consistent on Windows phone. It is definitely part of the problem. People rejected it at every turn. Zune then Windows Phone 7 and 8, Windows 8 and now Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft needs to refresh the UI big time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Everything in this article is already known. Except point #2, I strongly disagree, because guess what, anything can happen.. Everyone said uwp not gonna save windows 10, even in your article you site an uptake...let me say this again, no one knows if a surface phone could single handly save windows phone.. No one thought the original Xbox could complete with Japan either, boy how things have changed....
  • Yeah, but no matter how great the Surface Phone is it's not gonna matter if MS doesn't market it probably....
  • Well you are the marketing guy here. What odds do you put on Surface Phone marketing. My guess is that any Panos developed device will get substantial marketing like other Surface devices.
  • Ok, I've been avoiding this with you for a while, but I can't anymore. The marketing stuff needs to stop. Go look up all the commercials, bill boards, magazine ads, website ads, etc that ran from the inro of WP7 up to about the time th L1020 was released. You will find plenty.
    That's not the solution. Never has been. At least not in the US.
  • Interesting article, especially about the thought of introducing more vendors. I suppose the leap from Win10 desktop to mobile shouldn't be that big at all. It just requires the vendors to input they're own stamp on the phones. Never thought much of the Surface Phone idea. In the world eyes, it would still be a Windows Phone. With all the software being the same, it should be an interesting 2016.
  • I will start it off when in India lol sorry I crossed over .
  • MS should release w10m not completed now instead of releasing it not completed later
  • Hur hurr
  • I truly dread the day when IOS and Android are the only choices. I hope it never comes to that, and so should everyone else. Only having two companies owning all of mobile is not a good thing, for anyone!
  • True
  • I agree, but my agreement extends to the US-centricity of the platforms. It's not good for feature or service diversity that all competing platforms are from the USA, nor is it great for security. Nothing against the USA, but I do feel your arguments applies wider than just organizations offering the products.
  • Android isn't "One Company". It can be the only choice and still promote a health market. Manufacturers have full control over it and can do whatever they please. I can name at least a dozen different versions of Android and a few of them do not contain any Google software! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think that what Microsoft really wants to do is, since Windows 10 Mobile really is just Windows 10, they're probably going to ask their PC OEM pastners to make Windows 10 Mobile phones, like HP with the Falcon/Elite x3.
  • And they will make a phone just to appease them. They will put minimal effort in and they will fail no matter what. No one is going to buy an HP phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seems that's where Microsoft were going for a good time now. Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise
  • Just make the 950/950xl phones reliable in everyday like yesterday plz!
  • Sure will miss Lumias. That's what created windows phone base.
    And I think Microsoft is on the right path.
  • The image that Lumia has now as a failing phone system needs to be let go though. The surface brand is seen as a success which makes for good marketing.
  • I only say one thing ... I'm watching the next Nokia! Too bad it will come with Droid ... Windows Phone in a VAIO, to me, is not Windows Phone. Call me narrow-minded, but Microsoft had the knife and cheese in hand and they decided on everything to lose ... If you start ******** that N different manufacturers, will be all crap equal to Android! Lumia is synonymous with WP and vice versa. Okay, MS is not a hardware company, but do I don't want to have to move to Apple and its closed **** system to have some "exclusive"​ :(
  • Even though MS is a software company, their Windows 10 mobile is still behind other mobile OSes. Since I don't see the Surface Phone saving mobile due to software, MS could try pulling another Google by working with an OEM to create something like the Nexus series. That way MS could spend more time working on the software end.
  • It's a good idea. But I think the next step won't be mobile as you know it.
  • 650 XL cancelled?
  • Take some time to read the article
  • How is it possible to generate interest with differentiating qualities (Nokia name, Design and Quality, Cameras) into 7% and double digit market share in some countries, and then drop everything in such a way that even fanboys are starting to hate the OS and new MS flagsh*ts?
  • Easy: you lose the right to use the Nokia brand on the phones.
  • Fact is, for many people, their most common interaction with the cloud, with friends and family, with their office network, their documents, are through their smartphone, with its inumerable ties to one OS, platform, services, etc.   So the question is not whether MS wants to be in phone hardware business, its whether MS wants to remain competitive and viable in the Cloud, desktop OS, Office Suite, etc., or allow its customers to be systematically enticed away through its competitors' smartphone, the gateway drug to all everything.   I come to WindowsCentral predominantly for information about WIndows Mobile.  So as easy as it is to say, "we're about more than Windows Mobile" or "we're scaling back on Windows Mobile", the consequences of that decision won't be limited to strategic plans.   Microsoft has been selling integrated, cross-platform synegism for years now, and suddenly proposes to carve out an immense hole in itself and in its customers devices and services, because they no longer want to do what is difficult?  Having surrendered so large a field of battle, why would anyone think they will long prevail on the grounds to which they have retreated?  And who in their right mind thinks Microsoft's competitors will facilitate Microsoft's use of rivals' devices and platforms to siphon off the segments of business that Microsoft "likes"?   Surrender will become rout. 
  • LOL so you basically think mobile is dead Daniel but you can't accept it, let's agree we disagree :)
  • Nah, I write this knowing some things I cannot yet talk about. Let's revisit this sometime.
  • Let's hope you know those things but the conclusions you arrived at are wrong. Because the future windows mobile you are hinting at sounds really grey and sad and I wouldn't want to be part of it. A mobile without passion and fans and fun is not mobile, is just a little pc, maybe good for shareholders, not for your readers :) What I mean is, I don't want an os which is not for my mom and pop in 2016 and 2017, they are using win10 mobile and I hope they can keep using it.
  • No Daniel... you're a liar. MS lies, you lie, and so does anyone who says anything that's not negative. Nobody knows anything unless they're dumping on it.   ​Is this not hella old and played out yet??
  • Sean p is a smart man who has relevant opinions and is a success in life and isn't disappointing to his parents.. But hey I'm just a liar.
  • No need to assume he lies. He might know something, and that something might or might not be relevant to Microsoft's success or lack thereof in mobile. He certainly believes it is relevant, and that might mean something.
  • 5. Nadella must go.
  • Dumb Indian filth opinions again.
  • Maybe you know what that role is.. at the end you said "it's just not the one we necessarily expected."   My question is this: Is that role/"big news" meh/good/great? Do you think is going to be a success or only time will tell?
  • Great article. But as usual, it'll be mostly lost on people here (and reddit) who have no concept of anything beyond the negative garbage they read on other sites. If it ain't about "market share", or begging for "apps", they don't get it. Add to that the countless fools who will call you (and probably Nadella) a liar because they don't get it, as well as the ones with the ridiculously long posts filled with misinformation disguised as opinions. But still, great article.
  • :D hilarious... Completely agree with you Sean...
  • Finishing Nokia with nothing on the high end range to show for was a big, if not crucial mistake. I am on last chance saloon. If nothing interesting (premium) comes out of Microsoft by Fall I will certainly look elsewhere, probably Android.
  • Did you actually read the article? It talks about phones in Businesses/Enterprises.
  • Apparently it is you who didn't read the article. Or, as usual, you didn't understand half of what you read. Which given your track records, is more than normal.
  • Strategy?? When? Where??
  • Nice article
  • It would be a good thing to see W10 on various phones in near future. But that's just my wish... 
  • Seems too much hope in the article. People keep repeating that mobile and desktop are the same code base, so mobile cant die - but obviously they are not. As an outsider, I think they can get rid of the whole ARM branch, the whole phone optimizations, continuum, wp8.1 compatibilities.  And I cant understand why enterprise would adopt a phone that its employees are not used to - when the phones from their daily use do what win10m does anyway. Either MS should drop the phone and become an office and cloud company (cause desktop is going gangbusters), or find that next formfactor soon.
  • It's really pretty obvious. Most Windows phones I know ARE already used at the Enterprise. (I'm in Europe) And the real world showed 'getting used to' is not a thing. Windows phone is really easy to get used to for non Windows phone users. Enterprise just has to know Windows phones. I had trials at company quit a few times and every time Windows phone wins on price/quality/ease of use/security.
  • Do what win10m does :P no you dont connect it to a display and turns into desktop its still your homescreen. And all androids have a stupid way to find apps when i used android and on all of my friends to just find one app that you never pinned you have to search it for hours because you have to see it. now on windows you type it. you see it on the screen where you put it you never lose it from your eye. its so easy even my little sister can do it :3
    And for an enterprise that would give emploeys a pc/phone only giving them a phone saves them money.
  • Plenty of Android phones allow you to search for apps, and there are plenty of launchers to customize that experience.
  • you assume that there are mice, keyboards and monitors everywhere the employee works! 
  • The business market will also be the testing ground for continuum. If they get that right they will pick up consumers in time. A lot of people do not want to buy PCs but need one from time to time. Once phones connect to peripherals and meet their needs the phone replaces the desktop for a big chunk of the home market. MS have to get this right before Apple do or they can kiss goodbye to the consumer market there too. This is also why we see OEMs like HP getting involved again. Microsoft need WP.
  • This!
  • On a smaller scale, why were the lessons of the Zune not learned, and it appears repeated as far as phones go? Like the Zune, I personally feel IMO, that 8.1-10 is superior to android as is the device i use in comparison to the Galaxy S5 I came from, much the same as the Zune HD I still use to this day. Not a fanboy, just prefer these devices over what I had before. I'm hoping this ship can be turned around and righted, because i do not look forward to the prospect of being forced to return to Android worst case scenario.
  • The key here is how Windows Mobile is so deeply linked with the Windows ecosystem. If that wasn't the case Microsoft likely would've killed off Mobile a long time ago. This position that Windows Mobile is in, it isn't something new, it has been hyped up by the media, but it has been declining for a long time. It isn't dead, but it might aswell be because of the avalanche of negative articles I've seen. The media effectively have made it out to be dead, regardless of Microsofts stance. Microsoft has to pull out the stops, especially if the rumoured surface phone is a reality. No corner cutting. And this OS is has to be completely functional by the time Surface Phone comes out. And also, NEW FEATURES, cant be features that we have been requesting for a long time, those should be a given. They need to surprise us. It is the least the Windows Mobile community deserves.
  • Whatever Daniel, my parents are gonna keep using windows mobile as long as I'm around!! Lol, and my kids!
  • "the resources needed to keep Windows 10 Mobile alive are minimal​" that is absolutely true. When that one guy calls in sick is when we get delays on W10M. Guess this guys has had a rough 6-10 months with a lot of sick leave. ZERO strategy ZERO leadership ZERO love to fans ZERO love to devs People that don't think going from WP7 - 8 and to W10M was reboots dropping fans and devs are crazy! (Yes there are plenty of them out there!!!) This isn't so much different. Now they have figured they want to do something different (retrenching), like pulling back and leave all their fans and devs behind once again untill they have figured out what to do! Nobody treats their fans this bad yet we stupid morons keep biting what ever excuse they come up with. I used to think Apple fans were sheeps. They are nothing compared to us ladies and gents. Their OS may look old but it works and Apple at least do seem to care. MS however **** us in the face at every turn. 2016 is the last break MS is going to get from me, if things doesn't change then goodbye W10M. Not that I think MS would give a **** but hey, atleast they don't get my hard earned money. 
  • I don't care about what u guys say, I still believe in the unified thinking, having windows everywhere, universal apps for phones, desktops, laptops... By that's just me...
  • I believe that Windows 10 Mobile is dead, sadly.  If Microsoft is a software company and they want to make available their software on the most devices, then they have 2 operating systems to even think about.  It is an admission that even they don't want to mess with making software/apps for an operating system, that so few people use.  Now, I think there is a market for Windows 10 Mobile, and I don't think Microsoft really knows how to exploit it.  It is the concept of their desktop experience in the palm of their hands in the mobile device. And to get the best experience of this, MS should put the best experience of their software on to and in to W10M.  Make it a must have for business guy that needs to look at an excel spreadsheet over lunch or write a word report from the front seat of his pickup out in the field.  But Microsoft abdicated that to their iOS and Droid software...and I don't mind them making software for those as that's smart...I mind that it works better on other Operating Systems. Throw in the W10M bugs, the half-ass release of the 950/950 XL in America, it feels that even Microsoft has given up on Windows Mobile. I have a 950XL.....I will probably be getting a droid of some sort in the next few months as I need better access to Google Docs which is killing Microsoft One-Drive for small businesses, a banking app when I travel, and MLB At Bat which was pulled for W10M store.  I'll still have my microsoft software/apps that I need. 
  • Excellent piece of writing Dan! It was quite insightful. Microsoft is going through a significant shift these days, both structurally and culturally. I personally am enjoying this and I think it was high time someone steered the massive ship  towards a vision, a unified vision for the company. Microsoft wants its services  everywhere. The meaning of the word "Mobile" in their dictionary has changed. I thing Satya wants Microsoft's services on everything out there. In a few years people will use an iphone without even realizing that half of all the apps they use are from Microsoft. They would totally own the services part. Not just that, the keyboard, the personal assistant, calendar, email, everything... Everyone at that point would just be reduced to hardware and platform vendors (not really, but..). We were just discussing in the forums about MS collaborating with OEMs to make their version of Nexus (in this case Surface) phones.
  • How exactly was this article insightful? It was a repeat of the same things he's said before, right down to the "I know things that you don't" tidbits in the comments section.
  • Can I quote this in the future?
  • Windows Phone is dead. Long live Windows 10. The Surface line redefined PCs, Laptops, and Tablets with something no one expected and now everyone is imitating. As they have proven; If they build it, the OEMs will come. Bring me your next Surface, Panos. I'm ready.
  • Microsoft has a long history of sticking with things if they have faith in the long game. Xbox is a perfect example. They also have cut loose things that don't seem to gain traction. As a Zune owner, it is easy to feel they abandoned and did not push the best PMP. But really, the writing was on the wall concerning PMP. What is the latest iPod? Phones have supplanted these players. Fact is, in their scheme to have a billion devices running Windows 10, mobile will be a huge chunk of that, with phones being a subset. Made by MS or others.
  • MSFT activist shareholders will force Xbox and Windows Mobile to be shuttered by Easter
  • Honestly, I wouldnt be shocked. Carl Icaan basically just forced Xerox to split into two companies.   Ditto HP. 
  • Think they might as well stop calling w10 pro cause it ain't professional with the jigsaw puzzle ui
  • Strange. My W10 UI is square.
  • Now if only someone could point Google to this article :P
  • However, I contend what we are witnessing is not the end, but rather a repositioning in the market. It is not easy, nor is it comforting, for those of us who prefer Windows 10 Mobile. But this change in approach is necessary for a company that veered too far from its roots.
    ...and how many times have we heard THAT since Windows Phone 7?
  • Good article. I agree with most of it except that part about how ms cannot catch up to the features of ios and Android. If they spent the money and resources, they could have just as many features as their rivals. To be clear, I am talking about OS features.
  • I think once they build their base back up in the enterprise/professional market, they can then successfully expand to consumer. This is more about going back to their strengths and growing out of that.
  • Well i think they don't use their brains when planning. Purpose should be persuading the consumer to buy, be it corporate or non corporate. Now why the hell would anyone buy 650 with a snapdragon 212 and no continuum? Imagine same phone same pricing with snapdragon 6xx and continuum, I bet many would want it. Maybe minimum margins for MS but more volume, and that's what they need. Lumia of yesteryear perform better then current ones, why would people buy? Making features like continuum exclusive to $500+ phones is stupidity. If someone is paying $500+ for a phone he wouldn't experiment with a windows phone instead play safe with a galaxy or iPhone. Same mistake BlackBerry is doing with priv. And lastly they screw up in low end models too, releasing so many models that they become their own competitors and end up with excess inventory of some models. A mistake Nokia and Samsung made but Samsung learned eventually. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still no NFC mobile payment.......WTH
  • I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.   Maybe at some point down the road, but not anytime in the near future.
  • I am always looking for some good news about windows phone, but it is not happening since a long time back.What is the future of windows phone developers, as a developer am I wasting my career. But still a spark in mind keeps telling these negatives may overtake by some positives in future. Hope for the best. A windows phone lover.
  • Well if you develop a desktop app for windows 10 you can have it mobile too and can make the changes in the UI if you need to. I am not a pro developer but i am doing some lessons and be able to create 1 app for my phone + pc is a big + already for developers :)
  • Except that no one needs or wants store apps on real PC.
  • Define "no one". I think a lot of people don't know about them yet. I use a store app (Grover Pro) for podcasts because it aligns with the same podcast app on my phone. My friend didn't want to pay $80 for Photoshop Elements, so I showed her Fhotoroom with everything unlocked for a single digit dollar amount. I also use Hulu and Netflix store apps. Groove music. Pandora. Microsoft Health. Flipboard. Duolingo.
  • Look no further than the Netflix and Groove app.
  • Wouldn't it be great if Dell came back to make windows phones. To see HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Acer and Samsung all make mobile devices for windows would be amazing to see :)
  • Dell yes. Xps phone would be amazing. The rest are dirty low quality producers
  • They say Craziness is doing the same thing over & over while expecting a different result. At 3% why not try something different & I'm glad Microsoft is... With tighter phone\desktop integration, security & business\productivity oriented suite of apps\features W10m could prove to be a hit with enterprises. As for HTC making a W10m... Given their current financial situation its understandable if they don't.
    I can see this being an opportunity for LG, since they are positioning the V line as the professional\creator device ... A W10m with their enchantments could work.
  • What are they doing different though? Windows 10m looks identical to WP7 and WP8 and basically works the same way. People have already rejected this UI and experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel good point that I never considered. Long before the consumerization of mobile phones companies were profitable servicing the business segment. I could care less about snapchat but do like the fact I can run Trello in the browser on my Lumia and use it on my desktop. Second point is the fact the investment is minimal for Microsoft to continue to improve and build up Win10Mobile as its development is alongside regular Windows not completely separate.    
  • As a long time WP owner, im not going to wait so long to get another low end phone.  stupidity.   Holding on to my Nokia til a high end phone comes. 
  • The partners' devices are not in shops, its meaningless to talk of other oem where I reside.
  • all MS needs is OEM customizability
  • Well, Even if Microsoft wants Windows 10 for mobile succeed they are doing a terribly job.. It's a Absolut mess and sometimes it feels like it's still in the alpha stage... Camera sucks, Edge browser can't handle every site, froze and just so many bugs...
  • Start from edge which is a disappointing shitstorm evening else you said is wrong. Having run the Lumia 950xl fit a few months. Hasn't had any problems. Maybe the problem is you're too cheap to buy a new phone.
  • I have the lumia 930. I don't know, but do you seriously think that everyone must buy a new phone to get a working windows 10 experience?
  • Inner mechanism of the mobile market: Build a device as cheap as possible, create some differentiator UI elements, have 2% margins (if any) only by concentrating on one platform, publish no updates to create demand. Spot the overlap to MSFT 's mobile strategy.
  • I think what I missed the most are Nokia apps. If the OS had an issue Nokia would either make an app or push out a firmware update. I feel while preview updates are frequent enough but not Nokia as a separate company/hardware manufacturer and windows pushing out OS updates was simply better in my opinion but shifting strategies take a while to materialize. However, I think a goal of at least 4%-6% market share seemed viable in 2013. Suddenly 3% is a goal.
  • The entire phone market is about to "die" in a sense.  Apple and Samsung are struggling to find a way to keep the momentum/growth going, but growth is declining for everyone.  The 2nd tier vendors are bleeding red quarters right and left.  Many are reducing features just to make the costs agree to the revenue.  So many of you are assuming the Apple or Android standby will still be the same monster it was and you can just leap over and get something "better".  You don't even see the sand falling out from underneath them.  This is a bad time for every vendor and MS has the very best position because they won't rely on the mobile OS alone to make ends meet.  I'm not in any way saying MS is about to take over the market.  But they can sustain on a very low cost "staying alive" and you watch, many Android vendors (where margins are the thinnest) will not.  The features sets are capping out (not much more to add) which means the basic feature model is static which makes it easy for everyone to have the same features and makes it hard to sell high end handsets.  I think MS knows full well where this is going.  It's ok to sell one high end or two as high end example products but the market for $800 plus phones with no subsidies and barely any new features over last year is going to get mighty dry.  You watch.    
  • Exactly
  • Microsoft has indeed lost the broad consumer market, and the idea that your average mom and pop will be running a Windows Phone in 2016 or 2017 is dead.
    Maybe in the USA, and maybe when you say it enough times people start believing it and acting on it. I see people with windows phone on a daily basis, but I live in Europe and journalists seem to forget that Windows Phone has been on par with and larger than Iphone sales in many European markets. I also see people in the 40-50+ age struggle with their iphones, most would be better of with a 640 than pay 5 times as much for an iphone they cannot use. But I'm pissed at MS, Nokia made great phones, such a shame to waste their talent. And Windows Phone had such potential, but when you keep scrapping and starting over you will never get anywhere.
  • I'm talking about the future, not the present or past.
  • What are you talking about author? The idea of your mom and pop owning a Windows Phone in 2016-17 is dead? My mother in law had my 930 for a long time until she went away for a week and someone crushed it in their travel bag. I went to the store with her to get a new phone and I asked her what kind of phone she wanted. She has owned a Galaxy S5, a Lumia 625, 630 and my old 930. I didn't push her one way or another. I asked if she was interested in an iPhone or and Android...... She straight out said she wanted a Windows Phone and she got a 640. 2016.... Ma got a Windows Phone.
  • Exception does not prove the rule.
  • There is no rule to prove as this report is only an opinion.
  • 1.7% market share and dropping is the rule. Normal people aren't buying Windows phones. Only the fanboys are still around. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well with a high end phone having everything on it :P from wireless charging to the camera iris scanner and lots more + to be able to turn your phone into a desktop ? and for a reasonable price?:P i mean in comaprison with the iphone and what it gives its like a goldmine :P.
    i am pretty sure MS will thrive in that gap they created finally use your phone as a ******* pc.... :D finally its called windows and it is windows it just needs time :3 for the old hardware nothing more nothing less calm down ppl:3
  • Where the 'let the OEMs make Windows phones' strategy falls apart in a Million little pieces is, it's been shown that the market for Windows phones is extremely tiny.     Android isn't profitable for many manufacturers either, but at least they can differentiate themselves with software layer skins and such.   On Windows, why would manufacturers release high end devices with zero differentiation, only to beat themselves bloody on zero margins, even worse than Android devices? Sure, Blu and others, oh sorry, *Acer*, can crank out low end jobs running Windows on phones, but outside of emerging markets, that's a dead end strategy.  
  • Surface Phone could save "W10M" if they actually start advertising W10M. How many people do you know says to you,"What's a Windows Phone??"
  • Two years ago I was in a meeting to discuss our telecommunications and unified messaging needs with a supplier. The company I was discussing it with suggested that they have mobile apps that would allow remote maintenance and support of their product. I asked if they have Windows Phone app as a support tool, and the technician calling in said, "...aren't they android phones?". I basically walked out of the meeting laughing.
  • So people on the top of these companies lacks general knowledge? Awesome..
  • Thank you, Dan. I still see Windows 10 becoming more like the OS in Her with a small screen for viewing and mostly controlled by voice via an earpiece - omnipresent on the desktop, cloud, etc.
  • I'm liking my 950xl. I think it's a beautiful phone.
  • I want Microsoft Phone, I don't need this Zoo of nonamers like on Android with poor optimization to OS ( bugs, lags and so on)...
  • +Surface Phone
  • (rolls eyes) Dan writes a fairly common sense article, relating to the WP fanboys what the reality on the ground is, for their mobile platform, and in response you have comments still pining for a Surface 'iPhone killer' device. Oy vey.
  • Hehe.. Some of them never reads the article.. They are here to troll and whine.. That makes them comfortable.. :p
  • WM10 is being written from the ground up and it will be a good yr or so before it becomes as polished as it deserves to be. Wp is not dead and is not needing life support. The other companies are happy to talking down as they are worried about it's potential as it develops. I look forward to the next 12 months.
  • I'm giving them one last shot with Surface Phone. If it doesn't blow me out of the water, I will personally declare W10 mobile 'dead'.
  • And nobody cares but you.. Read the article dumbo.. Surface Phone won't save W10M... Just one phone won't bring SNAPCHAT /s..
    ..So just leave already..
  • Enjoy being a 16 year old girl with snapchat.
  • Right, buy Nokia bc it would be bad if the only OEM that made Windows phones switched to Android. Now the plan is to have what used to be Nokia stop making Windows phones, too. Uhh, anyone see the problem with that?
  • Right on the mark, Daniel.  Windows phone is winding down.  Phones that run Windows (real Windows) are near.  It makes perfect sense as what has defined mobile phones move from a phone to a pocket sized PC.
  • @Daniel Rubino I bet on your thoughts! Greetings from Portugal
  • Count me in
  • I mean, I get it. Daniel is a Windows Phone writer. He doesn't have much choice to continue spouting Windows Phone isn't dead. But, that doesn't make it true. Microsoft obviously doesn't care much about their own mobile OS. Heck, the new phone they JUST released doesn't even support Continuum, which was supposed to be the holy grail of WP 10. Their apps on iOS and Android are generally better than on their own mobile platform. Danile is correct about one thing: Microsoft is a software services company, and they've made that pivot on the mobile scene very obvious since Ballmer left. From a business perspective, this makes a ton of sense. On the other hand, as a consumer, continuing to be lead to believe is cruel.  Windows Mobile has been badly managed for years (how Joe has kept his job all those years is beyond me). It's possible Microsoft could decide to make it a priority and put someone competent in charge and give it the original Xbox long term treatment, with a sustained, money-losing, long-term goal of "winning" while throwing talent and money at the problem, but they've been a bit loath to do that since...well, the Xbox. That seems to have been an abberation for the company; a good one to be sure, but an abberation non the less, and this new Microsoft seems to almost be ashamed of the Xbox division, allowing it to go from front runner to...well, if all the internet sleuthing is to be believed, not even a real competitor any longer (one might argue selling 50% of one's rival barely makes you a competitor).  I think WP was a better OS than Android. But, regardless of the reason, Microsoft wasn't able to get developers on board. Just look at the Windows store with Windows 10. It's as barren and filled with junk as the one in Windows 8/8.1. All the hype about easily porting iOS and Android apps and building universal ones (which you could already do with Windows 8.1) was just smoke and mirrors.  As for succeeding in the enterprise space in mobile? How big is that market, in actuality? It's increasingly become a BYOD world in enterprise, and just look at Blackberry to see just how enticing the mobile enterprise market actually is. 
  • Will be like.... Lumias/Surfaces phones = Nexus
  • Yay! A story for the doom mongers to really get their teeth into. Why do WC always give them the ammunition they desire?? I saw a comment above about W10 on a Vaio, not being a windows phone. Eh? Apart from running windows 10, that particular brand has a fantastic reputation for durable and quality laptops whilst part of Sony. I thought the article was well written and balanced, although some of the comments were bound to entice the haters into spouting their particular brand of diatribe. I agree that MS lost their way. The purchase of Nokia was a disaster from day one. There were some cracking devices, 1520, 930 etc but MS are now suffering with loads of R&D costs, design costs and prototype costs and seem quite happy to chuck a device out hoping to recover some of the costs. The latest devices are just a little dull, you could say staid. The 650 looks to have been thought about though. I also agree that it's time for MS to allow OEM's to get involved, and rewind to what they were good at. Software. It can't be that hard foe a large OEM to dip their toes. How hard is it to 'amend' a current device to run W10M. MS also need to get a grip with marketing. Loads of win 10 ads and surface ads in the UK, but not a hint od W10M. No mention of the 'pocket' OS. Why?? Are they embarrassed by it?? The haters would probably say yes. As for the future who knows. Enterprise is where MS need to be, IMHO. As mentioned in the piece, Blackberry were renowned for this, even when android and apple were taking off. And yet, the were also seen in the street, with BBM being a fave of many people. I had a couple of later Blackberry devices, and the OS was awful. The tablet was a disaster as well. I think the author was pretty much spot on. You can't just sweep Years of mismanagement under the carpet hoping to recover your position. Maybe that's why 10 is taking so long to appear. It has GOT to be right. Lord alone knows why they launched the 950 with a half baked OS. Those who bought that device have every right to be upset. Those of us on the insider program don't have the right to whinge and moan, all we can do is report issues back. Well done WC for a great balancer article
  • me da um microsoft lumia 650 em
  • Really enjoyed reading this on my 950XL running Windows 10 Mobile. It gives some interesting points to ponder. Sure, Windows Phone is dead to most consumers but the Enterprise space may just surprise us.
  • Wow Daniel, reads like you and Paul have had a few words! Good for you!    
  • Microsoft's most popular productivity apps are available on Android and iOS. Their mobile device management tools work with those platforms, as well. I don't see why a business would choose a Windows 10 phone over the competition when both Microsoft's apps and apps from VM Ware, Cisco, etc are more plentiful on competing platforms. As far as the Surface phone, if it doesn't make Window 10 mobile look cool, businesses won't even mess with it. The Surface 3 made Windows 8.1 tolerable to average people. Both consumers and businesses viewed Microsoft in a more positive light because of that single product. If the Surface phone is "simply another phone" that keeps Windows 10 Mobile going along, as you say, then Win 10 Mobile becomes BlackBerry. Lastly, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 has never offered enough differentation for OEMs. Does Windows 10 allow OEMs to build new features into the platform? For example, the ability to launch various apps by drawing a shape on the screen.
  • I believe you hit the nail on the head Daniel. ​Nokia really swamped the market as they made the best devices for Windows Phone. Other OEMs were reluctant and Samsung at the time put out Focus which was okay but nothing to write home about in terms of hardware. When Nokia had no choice (as they were going under anyway), and built some stand out devices this was misintrepretted by other OEMs that Microsoft and Nokia were the be all end all partnership. But Microsoft are/were in partnership with HTC, Samsung, LG and others too. It was the other OEMs that dropped the ball and were chased off by Nokia's aggressive uptake of the OS and partnership. Windows 10 for Mobile will not go away, as you say. There are recent stories saying Microsoft are still working with HTC. I think what has hindered Samsung from releasing any new WM devices is the legal battle they and Micosoft are in for the last year. This will be resolved eventually and Samsung will bring out a Galaxy equivilent for Windows Mobile too. Microsoft reported they would be concentrating on getting the Core cleaned up in WIndows 10 around the beginning of December. The last couple build updates were basically bug fixes and they are starting to come quicker now for the anticipated release of Windows 10 Mobile for the legacy devices. It's never an easy thing to build such a complex environment and what Microsoft are doing by building one OS to run all is mindboggling on what is being acheived here. Only Microsoft could pull this off effectively, no other.    
  • Microsoft failed to deliver their promise of an update a year.
    Release windows 10 mobile already. This is getting frustrating.
    I love Microsoft and do, believe they can do better then the rest but for now my next phone purchase which is years off is looking dim for a windows phone
  • That's okay and understandable..
  • I don't want to see the end of Windows phones! I just love them!!
  • I just can't imagine that the next time I want to buy a phone. Lumia will not be an option!
  • The less poor Indians on the platform the better
  • Great way of explaining what's going on with the Windows Mobile turmoil. I have always admired Windows focus because goes out of the ordinary way of thinking. I had read many explanations regarding Windows 10 Mobile and this one that Dan Rubino explains makes the most sense. I love Windows Software and Microsoft devices. I will keep doing my part in proselytizing Windows Mobile as an alternative to be productive and out of the ordinary. Peace to all.
  • Having read that....I feel a pulse
  • TL:DR Nadella doesn't want to fight, he wants to fly away from the hot zone and plant a weird seed somewhere and see if it grows, so he can be alone with his tiny plant and be always in awe of how great and perfect that little plant is compared to the nothingness of the surroundings
  • You just described how Steve jobs made the iPhone.. Well done
  • Honestly, this shouldn't be as difficult as Microsoft has been making it. Breaking into an industry and gaining competitive market share is something they have already done in the past with the Xbox. I don't understand why they refuse to do what they did there. RELEASE A PREMIUM DEVICE, and take a loss on the hardware. The markup on phones is crazy. Im 90% sure that consumers will flock to the Microsoft OS if they release a ground breaking premium device that is super soft on peoples wallet. Take a loss, get the devices into peoples hands and developers will start to support your OS. Just do what we already know will work.
  • They will still have issues since media journalists always slam the lack of apps.
  • When is "Surface" arriving in India? I hate Satya Nadella
  • Tell me window 10 release date
    for mobile.
    Iam totally Tired of waitinggg For official update
  • Buy a new phone and you'll have it. Poor people can't demand services when they are using a 4 year old phone. Ergh
  • Your level-headed articles are always a joy to read. Thanks for keeping things in perspective Daniel
  • Year after year we hear about these companies that are going to adopt Windows Mobile but the devices just never come to market. I'll beleive it when it happens. Posted via the Note 4/Nexus 7 (2013)/Lumia 1020/Lumia 2520
  • I have been a huge fan of Microsoft since windows phone 7. Today i am giving up on Windows phone 10 for Iphone so sad. But i have to go on and windows phone is stuck
  • IPhone retarded. That fits in well with your level of intelligence.
  • Microsoft doesn't listen and this was to happen. Sooner the better. In this process, they not only killed Nokia for Windows phone hardware but also losing their credibility in the device market. May God save them now!! Customers won't, that is surely looking right now!!
  • You are an idiot with no vision. This is why you're not running a company. The way you think is going to leave you very low level for the rest of your life.
  • Also don't know if you're retarded. But open source makes all of windows open source. They lose all their money and windows collapses Microsoft. Think before you speak dipshit.
  • People what can you expect from someone who just discovered the caps lock this day and time geez.. /s hehe
  • Maybe that's the reason my the Lumia 650 is called a business phone. Well business or not business, I want it.
  • Well summised Daniel. You're an asset to windows central
  • When's the next update for my 950, that's all I want to know
  • i love my lumia 930 shame the 950 didnt look like the 650 casue the 650 looks great but without thr flagship specs id personally want.  I think by now its obvious what microsofts mobile stratagy is.  they aint pushing anything cause they aint ready too yet, when they have the next big thing in mobile then they will stat pushung, im guessing the surface phone will comeout either 2016 or 2017 then there will be a gigantic push.  I think microsoft are waitign not just for surface phone but also for windows 10 to be feature heavy, relitavly bug free(which for my 930 it feels bug free now.) and only when these thigs are met will they push the surface phone so they dont upset or mess around any more developers and personally i think thats very smart, just no more one drive change situations or xbox ones, microsoft cant absorb that kind of damage again, they just cant. Al;l i want is a up and runing apple pay system like was promised on my lumia 930 2 years ago via a secure sim that had to be checked by visa, and yeh never was even after all the vodaphone excuses.  I also want them to fulful the 2014 promise that windows gestures was being built into windows 10.  Lastly either the elimination of that horrable hamburger menu or return it to the bottom right where the 3 dots are and have pivoting too on the same pages, then at least you give the user choice, do these things and release them in flagship specs like the 950 but in a gorgeous premium shell(look at the 930 and its shell and screen), and not the plastic budget look of the 520, then you got a winner.
  • I enjoy Windows 10 Mobile. I love my Lumia 830. I'll just keep trekking on, content with my strange ways. Feel free to join me if you're not too busy complaining.
  • +1 on that Zach feel same way bout w10m and my icon.
  • This whole article reads like an appology than explanation - probably because it is. Surface line help inspire new hardware from vendors because: 1. They were already building hardware (for past 30 years) 2. PC business is in decline and new innovation is needed No such thing can be said for Mobile. Nobody had built great Windows hardware and they are not going to do so now even if Microsoft stopped selling Nokia. If anything, the fact that Microsoft seems defeated, that will make the OEMs confirm the fact that they were right in not investing in Windows Mobile. I know it's Dan's opnion but it cannot be Microsoft's strategy. Microsoft cannot compete in mobile OS market with Windows 10. It's a horrible experince in every sense of the way and to sell any hardware based on it is a crime. Nobody is a bigger Windows fan than I am, but the state of Windows 10 on mobile (L830) is just laughable. I think Microsoft knows this and they have no option but to let it die slowly. Windows Mobile isn't going to significantly improve under Nadella's leaderahip that much is clear.       
  • love this article best writen article i have seen on windows central and refreshing to see some people get it. Thks loads.
  • Okay. I bet on it Daniel, WP is seriouly going to die. I bet with you. Maybe not tomorrow, not after a year, but eventually it will. You have to consider the fact that they are building W10M from a complete ONE year. And in one year when you cannot make atleast a "STABLE OS" then how you think it will be adopted. And everyone knows the position of Microsoft's own Apps on it's own platform, why talk about other developers. End of the day, IT WILL DIE. I WILL BET YOU ON IT.
  • I won't.. Win98 was in beta what 2yrs? Then the beta period for win98se? The beta period for millennium? What iteration of desktop windows are we in now? Bottom line Microsoft has the money to keep floating windows mobile till they get it right, if they wish to that is.. W10m may not be doing so great but I'm not willing to publically bet against it either with those kind of resources to back it.
  • I don't think so because W10M need extreme focus from Microsoft to make it better which they aren't giving.
  • Good article that doesn't rely on sensationalist Chicken Little tactics to make headlines. I have to say, it is a little light on info compared to your usual, Dan, but I cannot fault you for that ("All the news that's fit to print" as they say). Still, it makes me wonder in regards to your insider info...which I am sure you are dying to share with us...but can't. Then there's "the Surface Phone," which is silo'ed moreso than any Lumia we've yet known. And fewer phones in general, means fewer leaks to report. Time, of course, shall answer all. It terms of enticing third-party handset manufacturers, I believe there are several things Microsoft can do to sweeten the pot. As non-Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile market share is currently an insignificant quantity, offering the OS free-of-charge for a limited time might make the offer irresistible to OEMs such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei and others. Think about it, the handsets are already there, these companies have invested millions to billions of dollars in them, and even the mighty Samsung is struggling to turn a profit. That not only goes to show that Microsoft may be on to something, not splintering its phone lineup into 100 different variants. It also means that for a lower cost per unit and almost zero investment, Samsung can move a few more Galaxy S7s out the door. Once their market share rises (much like the free upgrade to Windows 10 desktop), Microsoft can taper off the deal and begin selling the mobile OS to an actual pool of OEMs, instead of a few thousand units that essentially do nothing for Microsoft's bottom line currently. However that would require a delay of profits, and even one-time expenses for the promotion and assisting OEMs in getting their hardware online with the new OS. The second tactic, one that would be targeted at smaller OEMs as well as the end-user, is to offer the brilliant Carl Zeiss PureView camera module, in its entirety, to any third party manufacturer that is interested in installing it in their Windows 10 Mobile device. I know it is unlikely, but it would help to cement Win10 Mobile as the photographer's choice. I might consider any alternative to Microsoft's OEM flagship, if it weren't for the lack of a camera button and the leading optics. While businesses likely don't pay much heed to this benchmark, I think it would make a strong identifier for the choice to opt out of Android or iOS.
  • I dont know about others but i have been using 950XL. And w 10works like achar.. Intially 520 my older device would have trouble with w10 builds but recent builds have made it good. Lumia 830 works better on w10 then it did on wp8.1. There are certain bugs but overall a better os.
  • My two favorite and best Windows phones are both made by Samsung: my 3 year old Samsung Ativ S, and my 2 year old Ativ SE.  My SE has better specs than the new iPhones (screen res and ppi); my SE benchmarks better than almost all Nokia phones; i've had Nokia 625, now got an 830 running Windows 10, and i keep 'going back' to my Ativ SE running 8.1; it's so light; perfect size; much better screen;  it's the best Windows phone that noone knows about (bought it on eBay for less than $100)....
  • Congrats Dan, impressive state of the art.
  • Yeah, article is very interestingly good, this is the actually first ever windows mobile article I actually did read completely.
  • Only Google can actually save WP, but unfortunately Google does not want that. So yeah, eventually MSFT will have to "Shut down the Windows Mobile Division". And YOU WILL WRITE AN ARTICLE ON IT DANIEL. I "Promise" you. You will.
  • Daniel, good to see you have faith in the strategy of MS. Around me I see business users abandoning windows phones, all were ready to replace their 1520 and 930 with the 950. Those who did regret it and those wo did not have nothing to look forward to and are looking at alternatives. MS hurt its mobile platform big time by releasing a beta OS on their new hw. I stopped recommending windows phones to all my clients, MS is just too unpredictable and there is no commitment. I'll wait it out, if my 1520 dies tomorrow I would not know what phone to replace it with. Getting a windows phone now is like playing Russian roulette, there is a serious change I get stuck with an unsupported appless OS.
  • Let the remaining WP out there be Continuum-abled under Win10 wrt hardware requirements. Much for now that mid-range SD are on promotions as 'Continuumable'.
  • Microsoft wants to make prototypes to showcase the true potential of their software. Fine. But right now, they should use the powerful brand image of Nokia to propel their vision. I have seen many people buying windows phones just because it was made by Nokia. The only way to do that is to make more Lumias. May be, you can outsource this to other OEMs like Google did with their Nexus brand.
  • Dan's article represents a very interesting and well thought-out analysis. The only question left unanswered though, is a big one: why the incredibly shabby marketing and carrier relations? I know everyone says the 950 XL is a ho-hum phone, but hardly to everyone (like me). Nonetheless, why isn't it available at T-Mobile and Verizon? Why the utterly comical button placement? Why no Wi-fi calling? Why no Visual Voicemail? Why the seemingly selective lack of functionality that simply should be there in a business-oriented phone? Someone had to decide this on purpose! It is so totally ridiculous that it seems like there's some sort of odd strategy at work. The 950 XL is a magnificent phone, but why is it only available at the MS Store? And the Lumia 650 - does it really not support Continuum? If it's true, then clearly that's just ridiculous, especially for a phone that calls itself all about business. Come on, it's hardly a wonder that Lumia sales are so pathetic. So what is MS doing?
  • It comes down to apps at the end of the day. Universal apps are a start but not the complete solution to the wasteland that is the windows store. Here is an idea, how about promoting the phones more as well. We are just seeing an IOS bridge now, there is so far to go.
  • The UWP platform is dead. No apps in the store. Sorry but time to face it. Windows of any kind for consumers is a walking zombie. No sane user should consider a Windows device for normal use like web surfing, mail, Facebook and using bank apps. 90% of all users should buy an iPad or android tablet and be done with it. It hurts to realize but it's the truth.
  • The mainstream media has totally given up on Windows Mobile, no churnalist dares break ranks from dissing the product. The only peeps who will evangelis Windows Mobile now are 'the fans'. Yet MSFT keeps shafting us with late, buggy code that lacks the features we're voting for.
  • Well Mr. Rubino.. It seems as though I was mistaken. For a while now I had been beating a silent drum for you to lose your editor-in-chief title to a Mr. Jason Ward! But it looks as though you wrestled that thought from my head and solidified the title once again. This was a therapeutic piece that said not what we wanted to hear, but maybe what those of us needed to hear: Back to business focus for Microsoft that may drive consumer interest however, of which, is not required.
    I have been piecing together and reading in between the clues that you and others have left regarding the big reveal and I think I have it now. It is only obvious when you think of what is the next transformative leap in business mobile focus. At any rate, see you there!
  • Personally, I feel the exact opposite of you on Jason and Daniel's articles.  I now skip straight over Jason's 20,000 word, pie-in-the-sky fanboy rants, while I've always liked Daniel's articles, as he always seemed pragmatic on things, calling a spade a spade, even when things aren't looking good.  I was really disappointed to read this piece from him, especially the delusional part about OEM partners. As for the clues about his super secret insider info, I'm guessing it's still the HP Elite X3, contrary to his red herring HP reference in this article.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it as a 3-in-1 type device, with the phone mounting in a tablet / laptop shell, though I think it'll become an irrelevant novelty device, like the Motorola Atrix and Asus Padfone before it.
  • Well so this all article is an educated guess!?
  • Well, the core features of W10M are good. But OEM partnership means when Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and even Huawei and Xiaomi make W10M devices. Some minor OEM does not wow people.
  • "the idea that your average mom and pop will be running a Windows Phone in 2016 or 2017 is dead​" - ironically, both of mine do. And other members of my family. And a few of my friends. And my friend's family. None of them are tech geeks like me, they're just general consumers who want a phone that works well and syncs easily to their other stuff. None of them have any major reasons to move, either. Whilst I'm not saying Windows Phone has been/is a success, I think too much attention is given to the low marketshare in countries like in the US, and it overshadows how well it does in other countries - I'm in the UK, and statistically I think it was that between 8 and 10% of mobile users in the UK use Lumia devices. You see them around and about a lot, and they're almost always advertised in network/carrier shopfronts. I believe WP did even better in Italy. But, at the end of the day, it's merely a phone OS. I think I'll continue living should it not work out.
  • I hope so, as I can't stand the closed Apple system or the ad prone Android platform. I have all three by the way Galaxy S5 and Ipad Air 2 and 950 xl, 1520 and 930
  • Bur we would love more Lumia phones on the bank, sadly though it's not going to happen:(
  • This move is sure to kill windows mobile in India since there is no other OEM willing to take the risk of releasing windows phones.
  • Great article, Daniel. The strategy as you lay it out makes sense. I hope we do start to see other companies providing W10 devices. With every iteration I enjoy W10 more on my 640XL. In the last 3 months it finally reached daily driver usability for me.
  • I have a lumia 630 i loved my fave phone, However i recently got a core prime galaxy, on par with lumia. I must say what lag?? I've not experienced much at all.... Android isn't how i remembered it to be, was awful 5 years ago Not responding all the time. With the App Gap I've missed out on a lot it's evident, till they sort this out I'm not going back. I also don't like Windows 10 on the Computer much to be honest , Win 7 works fine for me and I've seen many more people refuse to go to 10 on the computer. So i guess that maybe the key, if you don't update your computer what good is Universal Apps?.. If i was microsoft id let all the android apps onto windows phone :D. 
  • This new strategy sounds like nothing more than management trying to save their ass. Business users and consumers are the same people. Why would they make entirely different choices at work?! MS used to aim at young consumers, thus future business users; that seems much smarter. In the business world, there's the exact same competitors, what can WM offer to business users that IOS and Android can't, especially with all MS software available on these platforms as well? Does MS think continuum will do magic? 'Coming soon' is going to last a very long time.
  • If this O/S is supposed to be business focused, where's the LinkedIn integration gone? LinkedIn is a fundamentally important "social" environment for business but has arbitrarily been yanked from W10M, where's the business sense in that? Now, all my business contacts, and I have many, no longer appear in my phone contacts (let's not call it a "People" hub anymore, Microsoft have decimated the once unique People hub). No this O/S is, at best, half baked and to say I'm disappointed is a huge understatement after switching to Windows Phone from iPhone on day one.
  • Microsoft is Primarily a software compant so I would not get shocked if Microsoft has some overseas company make a few Microsoft smart phones for them so they could sell in their stores and just improve the Windows 10 mobile OS and let it's OEM partners carry the ball. This would save them money and Windows smart phone will survive. I expect to see 2 types of Surface smart phones to debut soon one will be called just "Surface smart Phone" anf the other the "Surface Pro smart phone" the Surface smart phone will be an ARMS CPU smart phon running Windows 10 Mobile OS. The Surface Pro smart phone will use an Intel CPU running a modified full desktop Windows 10 OS and be enabled to Run all Windows10 desktop PC store App, Run Universal Apps and run some full desktop PC programs best run in it's Continuum mode. This smart phone will be a Smart phone / Pocket PC hybrid in a class by itself and sell well.
  • My first phone was a windows phone.i didn't bought it because it ran Windows,i bought it because it was manufactured by the legendary NOKIA
  • I'm not sure that enough has been made of the loss of the Nokia name. It meant a great deal to consumers, particularly in Europe. I'm sure it was majorly responsible for the big gains Windows Phone made over here.
  • I think Microsoft should go Apple style
    Ditch all partners and make great phones
  • Sadly I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet & go back to Android. It was a pain in the but when I last tried it 5 years ago and reminded me of owning a PC in the early 90s, with all the memory and battery issues. I seemed to spend more time fiddling with the setup of the phone than I did actually just using it. The straight forwardness of Windows Phone came as a blessed relief after all that messing. In the end though it's about the apps. The ones we don't have and the quality of the ones we do. I'm looking mainly at the two I use the most: the current Facebook app is an absolute dogs dinner, particularly the notifications. This should be premium app on any phone and I see no sign of any urgency to get the Windows version as polished as it is on Android or IOS. The other app I use a lot is Viber, mainly because my friends use it. From day one I've suffered with delays in receiving messages, or messages being received but no notification. Where is the universal app they said they were working on last summer? Most likely it well never arrive. I should imagine that most devs are now looking at the dramatic fall in Lumia sales & holding off on investment.  It's a shame and I genuinely will be going back to Android with a very heavy heart. I so much wanted this Windows thing to work, but right now it seems further away than ever. I'm fed up waiting for the one big feature that's going to revive Windows Phone/Mobile. Don't think it's going to be Continuum and the jury is out on universal apps.  I'm now heading to somewhere where the apps are fully featured and work well (er, hopefully :D  ), particularly the Microsoft ones. Can anyone think of a decent Android phone for about £200? 
  • For your budget, the Moto G (3rd generation) is a good choice.  The Moto X Pure has also been out for long enough that you may find good deals in it .
  • Just let us know when is the release date schedule for w10 ,dying to get it MS.
  • When would be windows 10 released fir windows phone
  • Be interesting if MS did something similar to the nexus line. A 2nd party collaboration. Give software engineers to third party phone manufactures to put OneCore on existing android phones.
  • "Sometimes to take a major step forward, you must completely change direction" - Steve Jobs (at least thats who the internet told me)
  • I am a Windows Phone fan. And I just came to read the article, then read the comments.. :)
  • ive been reading the comments and everyone seems to have an opinion on what they think whats going on but i think in the end we'er waiting for the update. between Daniel and i the other writer Jason either 100% know or guessing MS strategy from the articles written but some of us comsumers are not seeing it (atleast not me). we are long overdue for an update and i cant imagine what it takes to develope but MS has been doing this for a long time, not knowing when we are gonna get it bothers me. i recently got my mom and mother in law a 640xl & 640 and waiting the for W10 update but dont know when, it feels like i ordered something from an online store but they cant tell me when its gonna be delivered but its on its way. what we need is the update for those who have the 950/XL high ends phone have an OS that compliments the phone, looks premium, feels premium & should run the type of OS a premium phone should have. MS is a software company first and doesnt have the interest in WM as it should if they really want to be apart of the mobile space, their history has shown that and what they have produced recently hasnt really changed that IMO. with all that said imma stick with WM because i really like the OS but impatiently waiting for that update, i am here til the wheels fall off. the problem is with the pace they are moving at and the delays it could be sooner than later. with all promises MS is making and the strategies Daniels & Jason are writing its getting harder see it or even believe it because it not being seen ( atleast not in my eyes), i am falling for the banana in the tailpipe?  
  • Never understood the over abundance of Lumias under the old Nokia with many crippled devices in low and midrange. Having perhaps just 3 devices a year (should MS continue with the 2016 model paradigm), could be enough to entice OEM partners into filling the gaps or compete on price. While the days of super cheap Lumias as well as a good choice of midrange Lumias are perhaps over, I am excited to see what's happening with Win 10 Mobile. The Alcatel Fierce XL, the flagship Acer, VAIO, the rumored HP, are already good signs.
  • honestly, i want a new phone badly, but the price point is just to high for the flagship line.  Sadly, i rely on a carrier to help with the price point.  now that ATT has gone the next plan only, it makes it harder for me.  yes i know the perks of the next plan.  lower monthly bill, leave when i want, blah blah.  but i dont switch carriers just because.  i have never needed to switch carrirer just because and i dont need a new phone every year.  i am a 2-3 year phone person. again, mainly due to monitary reason. i know i need to adapt though because contracts are not coming back.  I have a 640 and i come to realize, i dont need a lot.  i dont play games on the phone, so i dont need a top of the line cpu.  i do miss my wireless charging (came from a 920) i dont care about the dedicated camera button, but it was nice.  1GB of ram works for me, but 2 would be great.  the only limitation i run into is the 8GB of storage.  16 would be great.     i have been tempted to look on ebay for an 830.  any suggestions if this is a wise choice. i am curious to know how win 10 build .107 runs. i cant go back to 8.1 now that i am on 10 for the potential of a surface phone. it just needs to be able to do continumm and just be quick.  i thing the 6xx cpu would be fine (if that line can do continumm)  honestly, i dont care about the face unlock so cut the cost there (although, i have not used it, so i may be wrong) make it like $399 and i bet it would sell like hot cakes.  i am just afraid they will put it at $599 or $699 because it has the "surface" name so now it have to be expensive.  time will tell.  
  • I disagree with the premise that there is "no device that could save the Windows Mobile platform." Exhibit A: Apple's IMac.
  • Win 10 mobile isn't as good on old phones, but my 950xl is pretty good. The win 10 os isn't as polished as 8.1 yet, but it is the better os in terms of features. Microsoft just needs to speed up on polishing win 10 and win 10 mobile.
  • I love how the author completely glossed over Microsofts current push of porting and updating its apps and services on iOS and Android.  Their services and Apps in most cases have more features and updates than those on W10M.  If you have used Microsoft products for the past 20 years, you know that its not inconceivable for Microsoft to kill W10M, since its currently a money pit, and Microsft has killed off far more popular and promising products.  Most likely W10M will hobble along until Microsoft finds a vision where they believe it will succeed. Its not dead, but in cryo-status.  If you like using your Windows Phone, continue to do so.  If the Surface phone comes to fruition and floats your boat, buy it.  Just don't think Microsoft is currenty attempting to make Windows 10 Mobile a viable smartphone ecosystem compared with Apple and Google, because ALL evidence shows that it is NOT. 
  • I know I don't have to read all these posts...But we seem to get a ton of posts like this about Microsoft and their strategy over and over again when it comes to phone (Mostly saying the same thing) - Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion in my mind, and this isn't a whine just feedback.I like a lot of the content on this site but find myself not wanting to read the ones like this when we get a few of them in quick succession pretty much about the same thing.
  • Is Samsung developing a Windows Mobile phone? See ( "Phone OS"
  • The only strategy they need to get OEM's hopping on board is the ability to either replace or skin the shell. This is all they have asked since day one.  This is the number one reason Android is popular (to OEMs).
  • I still want an HP phone.
  • MS going back to its roots would (to me) mean fighting against BYOD on enterprises and instead make enterprises buy W10(M) devices to their employees. Many companies which provide IT for enterprises still like MS and the simplicity and cost effectiveness of providing MS stuff to their customers. In this way MS gets their money, W10M gets users and in the end apps and other stuff. Enterprises were already expecting this from WP7, but MS never made WP7-8.1 to work well with their own IT infrastucture and the deployments largely failed. Not to mention that it was, IS, close to impossible to provide custom software outside Store. W10M has big improvements, and provides like the writer said _opportunity_ for enterprises to bring their operations away from the XP-W7-based stone age they are currently living.
  • Well I don't know whats going to happen but I am Ok with that.
    What if these PC makers also start making phones, HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo and then bundle these to business purchases. Buy 1000 (pick a number) win10 PCs and get the same amount of win10 phones (for free). That is maybe one way to get into enterprises and make businesses switch phones.  
  • Actually funny you say that the idea of Mom and Pop using Windows Phone is dead.  My Mom, Dad, Father-In-Law, and Step-Mother-In-Law all use Windows Phones for the same reason.  None of them like that "Insta-Face-Gram" the young-ins use, and the platform UI is very well suited to give them at-a-glance information.  Also, the HERE maps are still a winner.  
  • I have lots of issues with this article, but I'm only going to point out one. "Microsoft is not a hardware company. It is a software company that occasionally makes some great flagship devices." So, what do you make of the Xbox brand? I have an Xbox One and an Xbox 360 and I'm almost certain both are hardware.
  • To my mind Microsoft should have never waivered from their original vision for Windows Phone. I still use Windows Phone 7 & for the main am happy with it. What I liked about their approach at this time was offering a device which put speed & stability over features. It was also well integrated & one did not have much need to recourse to third party apps. The problem with iOS & Android is they eventually get a whole load of crudware, slow-down over time & can even be exploited by malware. The original vision of Windows Phone was to stand out from the crowd & offer something unique. You were quickly in & out & then on with your life with this metaphor. Indeed this was the real philosophy behind such a simplified tile interface anyway - to be read in much the same way one reads Metro Signs. Instead of persisting & refining the experience Microsoft has now just destroyed the original charm & gone for an app, app, app approach similar to everyone else's offering. Since there is nothing different about it other than a limited app store why would anyone switch?
  • "Microsoft does not want to be in the phone business" Unfortunately it's competitors do. Google wants to be in the phone business. Apple wants to be in the phone business. This is obvous from the way they look at devices. For Apple technology is a fashion item, a brand accessory. For Google, its a way of connecting everyone to their main product  - search and thus advertising. Microsoft seem to look at mobile in a utliitarian way. They accept mobile access is kind of a normal way of using technology.  Historically IBM developed their PC that way. Their mainframe sales people were in offces and started seeing people using Apple II on desks because getting a solution on the mainframe took programmers months. The micro could bridge the gap. IBM decided they needed their own PC just to fill in that tiny little unimportant niche to avoid having non-IBM equipment arounf their customers' offices. However it was the clone makers that loved the PC, developed the PC, eventually controlled the industry and forced IBM out of it.  Microsoft and mobile is the same story. They can see it there. They are worried about people using mobile devices without Microsoft being a big player. They can produce their version but they have no enthusiasm for it. In a corporate speak kind of way the "One Windows", "Windows everywhere" sounds like a strategy but isn't. It will make them money. They are interested in business and the cloud. That's fine they will turn a profit. Phone is like the IBM thing again. They feel they have to offer something.  Surface Phone probably wont matter. A series of phone makers creating Windows 10 Mobile devices at the bottom end of the market. Unless those OEMs are going to encourage retail sale, build real market traction leading to apps and a vibrant ecosystem then they will just be very oridnary.  I dont get the impression Microsoft loves Windowsphone. It's kind of an unwanted orphan living in the spare room well away from the popular natural kids called Office 365 and Windows. Only when Microsoft adopt their orphan and make it a really mainstream part of their business as loved as anything else will they make a success of it. 
  • If you fail then just redefine what failure means.
  • Move along, nothing to see here. OEM's are not going to embrace W10. They tried Win 8.1 and got burned.
  • It's all about the apps and nothing else.  Microsoft has one of three mobile options:  1. Adopt Android.  2. Build world-class best-in-class apps in house (ie: Microsoft Garage, expanding the Office portfolio, developing new social apps and refocusing (pun intended) on the mobile photography market.   3. Scale way back and be a niche product for a niche market as BlackBerry is doing with a limited selection of very highend phones.