Minecraft Dungeons guide: How to buy better equipment from vendors in Camp

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The focus of any dungeon-crawling ARPG like Minecraft Dungeons is to be constantly searching for the next powerful piece of gear. Apart from looting chests and enemies in Minecraft Dungeons' many available levels, players can also take advantage of various vendors to purchase new equipment. Take your currencies and do some shopping between missions for your next weapon, armor, artifact, or even Unique weapon or armor.

How do I buy new equipment from vendors in the Minecraft Dungeons Camp?

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Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy (Image credit: Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

No matter which version of Minecraft Dungeons you own, or where you play Minecraft Dungeons, you'll have access to a variety of vendors that offer a range of products and services. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your Camp and vendors.

Knowing your vendors

To buy new equipment from vendors in Minecraft Dungeons, you first need to be familiar with all the available vendors. More and more vendors join Minecraft Dungeons as time goes on, each with a distinct purpose and use for players. Right now, there are six vendors in Minecraft Dungeons, and it's up to you to upgrade your Camp by unlocking all the vendors.

The vendors currently in Minecraft Dungeons include the Village Merchant, who offers a wide selection of medium-quality gear; the Blacksmith, who upgrades your existing gear for a cost; the Gift Wrapper, who lets players send and receive gifts to and from other players; the Luxury Merchant, who offers a small selection of high-quality gear; the Mystery Merchant, who offers a wide selection of random gear crates; and the new Piglin Merchant, who offers a variety of gear (including powerful Gilded gear) in exchange for gold.

Making the money

Out of the six vendors in Minecraft Dungeons, five only accept emeralds, the game's primary currency. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons, and merely playing the game is usually sufficient to collect a decent stockpile of shiny green gems.

Suppose you're wanting to skip a few steps and don't mind "cheesing the system," as it were. In that case, you can also create an infinite emerald and XP farm in Minecraft Dungeons, which operates even when you're not playing. Build the necessary loadout, set up the farm, and then sit back and relax as your character collects an endless amount of emeralds and levels up.

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Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy (Image credit: Source: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

It's recommended that you use your emeralds relatively sparingly, at least in the early game, as vendors like the Blacksmith and Luxury Merchant can become increasingly important as the game goes on. If you require a new piece of gear, or if something catches your eye, you can use any of the vendors at any point in between missions.

The only vendor who doesn't accept emeralds is the newest: the Piglin Merchant. This deceptively frightening character comes to your Camp after you collect your first piece of gold, the latest currency to be added to Minecraft Dungeons. Gold can't be bought with real money, but it can only be earned from playing Flames of the Nether missions or (more commonly) from opening and exploring the massive Ancient Hunts.

Buying what you need

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Now that you have a basic understanding of what vendors are available and what currency they accept, you're finally ready to start buying! To purchase anything from vendors or to use their services (in the case of the Blacksmith and Gift Wrapper), confirmation is accomplished by holding down the necessary button, which is "A" on Xbox.

Each vendor that sells gear also offers "Reserve" and "Restock" options for players. Reserve lets you lock down a piece of equipment you want and prevent it from being refreshed or replaced after completing a mission. This is useful if you see something you want but don't have the money to buy it right away. Restock lets you spend some extra cash to refresh everything that vendor is currently offering. This is useful if nothing catches your eyes and you have some disposable emeralds lying around.

Here's the full breakdown of each vendor in the Minecraft Dungeons Camp:

  • Blacksmith. Upgradeable. Originally appears in Redstone Mines. The Blacksmith can reroll a piece of gear's power level to the player's recommended power level after three completed missions at the recommended difficulty. Costs vary depending on the gear being upgraded.
  • Gift Wrapper. Non-upgradeable. Originally appears in Soggy Swamp. The Gift Wrapper helps players gift a piece of gear to another player in the same lobby. The power level of the equipment is rerolled to the recipient's recommended power level. Costs are consistent over time and don't change.
  • Village Merchant. Upgradeable. Originally appears in Creeper Woods. The Village Merchant offers a wide selection of medium-grade gear at reasonable prices. Gear is always appropriately powered and are of Common and Rare quality. Costs vary depending on gear.
  • Luxury Merchant. Upgradeable. Originally appears in Cacti Canyon. The Luxury Merchant offers a small selection of high-grade gear at high prices. Gear is appropriately or slightly higher-powered and can be of Unique quality. Costs vary depending on gear.
  • Mystery Merchant. Upgradeable. Originally appears in Pumpkin Pastures. The Mystery Merchant offers a wide selection of random crates, which contain low-to-high-grade gear at low prices. Equipment is appropriately powered but random. Costs increase over time.
  • Piglin Merchant. Upgradeable. Joins Camp after the player obtains Gold for the first time. The Piglin Merchant offers a small selection of gear in exchange for Gold. Gear is appropriately powered and can even be Gilded. Costs vary depending on gear.

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