Minecraft Dungeons Howling Peaks DLC releases December 9, adds new Season Pass

Minecraft Dungeons Dlc Howling Peaks Windswept Peaks
Minecraft Dungeons Dlc Howling Peaks Windswept Peaks (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is a co-op focused ARPG spin-off of Minecraft, created by Mojang Studios.
  • The game regularly adds new content in the form of expansions, with two having been released already.
  • The new DLC expansion, Howling Peaks, drops December 9, adding a new area, foes, gear, and more.
  • A new Season Pass will also be available, which will include the next four Minecraft Dungeons DLC's, including Howling Peaks.

Minecraft Dungeons has already come a long ways since its launch, with the release of important updates and expansions like Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and the addition of new endgame content with Apocalypse Plus. Now fans of Mojang Studio's co-op focused ARPG Minecraft spin-off are looking to the future, with the next expansion for Minecraft Dungeons. The Howling Peaks DLC is coming on December 9, 2020.

Minecraft Dungeons' next DLC will add a new mountainous area filled with unique wind-based baddies, a terrifying new boss, loads of gear, new puzzles to solve, and more. There will also be a free update for all players launching alongside Howling Peaks, which will add six new enchantments to the base game.

Howling Peaks was announced back at Minecraft Live, alongside a sneak peek at other future Minecraft Dungeons updates, and is going to launch alongside a new Season Pass. Interested players can still buy Howling Peaks separately, just like with both of the previous DLC expansions, but purchasing the Season Pass gives you access to the next four Minecraft Dungeons DLC's, including Howling Peaks, at a discounted price. For those who want everything Minecraft Dungeons has to offer, this is definitely the way to go, especially since future DLC's plan to take Minecraft Dungeons to the Nether and beyond.

The Howling Peaks DLC and the Season Pass will both be available for Minecraft Dungeons on December 9. If you haven't tried Minecraft Dungeons yet, the game is one of the Best Games for Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) and one of the Best Games for Kids, thanks to its innovative touch controls, accessible gameplay, and focus on fun co-op experiences. You can still buy the Hero Edition right now, which includes the base game and both of the previous DLC expansions.

Even better, a Black Friday deal means it's just $15 at Amazon for a physical copy of Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition!

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