Minecraft 'Nether Update': Known issues and bugs

Minecraft Nether Update Java Image
Minecraft Nether Update Java Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Nether Update is finally here, and it's rolling out to every supported platform as we speak. Mojang Studios did a commendable job making this update as smooth and stable as possible, but there's always some bugs and issues that slip past, despite the best efforts of everyone involved. They're being dilligent in keeping track of these issues as they attempt to fix them, so we're compiling some of the bigger ones into a handy list for you!

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This is not where you should go to report additional bugs or issues you've found. If you're running into a problem with the Nether Update that isn't listed here, head over to Mojang Studios' site to file them.

What are the known issues and bugs with the Nether Update?

Minecraft Nether Update Java Image

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

There are quite a few known issues, but we'll be going over some of the ones that have captured the attention of the Minecraft community, in which there are possible workarounds or Mojang Studios has confirmed they're working on it. Most of these are little bugs that are more annoying than anything, but some of them can actually affect gameplay, so be sure to look at every one and be cautious, in case you're affected by the same bug.

Players have been having issues on the Bedrock Edition in which Nether Portals don't link properly between the Overworld and the Nether. When a player enters a Nether Portal in the Overworld, it doesn't create a linked Nether Portal at the equivalent location in the Nether, and instead teleports that player to a random location. This has lead to impromptu deaths, players being stranded in the Nether, and more. While this would seem like a very serious issue, this only happens when players use third-party tools to alter or reset the Nether in their worlds.

Workaround for this issue: To avoid having this game breaking bug happen to you, do not alter your world using third-party tools. In older versions of Minecraft, being able to reset the Nether and the End was a built-in function, due to the limited size of the worlds. However, worlds in the Bedrock Edition are infinite, so this isn't necessary. Follow this guide to prepare your old worlds for the Nether Update, and simply explore beyond where you already have.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-84937.

Netherite tools and armor aren't immune to fire or lava while playing in a server or Realm

One of the biggest features added in the Nether Update is netherite, a new ore that promises to be superior to diamond in every way, and is the best possible gear you can equip yourself with. On top of that, it's immune to lava and fire... in theory. Players have been finding that netherite tools continue to burn up and disappear in lava and fire, despite the fact that it definitely shouldn't. Fortunately, this issue only happens while playing in a server or Realm, so players who play single-player will be just fine.

Workaround for this issue: Whenever you're playing in a server or Minecraft Realm, take extra caution with your Netherite gear to not take a swim in lava, or accidentally set your very expensive and high-end gear on fire. If you're playing single-player, Netherite gear will still float in lava and won't perish when things get toasty.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-84796.

Basalt deltas and soulsand valleys don't generate proper ceilings

On the Java Edition of Minecraft, basalt deltas (the volcanic biome filled with ash clouds) and soulsand valleys (the gloomy vistas of blue fire and soul sand) generate ceilings made primarily of basalt or soul sand / soil, respectively. This does not happen in the Bedrock Edition, in which the ceilings are usually just plan netherrack. This makes the biomes look lopsided, and results in players having access to less of that resource. It's mostly an aesthetic issue, but Mojang Studios is aware of this and are working on a fix.

There is no real workaround for this issue at this time.

You can track this issue through these two tickets: MCPE-79608 (basalt deltas) and MCPE-69159 (soulsand valleys).

Recipe book does not show crafting recipe when the player does not have all the ingredients

Another annoying bug affecting lots of players on the Bedrock Edition is how the recipe book is no longer showing the crafting recipe for blocks and items the player does not have the ingredients for. Normally, you could use the recipe book to check which ingredients you need to craft something, than focus on getting those ingredients. Apparently this is just a matter of a missing prompt, and you're still able to see the crafting recipe like normal. The game just won't tell you how.

Workaround for this issue: Whenever you're playing with a controller, press the "X" button to show the crafting recipe for a block or item you don't have the ingredients for. Mojang Studios is aware of the missing prompt and is working on a fix, but this will work in the meantime.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-79725

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Android does not have the new Mojang Studios logo

If you play Minecraft on an Android device, you won't see the fresh new Mojang Studios logo or splash screen, which is coming to every other version of the game with this update. This is because Android has always loaded the game differently than other versions, and doesn't have that splash screen. However, Mojang Studios has seen the interest in the new logo appearing on the Android version, and are looking into doing exactly that.

There is no real workaround for this issue at this time.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-79353.

The new music pack doesn't work on Android or iOS devices

The free Music pass from the Minecraft Marketplace isn't working on Android or iOS devices with the Nether Update. That means many players are being met with total silence or a lack of sound effects while playing, which isn't much fun at all. Old music appears to work just fine, this bug just effects the new music for the Nether, including the "Pigstep" music disc. There are two possible workarounds for this issue, but neither are guaranteed to work.

Workaround for this issue: After downloading the new Music pack on your Android or iOS device, make sure to restart Minecraft completely. If it continues not to work, you can try to alter the file location by going to "storage/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/music/" and copying the "vanilla_music" folder to the "resource_packs" folder, than deleting the original "music" folder. If this is too hands on, that's okay! This workaround isn't guaranteed to work, so it's possible it's just a bug in the game code.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-69271.

Zoglins sound the exact same as pigs

Hardly the most pressing of matters, but Mojang Studios did a great job with the Nether Update, so if this made the list they should be proud. Zoglins, the zombified version of hoglins, make the same sound as ordinary pigs, which definitely isn't right for a hyper-aggressive undead beast. This looks like it affects pretty much every platform, although it may be different for the Java Edition.

There is no real workaround for this issue at this time.

You can track this issue through this ticket: MCPE-73220.

A matter of priority

Minecraft Nether Update Java Image

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

This is hardly a comprehensive list of all the bugs players are running into with the newly released Nether Update, but these are the issues pulled out by Mojang Studios and are actively working on. We'll keep our eyes peeled for additional bugs that require more attention, and possible workarounds for any of the more serious issues. In the meantime, be dilligent and help out by reporting or upvoting any bugs that you find, so that Mojang Studios can prioritize the issues that more widely affect players. All things considered, the Nether Update is looking to be a pretty stable release for Minecraft, which is great.



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