Monday Brief: November 28, 2011

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  • I find it very difficult to pay attention to what she's saying.
  • what ? did  she say something as well
  • I'll second that, not that I mind.  I find that if I work on other things and just listen, I take in more.  But it's just more fun to watch!  Nothing wrong with using what you've got. :D
  • She has the nicest rack... I don't really hear what she says, just show me your amazing boobs!
    Sorry, but her boobs are amazing in that shirt... Can't help staring at them...
  • She has a beautiful set. A rack to be proud of. No disrespect Ashley just giving you a compliment. :)
  • With strategic ad placement, she could make a serious killing. 
  • that's funny right there! But also very true
  • She just HAD to bounce'em up and down...