MSI's new monitors are speedy, responsive, and will tell you if you're being unhealthy (apparently?)

MSI (Image credit: MSI)

Source: MSI (Image credit: Source: MSI)

At CES 2020, MSI continued its product lineup announcements with a range of new monitor options for gamers in various categories.

First up, we have the Optix MAG161 above, which is a portable IPS panel with a blistering 240Hz refresh rate, despite its 5mm thickness. It functions as a portable monitor for all sorts of devices, supporting USB-C and HDMI.

Source: MSI (Image credit: Source: MSI)

Next, we have the Optix MEG381CQ, which is a bit of a unique one. The MEG381CQ has a small secondary OLED panel on the front which outputs stats about your games, but also "your life," according to MSI. The integrated front camera will remind you to take breaks, and adapt the brightness to help give your eyes a rest. Other specs aren't available, but I imagine this will probably be quite pricey.

Slightly more conventional is the Optix MAG34 monitor, with the first gaming monitor with a 1000R curvature, according to MSI. The MAG34's Super PVA panel incorporates the "latest" quantum dot technology for deeper blacks, better contrast, and brighter colors.


Source: MSI (Image credit: Source: MSI)

Finally, we have the "esports" MAG251RX. This monitor includes the latest NVIDIA G-Sync tech with 240Hz refresh rates for a smooth, responsive 1ms experience. This IPS panel is VESA certified with HDR 400 dynamic range to boot.

There's no word on availability just yet, but we'll keep you posted.

The lineup compliments MSI's newest laptop range, which all sport 300Hz panels. Check those out over here, and the rest of our CES 2020 coverage over here.

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