Mugen Power to launch 4800mAh wireless portable charger with Qi standard support

Portable chargers are becoming more and more popular, especially with Windows Phones. Nokia is pushing forward with wireless charging and its own family of chargers that can be carried along for the ride. The Lumia 1020 also has a portable charger inside its camera grip accessory. Now Mugen Power will be unleashing a 4800mAh wireless portable charger, and it supports the Qi standard.

The Mugenizer N11 is as hardcore as it sounds. Sporting a full-size USB port, as well as the wireless capabilities just in case you're carrying a Windows Phone (or other device) that requires some juice but isn't compatible with Qi. Should you find yourself currently on a journey and still have an hour left on that film you're excited to finish before having to put the phone away, having the Mugenizer N11 at hand will enable you to squeeze on through.

Now that we've explained exactly why this product would be useful, as well as what it supports in terms of charge transfer, it's time for some technical specifications. The accessory has a rather large capacity of 4800mAh, and weighs in at 230g. If you require such a product to be compact and small, you're only looking at 75mm x 137mm and 14mm, so it's not going to cause issues in that department.

How much will you be looking to fork out for one of your own? $69.95. The Mugenizer N11 is available in white, comes with the USB cable for basic charging and that essentially wraps this up. If you're one to go with Nokia branded accessories, be sure to check out our previous coverage on Nokia portable chargers that were recently announced.

Lastly, if you're wanting to see what's coming in the future, how about charging your smartphone with lightning?

via: Slashgear

Rich Edmonds
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