The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller works with PC, but don't run out and get one

Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch now on sale around the globe, early adopters have been jumping on and getting to grips with the latest console. That also includes some of the fairly wide range of accessories, including the Pro Controller.

Utilising Bluetooth for its connection, the Pro Controller will connect up to a PC just fine it seems. But before you think about running out and buying one, just stop for a moment.

The video above, reported by PCGamer shows one new Switch owner demonstrating his Pro Controller connected up and working with his PC. Pretty cool.

But also unsupported officially.

There's also the small matter of the not-low price of the Switch Pro Controller at $70. I have a Switch, I pre-ordered one for launch day. But I didn't get the Pro Controller because it's too expensive. And I have used one.

That's not to say it's a bad controller, because it isn't. It's actually pretty nice. Quite lightweight, very comfortable in the hands, and with a definite Xbox One-esque feel to it, which is no bad thing. But that's the other thing. You can, and should just use an Xbox One controller with your PC.

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Everything about the Xbox One controller is just better for Windows 10. It's natively supported and the latest version that came with the Xbox One S has Bluetooth for that wire-free experience. The Xbox One controller is the best game controller out there, and the Switch Pro isn't changing that. If you have a Switch or you're planning to get one, get it for that and enjoy it.

If you need one for your PC, do the right thing and get the real deal.

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