The world of highly mofidiable mechanical keyboards can get really expensive. You might start out just wanting something nice and compact, but then you start changing out switches and adding custom keys and doing all sorts of things that just lead to a deep, dark money pit. Well, start your new hobby off on a good note by saving some money instead with the Anne Pro 2 60% mechanical keyboard on sale for $54.12. This is the lowest price we've ever seen on Amazon. It has never been lower than $70, and it regularly sells for around $90 or more.

The white version is $71.20, which isn't quite as good but is still a nice discount if you prefer that color.

Anne Pro 2 Black

Anne Pro 2 60% mechanical keyboard | $36 off

The Anne Pro 2 is a classic 60% keyboard in the mechanical world. It's compact, portable, and can work both wired and wireless. It also has good Bluetooth connectivity and a whole lot of customizability, including the ability to setup your own key layout, lighting, and macros.

On our list of the best mechanical keyboards, the Anne Pro 2 compares most favorably with the Ducky One 2 Mini. They are both super compact keyboards with excellent build qualities that offer an oustanding typing experience. Of course, the Ducky One 2 Mini is going for $109 right now, so you're saving a lot going with the Anne Pro 2 today.

A 60% mechanical keyboard means this device removes all the extraneous buttons you never press like the Function row across the top and the NumPad on the right. It is a keyboard purely used for typing and doesn't even have any arrow keys. The minimalistic design is done on purpose as it requires less hand movement and keeps the keyboard light, portable, and compact. You'll have to learn some shortcuts but you'll still be able to get a full range of functionalities out of it. You'd be surprised how good this is for gamers, too, because it means you can keep the keyboard closer to you and subsequently keep your mouse closer to your keys, so you don't have to stretch out much on your desktop.

The Anne Pro 2 uses Bluetooth for a wireless connection, and it can connect to up to four devices at once. Seamlessly switch between them, too.

While you don't need any extra software, you can use some to configure the keyboard to perfection. Design your own key layout, work on the lighting, and even create advanced macros based on what you want to do.

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