OneNote over the cloud synchronization [How To]

Do you find yourself using tabbed OneNote Notebook with Microsoft Office on your computer? Do you use a Windows Phone 7 device? Why not have your Notebook synchronized to your device and note on the go? Follow the below step-by-step instructions to get yourself set up.

  1. Go to on your PC, and make sure that you have a OneNote file created. If you've used OneNote from your PC, there should be a Personal (Web) file. If not, create it..
  2. If you have OneNote on your PC, you can open it from; just hover over the file, and click Open in OneNote. OneNote will save a book tab on the left side (in rotated print).
  3. On your phone, set OneNote sync on (from Settings / Applications / Office / OneNote). Make sure to set Internet Explorer to default to mobile version (important!) and navigate to in the Browser.
  4. Go to the folder you have the OneNote Notebook, and tap it to open it. This automatically adds the Notebook to your OneNote on the phone, and opens it in OneNote. The tabs will all sync.

That's it complete! If you're like me who always forgets everything from passwords to your own name, this guide will come in handy indeed.

Source: Talys at XDA Forums (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • There's one slightly confusing typo in the post. In step #3 you mean "Internet Explorer" and not "Internet". Otherwise, this worked perfectly.I did some tests with OneNote 2010 and syncing between Windows Live, WP7, and my desktop worked very well! This is going to be a very easy way for me to move adhoc notes to/from my phone. No more e-mailing myself.I did notice that hand drawn stuff in my notes do not show up in WP7. However screen clippings do and obviously text boxes. Text that I entered on WP7 automatically synced back to the desktop.
  • Stark contrast to iphone users who just sign in and sync happens automatically. Sort of like how you would expect it to work with MS's own mobile OS. Pathetic.
  • I'm using this feature now but I tried deleting/removing one of the tabs and it screwed up the sync (errors). I had to put the tab back with the same name to get it to work again. It now syncs everything except the items in the one tab. Anybody experience something similar?
  • I added a few additional notebooks to my phone's sync. Just out of curiosity, how does one remove a notebook from syncing with the phone (without actually deleting the notebook from SkyDrive)?
  • Who uses OneNote? Ok, maybe Lots of people ... but EVERYONE uses Outlook Calendar (ok, maybe not everyone, but lots more than use One Note) ...How bout MSoft trying to sync Outlook Cal with WP7. Even if I have to use LIVE Calendar?But wait! Google Calendar Sync already does that -- automatically. MSoft needs to learn the words "automatic sync." It is obviously not impossible.
  • Dunno, Windows Live Calendar syncs fine with my phone. And Hotmail Connector brought all my Outlook calendar events up to Windows Live. Was actually pretty simple. I don't have to do anything.
  • Does Hotmail Connector require that you receive your Hotmail in Outlook?Reading MSoft's info on Hotmail Connector it makes clear that the LIVE Calendar is imported to Outlook - but it is NOT CLEAR that it is a true sync function Google Calendar Sync works in all directions - I can enter or modify an appt on the PHONE, in OUTLOOK, or on Google Calendar ... and no matter which entry point, the appt ends up listed on all THREE - does Hotmail connector do THAT?
  • Apparently -- Outlook connector DOES do all that (and maybe more - it says that it handles "shared" calendars - I have downloaded and will CHECK IT OUT ... THANKS.
  • four simple steps. :) thank you muchly for this solution. :)))