Outfit your entire home with up to 30% off Sylvania smart bulbs

Smart Bulbs
Smart Bulbs

Take a glance over at the wall near the door to your room. You'll see there's this thing the older generations used to call a "switch." Obviously, this isn't something you should be using, but if you do still on occasion lift your finger to, as they say, "flick the switch" then you should check out today's Amazon sale taking up to 30% off Sylvania smart bulbs. Fill your home with bulbs you only need a phone or your voice to control. This is part of Amazon's daily deals, though, so the prices won't last long.

For example, you can get a 2-pack of Sylvania Bluetooth Mesh LED bulbs on sale for $16.05. These smart bulbs normally sell for around $21, and they have never seen a direction price drop this low before. In fact these are relatively new bulbs from Sylvania.

These Bluetooth bulbs have a lot of really cool features. For example, before you even buy them you can select "Link to my Alexa account." That way the bulbs will pair to your network as soon as they arrive. Once you screw them in where you want them to go, you can immediately begin controlling them with voice commands through your Alexa device. That control includes functions like turning them on and off, changing the colors, adjusting the brightness, and more. You can even set an Away Mode that makes passing strangers think you are home when you aren't.

You can also use the Bluetooth and Mesh tech to connect the bulbs to each other. Connect a chain of hundreds of bulbs if you want. This allows you to extend your ability to control them with your voice even beyond your Wi-Fi's capability. Essentially, with one bulb connected to your Alexa device, each new bulb acts as its own hub for other bulbs.

Sylvania promises the bulbs will last for more than 13 years. They have a shatter-proof casing as well and are covered by a 3-year warranty.

There are plenty of other options available in this sale, though, including the BR30 Bluetooth bulbs, which are better for recessed lighting and ceiling lights.

John Levite
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