Outlook Groups app is now available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1

Earlier this week, we revealed that Microsoft was internally testing a new app made for businesses called Outlook Groups. Now that app has quietly been launched to the public for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

We had trouble downloading it last night with many errors, but those look to be gone this morning as we have successfully installed this app on a few phones now.

The app does require that the user have an active Office 365 work or school account. Here's a look at its features:

  • Easily participate in group email conversations
  • Share photos and "like" a message, or @mention a person or a group
  • Work together using the shared team OneNote's notebook
  • View and co-author Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) shared with your group
  • Discover and join Office 365 Groups relevant to you

Outlook Groups Screenshots

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella showed off how Outlook Groups works earlier this week as part of his address at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference. Again, the app is available just for Windows 10 Mobile and not for Windows 10 on the PC.

Want a feature for this app? Are you experiencing an issue? Check out the dedicated UserVoice topic page and let Microsoft know!

Thanks, BiggishTuba558, who posted the link in our comments yesterday!

UserVoice - Outlook Groups on Windows Phone {.cta}

Download Outlook Groups for Windows 10 Mobile / Windows Phone 8.1

QR: Outlook Groups

  • For Windows/ Phone 8.1?
  • Y but when in mere future we all gonna use win 10 mobile?
  • So we can all have it NOW!
  • Not everyone wants to upgrade to windows 10.
  • +1
  • It says 10 and 8.1
  • Not to mention carriers blocking the update.
  • Some people wont be able to upgrade their work phones to windows 10 that fast, OS' have to get approved by IT guardians
  • "guardians" hah, that's a flattering way to put it ;))
  •   Win 10 only right now, so the article says.  i downloaded it. Look promising.  Of course unless they make a version for iPhone and Android it will be somewhat useless to use for colaboration with work teams.  In fact, it would be useless even in a family!   In my house I can now only group with myself :)  I assume they will have versions for other platforms soon.   But it looks great as a preview product  
  • At least it came out for WP8.1 & W10 Mobile first...just sayin'
  • Yea,  not sure why this particular product was released for WP first.  They dont seem to be doing that anymore.  In fact, there are some smaller products they release that aren't even available on WP.   THAT"S aggrevating I admit.  For example, the Bing Ads app for managing your add campaigns on search engines in only available on Android and iPhone.  That pisses me off.   Can't you at least write a version for your own platform MSFT? :/
  • Do we get it in store ???
  • Is this question real...
  • Search on the word "Groups" not "Outlook" or "Outlook Groups".   using the later will not find it
  • No. You need to go to London to get this app.
  • Crap! I went to dubai!.. God darn it.
  • How about in Asgard?
  • I get the targeting of Enterprise, but why not have a consumer version too? Relaunch Rooms as a universal app, Microsoft!
  • ^^This +920
  • 100% agree
  • Completely agree. Make a free version for smaller groups like family and friends.
  • I really thought it would support nom 365. I am so disappointed right now...
  • I have Office365 Home (which is for up to six people) and it sounds like even I can't use it. Dang.
  • Agree - and have added vote and comment to the Users Voice suggestion on this. http://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/318984-outlook-groups-for-windows-ph...
  • Totally agree. MD should continue Rooms as universal and x-platform. Totally IDIOTIC decision to discontinue Rooms.
  • +640
  • 100% agreed
  • Very disappointed that I cannot use this with my Office 365 Home account. Family of four here. Since Microsoft dropped Rooms, I have been thinking that certainly they would somehow integrate the functionality into another app. Groups is it, but they only allow it for Office 365 Work and Schools accounts. Makes no sense!
  • This should replace the Family Room.
    It should intergrade into People.
  • I would love for a consumer version to replace Rooms.
  • It needs to have everything that Rooms has: chat, shared Outloook calendar, shared OneNote, shared OneDrive for picture and video uploads, Live Tile support, etc, and then it needs to be a universal app with impeccable syncing capabilities.
  • Yes!
  • And it needs to not have a 10 person limit, as Rooms did.
  • Indeed! We certainly needs Rooms feature back to People app, not a seperate app. Then release a Rooms app for Android and iOS so that Microsoft won't reason about "Only few people use it".
  • Would agree - no harm adding a vote to the Users Voice suggestion on this.. http://outlook.uservoice.com/forums/318984-outlook-groups-for-windows-ph...
  • Family of four here and we agree! Why can't we access it right now with an Office 365 Home account.
  • Great.. Except every school here uses Google services which are free and every school is a huge open platform supporter. So the chance I'll need to use this service is null. So my Windows phone is still useless about this :D unfortunately. The question of is this good or not (requires Office365 account) is relative.
    Edit: Seems like this I going to change in the future. So okay. It would make work easier If I could access it on the go on my Windows phone ..
  • School accounts are designed more for universities since they have the funds to purchase in mass. ​
  • Yes.. Yet my school doesn't use Microsoft services because they can use Google's free services for the same thing. And lately that's the current trend. Savings are made in every way possible. Companies on the other hand uses Office. However we're still being taught things on good old 2007 Office programs & share them via Google drive, or type in Docs (group) & paste to word & edit. :D lol
    And I know about free web Office but no one cares. And I'm like one of 1% who uses OneDrive..
  • Google if free for you, but your university is paying for it.
  • Except the University is not paying for anything, because it's professor's choice to use something or not. And I've asked why we don't use OneDrive, free web apps (so the whole class could use it) but it made no sense, as Google drive, Docs, etc were good enough and easier to use & share. Then again for example my friend at some other University was forced to make Google account so he'd be able to do anything. Don't bitch at me (Windows Central fanboys) I'm the one asking why are they not using Microsoft In the first place.
  • This is indeed an issue since many people still very comfortable about Google and thinks they only gives free software and service that works well (it is but not that too powerful in many ways). This attacts some business, schools, universities and individuals as they think its economical and good enough. I'm not entirely sure though if some of them have hidden hatred or have a cold shoulder anything Microsoft. I think its also the fact that Microsoft Office for a long time is exclusively available as a software to install that requires you to buy or subscribe it, which is for many don't want to deal with. Google only offers this for a long time and it works for them, and that's their marketing strategy. Now that Microsoft also offers free services and softwares (not all), this should directly compete with Google, the only problem is the mindshare of people, they need to convinced. Things also even worse for Microsoft since Google are actively targeting schools, university and some business to use Google products and services, they present themselves as a free great alternative. Microsoft really needs to act soon before Google eats them.
  • You should complain to your school / professors for not preparing you for the real world. Office is the standard by far and 365 is killing google docs.
  • Indeed. I'll try although then I might look like some random Microsoft fanboy who doesn't know anything about the software and business.. Lol or positively as someone who makes sense and likes to contribute to the school ;) and since Microsoft made their apps available on pretty much everything (which is new), this shouldn't be such a problem anymore as it used to be till now.
  • AFAIK, Office 365 for Education is free for students and teachers. https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co...
  • I shall try introducing this to the "leaders" ;)
  • Our School Board K-12 2nd largest in Florida (which I work for) dropped Google Servcies over a year ago.  We have found Office 365 to be better and so far cheaper to maintain.  Google got the intial leg up years ago, because Microsoft did not have a process for accounts for students under the age of 12.  That has since been corrected.
  • It's hard to objectivity explain anything on Windows Central, rather dislike anything anti-Microsoft related even if it's CLEARY Team Microsoft. Why don't you rather help to fix this "issue" if you can.
  • Unfortunately this is what you get currently in this site nowadays. If your comment happens to be not a "cheerleader" type, you won't be surprise to get downvoted even its actually helpful. Many seems treat you as a "troll" in this site and have no room for anything less positive to say. For me, virtually anybody participating here is really Microsoft supporters or even an honest fan. Of course not all, few here are really Anti-MS, but they're obvious but sadly even people who just happens to share constructive criticism to the issue is also treated like total Anti-MS which is not. Welcome to Windows Central mate!
  • Thanks! Someone who is able to understand what is all about. :)
  • Good
  • BS! So we need to have an Office 365 account to use this app?!! Come on Microsoft!!! *gutted*
  • Its planned 'soon' :D for supporting non Office 365 accounts.
  • Source?
  • The app itself. Just try signing in without inputting any email id.
  • Damn. Wish I was still at school or had a decent job now.
  • I know that feeling bro *hugs*
  • Cool!
  • Microsoft: Taking the focus off family/personal entertainment to focus on "productivity" using literally the same technology but still can't coexist. Next we'll have a streaming music service focused on "productivity" with 30 voice clips from the higher-ups telling workers to get back to work.
  • They're probably going to add non Office 365 users and Google/Yahoo! Users as well in a future update. At last that's what it says.
  • Nice!
  • this was something that i never really understood, why wouldnt whatsapp add a like button... kinda clear that it needs one, microsoft groups beat them to it
  • family room replacement?
  • The problem isn't that I wouldn't want to use groups, but social media is integrated into our lives so much I notice I have my personal choices which apps and media I use just as my friends, collegaues, business and family have theirs. In my community that will mainly be whatsapp and blackboard for education. I can ask my friends to join in but the question is how do I convince others to use the same and better, when everyone seems comfortable in their own social media nest that works for them. Not everyone is ready for the change even though it is better. So what is microsoft going to do about that. What is their incentive? Free only gets you so far. Free is a choice. Not everyone wants to make that choice per se. Free sounds like a no brainer, but there's always a caveat somewhere.
  • So true. It was the same with me and Skype. But with Skype it was easier because it had a feature that I could postulate with...video calling. My friend who had FaceTime couldn't use it with us on Android and WPs, so getting them to add the app then I started calling them on it. Now they are use to Skype and they are using it more because it is cross platform. If Group can be integrated with Skype, it will be an easy add on...at least for my groups of friends and family. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree, if it was part of skype I think the incentive to use it would be greater. But I think there's still a challenge. Many people in my network use whatsapp. What I think would be even better if microsoft would consider making either a plugin for whatsapp for skype or a skype plugiin for whatsapp, so it would be more convenient for sharing like that. I think that would greatly speed up the adoption, increase you occupational and/or personal userbase and adoption of features could be adopted more quickly via interpersonal communications/collaboration and discovery. Microsoft has done this in my country in the past with msn messenger. There was a huge social media comptitive site to facebook called Hyves. It has lost popularity over time, but the Hyves plugin to msn messenger was a great succes for my network to better adopt msn messenger.
  • So it's not quite the GroupMe replacement some of us thought it'd be but it looks really nice. I'll have to set up some groups when I get back to work on Monday to really try it out.
  • Yammer must be gathering cobwebs...
  • Does someone know, how to integrate Trello to groups, as Satya shows in his presentation?
  • The iOS and Android version will be better with more features.
  • I think it's good for e-learning or within business & learning orgnizations
  • Yea, you revealed it after Satya showed it off on stage at one of the biggest conferences. Great work...
  • Checking it out
  • Can we get it available for non office subscribers... Although I am one, it still restricts usage
  • Give me shared mailboxes on my phone.
  • Yes, make it like family room that i love a lot...
  • Yes, Windows first. Then after a few month it's okay to go to another platform.
  • Windows 8.1 had it since 5/9/2015
  • But office 365 is paid. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well yeah, since its this is a new model for Microsoft to get money while they offer many services and software for free. At least they don't totally rely on advertistments. Also I think subscription model for some reason is easier for consumers than buying full price Office, which is considerably very expernsive to many if you regularly upgrade to newer versions.
  • So this is not available for people with Office 365 Personal or Family, correct?
  • Sign in did not recognize my Office 365 Home email.
  • Will it give competition to Slack?