Pay what you want for an awesome eBook bundle of Arduino projects!

The easiest way to get into hobby robotics is to learn how to create and code your projects using Arduino. You can learn and follow along with starter projects right at home even if you're new to coding or robotics. You just need the right reading material to teach and inspire you with fun Internet of Things projects

Teach yourself basic robotics with these arduino eBooks!

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Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a pay what you want deal available for the The Complete Arduino eBook Bundle. Instead of paying $41 for each eBook individually, you can get all six available ebooks just by paying more than the average price — currently around $15 right now! If you've always been interested in circuity and creating your own electronic and robotic builds, now is the time to take the plunge.

If you pay less than the average — even just $1 — you'll get Python Programming for Arduino, a 400-page book that introduces you to how Python and arduinos can be used to create all sorts of great IoT projects. The rest of the books are unlocked by beating the average price, and for around $15 that's a great deal:

  • Mastering Arduino
  • Building Smart Drones with ESP98266 & Arduino
  • Arduino for Kids
  • Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook
  • Arduino Wearable Projects

You might be inspired Just from reading those those titles. If you were, then you need to get this bundle today!

Become an Arduino pro now!

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Marc Lagace